Friday, April 19, 2013

What's been up

Hey ladies! What is up? I will tell you what is up. It is Friday like no ones business. The moment we all anxiously anticipate. Life has been hectic as hell around here so I think it is time to take a glance into what has been going on and also some things that I am totally larving right now. 

If you already follow me on Instagram this will be a snooze for you, but if not, buckle up for some fabulousness. So these Gold and Gray Tassel Bracelets have literally set my heart on fire. Call me crazy. The second I laid eyes on these babies I instantly knew that I needed all of them in just about every hue. I plan on adding these to my daily arm party. Day and night. Day and night. 
Who can say they have a wine glass with their logo etched in? This bitch, that is who. I happened to win a giveaway at Chez V and a personalized wine glass of my choosing was the prize. I have to tell you, I feel royal with this glassware. If only I had a whole set...a girl can dream. 
I attended a 20's themed speakeasy charity event last week with one of my favorite gal pals. We dressed the part and let me tell ya, the jell-o shots and punch did me in. Just another reminder that I am not in college anymore. Oy. Still on the mend. 
I came across this image recently and I have to tell you, I am totally and completely enamored. I mean the walls, the furniture, the lighting, the accessories...I want it all! Call me Veruca Salt because I want it all now. Just try and tell me this isn't incredible. 
Now on to some things that need to be mine. This open back sparrow top has been in my Asos cart on and off all week. I think I have finally arrived on the fact that I no longer want it, I need it. I mean with the pattern, the bow, the open back...I see this being a summer staple. 
Bow Back Bird Top
Kind of feel like this lace dress will be life changing. It might just give me that boho chic vibe I am trying to achieve, in an effortless way. Can we say Coachella, anyone? 
Lace Dress
So a girl can never have too many shift dresses and this is case and point right here. This is a lovely juxtaposition between floral and tribal like patterns. I mean doesn't this just scream "jungle" to you? Therefore I need it. 
Shift Dress
I recently came across the brand Ell and Emm and have decided I need everything in their shop. Look at this serious candy for your neck. Their prices are super affordable which makes it easier for me to stomach the fact that I need everything in their inventory.
Ell and Emm
So we all know that I am wildly into floral lately. I came across this adorable floral pouch that I have decided would be the perfect makeup carryall. I mean how sweet and springy is this baby? It is too cute to pass up. 
CWonder Floral Pouch
And on to my favorite type of clothing, loungewear. That's right. Drawstringed and incredibly soft cotton cannot be beaten when it pertains to my pjs. These may or may not be on their way to my home as we speak. People, these are necessary. 
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. What do you have planned? Whatever it is, be the best at it. Whether that may be sitting on your couch, or shopping til you drop. Do it up. XOXO


  1. I am so glad you are on instagram. Makes me so happy to see your daily happenings. So I totally ordered that Zara dress after seenig Liz rock it. I will report back if it is awesome but I have a feeling it will be. Have a great weekend sweets!

  2. Girl you need that lace dress!! And I need those comfy lounge pants stat!! happy weekend girl!!

  3. I am also getting those Lily and gray bracelets!! Its on my to do this weekend!! I have been coveting them since I first saw them. That top!!! Oh please! Its the cutest thing I ever love for sure. I blame you for that one! Rest well this weekend!

  4. Love all your pics. Chez V is amazingly talented. I love that glass.

  5. Must must have those tasseled numbers and that shift dress!!!

  6. love it all! You looked beautiful at the party xox

  7. Love the bracelets!!! Is that middle one the bright coral color?

  8. OMG girl you look too freakin cute and that wine glass is quite enviable. It's your chalice!

  9. omg that wine glass is too awesome! And I absolutely love your arm candy... so cute!

  10. Girl we are two of the same mind! That dolce vita dress I've been eyeing and am obsessed with! Lounge pants- comfy chic in its finest!

  11. LOVE that fresh blue console-there are so many things right about that scene!

  12. I love those bracelets and that C. Wonder bag! Great picks! :)


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