Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Sale Shopping

Happy Memorial day love muffins! First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone who has ever served this country. Your bravery and patriotism made America what it is today. It has also parlayed into a lot of online retail sales. Obviously that is not what today is about, but it is an added benefit, no? 

Alright. Apparently we live in Seattle now here in KC, (it has been raining since the beginning of time) and there is nothing left to do but shop. Since I am not one for playing in the rain, I am going to round up errthang you need for your home right now that is on some super sale. 25% here, 40% there.  I am feeling a major boho vibe right now, just follow along and treat yoself. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My new jam: Minted

Yo, yo, yo. Happy 3 day weekend, y'all! I am coming off of a week of travel and prepping for a new week of travel. Life on the road, I tell you. My laptop crashed this morning, so I am coming at you with a new and improved computer. Nothing like starting a 3 day week with a computer prahhblem. Enough with the small talk. 

So I was doing my typical Saturday design planning and was on the hunt for some affordable and fabulous art and came across Minted. This place has every type of art you could ever imagine for bargain basement prices. I am talking abstract, photographs, paintings and graphics. You name it, Minted is on it. In addition to art and shiz, they are even featuring invitations and stationery. I mean, this place has got it all. One stop shop. Well for your walls and your prison pen pals at least. 

So I am going to put my money where my mouth is and give you an extensive list of what I found. I am a giver like that. Get it all. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

HMK for your mama and a giveaway

Show of hands. Who is scrambling on what to get their mom for Mother's Day? (Both hands in the air). I mean what to get for a woman that has everything? Sigh. I go through this routine year after year, and never does it fail that I am a week out from the big day and I am empty handed. Thankfully my peeps down at HMK asked me to come take a look at what they are working with and I obliged immediately. The quintessential shop for every woman, girlfriend and mother. They have got it going on. I am talking tassels.  

And more tassels. 

The best of fragrance, candles and decorative soap. 
Stationery so your mom can write ALL of her penpals. (Hopefully not one of those prison ones.)
Largest collection of Kate Spade errrthang. Gals. KC is the home of Kate Spade, so naturally she is going to be well represented. 
And all of the KC specific apparel your heart could ever want. 

Or a little of this and a little of that. How cute are these wine glasses and tray? I mean, she does. Hard.

See what I am saying? My mom will definitely not go empty handed this weekend. For all of you KC, Denver and Dallas folks alike, I have got something hot for you. HMK has so graciously offered to give one lucky S+S reader a $50 gift card. Spend it how your heart desires. On your mom. On yourself. But mostly, on your mom. Enter below and make sure you get it done before this Sunday, May 10th. Love you. Mean it. 
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