Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where I am being a House Guest...Powell Brower Home

Today I am hanging out with the fabulous mother daughter team of Powell Brower Home. What are we talking about over there? I guess you will have to head on over to see. Allow me to give you a lil' preview though. I am talking about my favorite go to accessory for the home. It rhymes with cray (my favorite word repeated twice, defining my normal state of mind).  Come over now! It might look something like this...


  1. Lindsay - thanks for being a part of our blog, you are the CUTEST!


  2. Ohh going to check it out now- cray is my fav word by the way!

  3. I popped over from Powell Brower. Great post!

  4. Hi Lindsay - Enjoyed your lovely guest post at N&B's! Your images / groupings / collages are really gorgeous!! I love how you put them together.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Tone on Tone

  5. Just returned from Lindsay's website and I agree Lindsay Cowles is a super amazing artist! I want to re-decorate my poweder room around the print Southern Moonlight...absolutely LOVE the colors and vibe.


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