Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Client Living Room Design

Lovelies. Sharing a living room design for a current client with you taaadaaaayyy. We are talking collected, sophisticated and chic with pops of major color to pair with basics. What can be better? Obviously antelope was a must in this space. What do we think? 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings: Black Lacquer Walls

Hello my darlings. Did you all have a wonderful weekend? I did and I am definitely paying the price for it this morning. So today I wanted to chat with you all about something very majorly serious and important. Black lacquer walls, y'all. I know this trend started some time ago but listen, I adopted then and I am now readopting it. I mean the glam factor is off the charts and admittedly, every time I see it in action, I experience heart palpitations and run for the nearest defibrillator. Preach. 

What say you? Is this trend in for the long haul? I cannot imagine parting ways with this one. I am going to give y'all a little heads up. I am getting ready to be getting my travel on for the next two weeks (Chicago and Houston) so posting may or may not be a little dodgy. If you love me though and cannot stand to part for such long periods, follow me on the Gram for constant glamour and humor. Bear with me (curse my name behind my back, whatever ya gotta do) and I will be on a normal schedule at some point. Cross my heart. xoxo

Friday, June 21, 2013

Do you know Modern Bathroom?

Happy Friday, y'all. I have never needed Friday ever so much in my life. So in my quest to redo each and every room in my house, my bathrooms are obviously getting major face time. Enter Modern BathroomModern Bathroom has the most unique vanities, faucets and all of any of our bathroom needs. As you all know, I am in the midst of my first bathroom remodel, which is almost complete by the way...So after it's completion I will be on to my master bathroom which will require an oh so major vanity. I know it is no surprise to you all, but I do not dig builder's grade or ordinary so a glammed up piece of furniture in my bathroom is a must. Here are some lovelies I am considering. 
And what would any of these be without a brass faucet? Hello. Total must in any of my bathrooms. 
And the subject at hand. My baby poop brown master bath. I know you all are enamored and envious. Don't be jealous y'all, it's not a good look on you.  When this bathroom gets its makeover, walls are going to be blown out to expand what we are working with and Modern Bathroom will be the first one I go to for all of my vanity/washstand needs. 
How about you dolls? Working on any bathroom remodels? Who is your go to retailer for unique pieces? Dish. Have a lovely weekend my darlings. XOXO

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Perfect Summer Little Black Dress

Hola chicas. Como estas? Muy tired? Yeah, me too. Today I am discussing something very near and dear to my heart, the little black dress. I am not really sure there is a limit on black items I can add to my repertoire, because no matter what pieces I rotate in, I am always wanting more. Enter, the little black dress. Just this summer, I have found numerous occasions where I was left needing the perfect little black dress to dress up with some crazy heels or funky accessories. Need, want, love.

With a trip to Chicago quickly approaching, this desire will quickly be a must for nights out on the town. So tell me girls, which one of these is a girl to choose? I need your opinion always and forever. Go. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A collected bedroom design

So I haven't shared any of my current projects with y'all in ages. How dare I? I know. How dare I. I have a current client who had a lot of the pieces and makings of a terrific room but just needed the guidance and the push to make the room all it can be. Insert S+S. We are talking layers upon layers of pattern and subtle color. With a heron filled upholstered headboard, delicately graphic wallpaper, worldly patterns and unique art, this room is going to be THE ultimate. What say you?

If you want to take your space to the next level, email me on the world wide web at sadieandstella@gmail.com. Do it. Love you. Mean it. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Musings: Lantern Love

My lovelies, how are thou? I have missed you so greatly. This is starting to resemble a Shakespeare novel. Did you all enjoy your weekend and shower your father with gifts and love? Mine consisted of trying to get my tan on and failing immediately upon its commencement. Freaking Mother Nature. She is a bitch. In other news, pretty sure my handyman is breaking up with me. Could there be anything worse? And the worst? It was by text. I mean, at least it wasn't a post it?  I have got to get my greedy hands on another one of those, stat. We have work to do here, bro. 

Today is something I have been coveting for some time now. Something so near and oh so dear to my hear. Let's talk about the world of lanterns. Lighting once thought to only apply in outdoor spaces has now been translated into the interior design world and in a big way. I am not talking about a pansy small lantern. I am talking about the enormous and oversized lanterns that at first glance you may be uncertain if it is over the top and obnoxiously large for the space but then quickly realize you are smoking crack. Bigger is better. Always. Always. Always. Let's gander at some ridiculous large lanterns on the interior, shall we?

Smitten? I knew we might agree on this. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Some DIY's for your weekend

While I used to be into the DIY's, I have been slacking majorly. Like essentially asleep at the wheel here, folks. I guess I can blame it on the lack of time that I have to spend on such projects but honestly, I really miss seeing the fruits of my labor. I have vowed to make a little more effort to fit these projects in to save money, create a unique product and most of all, show off to you all how crafty I really think I am. Try one of these amazing DIY's this weekend and report back. 

So the last one is not actually a byproduct of a DIY, but it certainly can be done and easily. How cool is that? It will definitely be occurring in my home. What are all of you fine ladies up to this weekend? Do share. XOXO

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Totally Watching

So call it gluttonous or excessive but I totally feel like rocking 4 watches at a time lately. Maybe the 80's are back and that will be socially acceptable? Show of hands...who rocked multiple watches in the 80's? Do not make me stand alone in this. I am not certain what prompted my newest obsession with watches but we are full speed ahead my friends. I mean who doesn't need multiple watches for multiple occasions? Your daily go to classic that you wear to work and such. A girlie fun and not so serious watch. A boho watch for when you want to be boho?? Clever I know. And a casual chic boyfriend watch when you feel like cross dressing like your boyfriend. I mean we all have these events that necessitate this arm wear. Get it. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Favorite Room Feature: Peonies & Brass

Who is in the mood for a bright, cheerful and eclectic aesthetic? I would expect nothing less on a Wednesday. Today, Elyse from Peonies & Brass is sharing her bedroom with us. Let me just tell you, the lyrics to the cheesy 80's song "Take My Breath Away," come to mind when I see this room. And although cheese, the room honestly takes it right out of me. If you do not read Elyse's blog, you need to get on board.  Let's just say it. Design genius. 

Hey there Sadie & Stella readers! I’m Elyse, Montreal native and blogger over at Peonies & Brass, the little corner of the web where I share my love of all things design, d.i.y and small space living. Like all of you, I'm a huge fan of all things S+S & Lindsay, so to say I'm excited to be visiting today . . . well, it would be a bit of an understatement.

To be honest, picking a favourite room in my place was an almost impossible task. In the end I decided to go with my bedroom, because it's where I go to unwind after a long day and where - laying in the morning sun that streams in my window - I feel most at peace.

It's also the most "me" centered space I've ever had. With marble, pinks, golds and an entire side of the room devoted to nothing but getting dressed, it's an unadulterated celebration of the fact that for the first time I'm living alone, and there is no one's needs to meet but mine. It's surprisingly freeing. At 500 sq ft my apartment is admittedly pretty small, but to me this room feels borderline luxurious.
If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I just can't leave well enough alone. For as long as I can remember I've had an incessant, borderline obsessive need for a project, and it's why I've created, hacked or modified almost every thing in my home (at least once). The headboard in this room was one of the first big d.i.y projects I took on, and while I'd love to cut a few grooves into her à la Moroccan style, it has a strange sentimental value for me I can't explain. It was the beginning, and there's no end in sight.
I don't know what it is, but to me a story like that - no matter how big or small - has the power to make anything so much more special. Take my bedside lamp for example. It used to belong to my grandparents (big ups Grandma), and I discovered it one day while rummaging through my parents attic. With a new shade and some gold-leafing, it quickly became my favourite result of what my best friend refers to as my "lighting problem".
The little marble desk that I use as a nightstand made the trip all the way from Paris when it's previous owner immigrated, and found it's way to me when she had her first baby and desperately needed to free up space. It meant so much to her that I truly appreciated it. Even my La Fiorentina pillows are made all the more awesome by the fact that they used to belong to Christine of Bijou and Boheme - she mentioned she was making a change and I pounced!
The Plateau - my neighbourhood in Montreal - is full of apartments featuring what they call "double rooms", which are essentially just one big room divided by an arch. This design feature is what allowed me to create my distinct little "dressing room", complete with uber-feminine dresser, gold hardware and a plush vintage persian (my best ebay find to date).
Can you have too many ways to store and display jewelry? I think not.

The gold branches on top of my wardrobe are remnants of a styled shoot I did, and were surprisingly just what that space needed. Isn't it funny how you often find the perfect solution in the most unexpected places?
Finally, my favourite accessory of all: this guy. At the end of the day, the best room in my home will always be the one he's in. And given the pillow top mattress, I think you can guess which one that usually is . . .
Thanks so much again for having me Lindsay! I had so much fun participating in this awesome series! If you have any questions about sources, or just wanna say hello, you know where to find me! xoxo

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Eye Candy

I am keeping it short and sweet today as I am tired and worn out. Already. And it's only Tuesday. Tragic. How about a little eye candy for our Tuesday morning, hmm? I will be back on my A game later this week. Cross my heart. 

Lulu & Georgia Winner

This announcement deserves some sort of a drumroll, please. The winner of the $100 credit to Lulu & Georgia is...
Erika Wycoff! Eat your hearts out. You lucky girl, you. I am wildly jealous. Thank you to all who entered in this fabulous giveaway!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings: Dreamy Kitchens

You know it is going to be a long Monday when you wake up and the first thing that pops in your mind are the lyrics to "Manic Monday." Ahem. Did you all have a marvelous weekend? What did you do? Whatever it was, I hope it was splendid. Today I am jonesing over creamy and dreamy kitchens. Nothing ties these bad boys together other than complete loveliness. Even though revamping my kitchen is on the bottom of the to do list, a bitch can dream. Right? I am talking major lighting and bright and clean aesthetics. A place that would fit my current lifestyle of cooking a legit meal once a month. Waaaaa waaaaaa. Check it. 

I mean are we in love? How could we not be? Just a friendly reminder for you lovelies, today is the LAST day you can enter into the Lulu & Georgia giveaway. Do not miss out on the chance of winning $100 to spend however you should please at Lulu & Georgia. Love you. Mean it.