Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Charles Emerson Giveaway!

I mean how can we not excited about a good giveaway? I mean really, folks. Let's be real though, I am still paying my penance for disappearing for two days, no? Well now it is time for us to make up. This giveaway could not have arrived at a better time as I am now battling a cold/flu scenario, so who knows when I might fall off the grid once again. I mean as glamorous as you all would find me with tissues constantly surrounding me and sometimes even hanging off of my face, I will spare you the details. Enough babble about me. 

Charles Emerson happens to be owned by one of my RVA besties, Erin. Erin and I actually met due to the stars aligning. Really? She is amazing at refinishing furniture and I met her to buy one of her pieces and it was love at first site. I knew we would be life long friends. To continue that friendship of ours, Charles Emerson  is giving one lucky S+S reader one of these beauts. I mean are you so excited you can barely stand it? Yeah. I thought so. I will take all three.

I mean a girls dream, right? All of you also will get 20% off your Charles Emerson purchase by using the code: Sadie20. Eat your heart out, or rather shop your heart out. 
To enter:
You must be a follower of S+S {if you already are, thanks! If not, just click the little follow button over near the top right column} Visit Erin's shop and come back here to comment, leave your email address and let me know your favorite item in Erin's shop. 

For additional entries you can:
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  • Pin your favorite piece and link the pin
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 *Be sure to leave a comment each time you do one of the above! 
This giveaway ends Tuesday May 7th at midnight. Good luck!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings: Chartreuse Accents

Lovelies! Oh how I missed you! I decided to take an impromptu break last week and cut normal programming short. Sorry there was no warning...sometimes a girl just needs a little break. Forgive me? If not, you might after today's post. I am sure you can see by some of my current work, that I am totally digging the lovely shade of chartreuse. The color has just the right amount of pop to it to draw the eye, but not distract from the overall design. It is a subtle BAM, if such a thing exists. Add a lamp, a chair, some curtains, or a wall and you will be good to go. Let's get some chartreuse accents.

I know we are all dying for a little chartreuse to adorn our homes. Get you some!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Favorite Room Feature: Ryland Woodard Interiors

Larvelies! Today I am sharing some serious eye candy from a serious designer in the RVA. Who might you ask? I am talking about Ryland Woodard Interiors. I will admit, there are times where I hate to see symmetry in a space. Hate it. It bores me. But this chick knows how to balance just right AND keep this girl interested with the perfect pops of color. I am talking a bright, inviting and cheerful space. What more can a girl ask for? This room is so fabulous that I might even be able to get over the fact that there is no TV in it for viewing. Yeah. That it's just that good. 

Greetings S + S readers! I am Ryland of RWID in Richmond, Va. I am so excited to be sharing one of my favorite rooms with you all today.

This is a living room I did for a client a few years ago and it is still one of my favorites. One of my favorite things about this room is that there is a great mix between neutral and bold colors. I love that most of the larger pieces are in creams and tans and that you have these pops of beautiful color that get your attention- but in a pretty way. This living room to me is elegant but at the same time you feel like you can curl up on the sofa and read a book. I have a strong feeling that every room in your house should be used- formal or casual. That is why I like to make rooms feel inviting and comfortable.
The antique mirrors were old windows from the late 1800's that had been mirrored and white washed. We had a faux painter add some gold to make them a little dressier....the stools were designed specifically for this room and can be used for seating as well.
Art is very important to me in a space. I really feel that it is the crowning of the room and it needs to be the perfect piece. You should not rush to find artwork just to fill a space. Look for that amazing piece that speaks to you - you will be glad you waited. I love the quietness of this painting. It is modern and pretty all at the same time.
The framed kimono is a family piece and one of my favorite pieces in the room. It adds so much interest and the colors tie everything together.

Thank you for letting me share my work. Happy Wednesday! xoxo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wear this, fluff these

So I came across these kicks recently and realized I would do terrible things to make them mine. They could not be anymore me if they tried. Why not carry this little color scheme to a space? If I had it my way, I would be carting these pillows all around town while clad in these fabulous shoes. Would anyone object? I think not. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Musings: Magical Porches

Ladies, ladies, ladies. How our departure from one another was almost unbearable. Did we have a wonderful weekend? I certainly hope so. I am spending Monday morning with some serious allergies and being severely sore due to back breaking yard work yesterday. I know. The thought of me doing manual labor all day is absolutely unnatural and hilarious. Trust me. My neighbors thought so as well. On my last yard waste bag (one of about 32), I happened to find that the bottom of it was ripped. I then proceeded to kick the bag around the yard to show it what for. I am positive my neighbors were thoroughly entertained. Needless to say, yard work is not my jam. What is my jam, is the after product. Ooooh and ahhhh. That instant curb appeal that a little raking, mowing, mulching and planting gets you, almost makes all of the pain worth it. Almost. Let's look at some porches with some major curb appeal. 

I mean magical, right? A little fern, some perfectly trimmed shrubbery and call it good. Many thanks to my mom and sister for toughing out me being completely clueless to anything landscape related. While everything is still not finished, it is off to a terrific start. Here is a little sneak peek.

Friday, April 19, 2013

What's been up

Hey ladies! What is up? I will tell you what is up. It is Friday like no ones business. The moment we all anxiously anticipate. Life has been hectic as hell around here so I think it is time to take a glance into what has been going on and also some things that I am totally larving right now. 

If you already follow me on Instagram this will be a snooze for you, but if not, buckle up for some fabulousness. So these Gold and Gray Tassel Bracelets have literally set my heart on fire. Call me crazy. The second I laid eyes on these babies I instantly knew that I needed all of them in just about every hue. I plan on adding these to my daily arm party. Day and night. Day and night. 
Who can say they have a wine glass with their logo etched in? This bitch, that is who. I happened to win a giveaway at Chez V and a personalized wine glass of my choosing was the prize. I have to tell you, I feel royal with this glassware. If only I had a whole set...a girl can dream. 
I attended a 20's themed speakeasy charity event last week with one of my favorite gal pals. We dressed the part and let me tell ya, the jell-o shots and punch did me in. Just another reminder that I am not in college anymore. Oy. Still on the mend. 
I came across this image recently and I have to tell you, I am totally and completely enamored. I mean the walls, the furniture, the lighting, the accessories...I want it all! Call me Veruca Salt because I want it all now. Just try and tell me this isn't incredible. 
Now on to some things that need to be mine. This open back sparrow top has been in my Asos cart on and off all week. I think I have finally arrived on the fact that I no longer want it, I need it. I mean with the pattern, the bow, the open back...I see this being a summer staple. 
Bow Back Bird Top
Kind of feel like this lace dress will be life changing. It might just give me that boho chic vibe I am trying to achieve, in an effortless way. Can we say Coachella, anyone? 
Lace Dress
So a girl can never have too many shift dresses and this is case and point right here. This is a lovely juxtaposition between floral and tribal like patterns. I mean doesn't this just scream "jungle" to you? Therefore I need it. 
Shift Dress
I recently came across the brand Ell and Emm and have decided I need everything in their shop. Look at this serious candy for your neck. Their prices are super affordable which makes it easier for me to stomach the fact that I need everything in their inventory.
Ell and Emm
So we all know that I am wildly into floral lately. I came across this adorable floral pouch that I have decided would be the perfect makeup carryall. I mean how sweet and springy is this baby? It is too cute to pass up. 
CWonder Floral Pouch
And on to my favorite type of clothing, loungewear. That's right. Drawstringed and incredibly soft cotton cannot be beaten when it pertains to my pjs. These may or may not be on their way to my home as we speak. People, these are necessary. 
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. What do you have planned? Whatever it is, be the best at it. Whether that may be sitting on your couch, or shopping til you drop. Do it up. XOXO

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A bold family room design

Dahlings. Today I am sharing the living room design of a current client of mine (more rooms to follow) that wanted a fun, bright space for their family to gather and congregate. Since they are a family of 6, 5 of which are female (holy estrogen), we decided to add some splashes of pink to their existing navy and grey, masculine pieces. It is all about balance, people. My absolute favorite part of the design would have to be the art, and let me tell you, my client and I fought tooth and nail with her husband to keep this piece. The end result? She may or may not have to run a marathon in exchange for keeping this piece. That is commitment, folks. 
 We decided burled wood was the only way to go for cabinetry in here. It blends in with all of the bold color and pattern and I am totally digging it.
So what do you think? I for one think it is worth running a marathon. Truth. Love you. Mean it. XOXO 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Favorite Room Feature: Kim Salmela Interiors

Hi love muffins! So excited for our boho Cali fresh guest today. Sometimes a girl just needs a California girl, Kim Salmela Interiors, to rock a a boho chic space like it is her job. And well, it is her job. I am immediately attracted to Kim's designs because of the unique juxtaposition of elements and the insane pops of color. Since I have been drawn to all white spaces with colorful accessories as of lately, imagine my surprise and excitement when I laid eyes on Kim's space. Just you wait for this boho chic space. 

Hi S+S readers I am Kim from Kim Salmela Interiors! I am thrilled to be sharing my favorite space with you all today, my living room. It is one of my favorite rooms because of the history, memories and mood that this room creates. When people walk into my house, this is the first room that they enter and they always comment on how fresh it feels. During the day, the sun shines through the white linen curtains that I hand dyed an ombre yellow to give them more design. It is impossible to be in a bad mood in this room!
I have owned the gold leaf, purple velvet chair for almost 15 years. It is a bit gawdy if I have to be honest, but the carving plays well off the modern light fixture. I had fallen in love with the silk velvet years ago, and just decided to go for it. I think this chair is the perfect example of how people should make decisions when designing.....if you love something, it can't be a mistake! This chair has gone with me from Minneapolis to LA and has seen many different settings. I recently considered reupholstering it and using it in another room, and it will be a sad day when I do pull that trigger.
The rest of the room is made up of items I have collected over time. The only thing I actually purchased for this room when moving in was the rug. I collect vintage textiles, so I made an ottoman out of a fabric I brought back from Thailand. The textile hanging over the back of the sectional is also vintage. I use it as a runner sometimes on my dining table, but I like to keep it out when not using it so this is where it ends up. The carved coffee table brings in another ethnic element. Because the chair and accent fabrics are so colorful I kept the rest of the room very simple and neutral and went with a casual woven rug to keep the room relaxed

I hope you liked the space! Thank you so much for having me! XOXO

Wasn't that fresh, lovely and collected? And in case you didn't get enough of Kim's work, head over here to see even more of her goods!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Completed Office

So I make an effort to refrain from being political or sounding off about current events or news on this blog because let's face it, this is not Fox News or the like. But I just wanted to mention this morning how truly saddened and appalled I am by yesterday's events in Boston. I hope all of you and your loved ones are accounted for and safe and sound. It am horrified and ashamed as to how terrible people can be. 

So to lighten the mood, if that is possible, I am revealing my completed office that I worked my tail off getting together this weekend. Don't worry, I happened to finish another room as well this weekend. I know the anticipation of my reveals is absolutely killing you all, so let's let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

Desk - Old Wayfair, here is a similar desk
Curtains - Custom from The Textile Company
Tray - Nell Hills
Lipstick Cup - 90 Degree Angle
Pendants - Ikea
Rug - RugsUSA
Custom Stationery - Ashley Brooke Designs

Art - Spring Bloom

Console table - Oldie but goodie
Lamp - Old Pier 1 with Target shade
Baskets - Homegoods
Mirror - Old Pottery Barn
DIY Inspiration Board
I totally know I will be rocking so many new designs in this space. It inspires me to the core. What do we think, gals? Love you. Mean it. XOXO