Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Katie Rosenfeld in Traditional Home

Shalom my sweets. You know me lately, you see me and then you don't. I have been traveling and working my tail off. I can promise you this, once we are in mid May, you will be seeing me a lot more regularly. This I promise you. So while on my way home from my bestie Sam's wedding this weekend, I stumbled upon the newest Traditional Home magazine. I was immediately glued to the colorful and whimsical design that Katie Rosenfeld had so effortlessly designed. Pattern, texture and color galore. As we know, nothing warms my heart more. Just try and tell me this house doesn't steal the show. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Charles Emerson Designs $100 Giveaway!

So this giveaway hails from one of my dearest friends back in the RVA, whom I miss always and forever. Charles Emerson Designs has THE cutest accessories on any given moment, on any given day. No. Serious. If you are not privy to the site, I suggest you update yourself. Not only do we have cutting edge fashion, it is offered at seriously affordable prices. I mean, who could ask for anything more?? Just a few of my favorites on this given moment, on this given day.

I mean have we seen enough? Proof is in the pudding y'all. Soooo go ahead and enter yourselves in this beyond fabulous giveaway for the chance to receive $100 (yes US dollars not pesos or shillings) to spend however you see fit. Do it now. Love you. Definitely mean it. 

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Musings: Real men let their ladies decorate in pink

Hey ladies! Vat's up? I have missed you so. Admittedly, this is the worst time of the year in my real J-O-B. I can assure you, you don't want to hear all of the gory details but let's just say 13 hour days are being had. Between my work schedule and my newest addiction of Candy Mania (I know. Embarrassing), my time is limited. Help me (insert sheepish voice). That being said, stick with me gang. I will be back in the full swing of things in no time. Until then, enjoy my sporadic and unpredictable posting. 

So in addition to my crazy work schedule, I still have about 3 design clients happening right at this moment. No fears ladies, that is actually my stress relief. What is not my stress relief are the men in the client equation. No offense. Boys. Do you really and truly hate pink? Or are you just trying to make my life difficult? Resist the resistance. I currently have a client, who is beyond fabulous, and when we met for our consult, her husband was maybe the coolest client I have encountered. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "So do you have any design boundaries?"
Him: "Whatever my wife wants." 
My inner dialogue: "Where in the hell has this design client been all of my life?"
Me: "What if your wife wants pink and we also nix the ceiling fan?" 
Him: "Pink I can live with. Lack of ceiling fan? I cannot. Don't push your luck."

We can't win them all ladies. But if I am going to win one, it is going to be that pop of pink.  As the saying goes, real men let their ladies decorate in pink. I know you thought it was "real men wear pink," but it's not. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sadie + Stella in Ink Magazine

You asked and you shall receive. My house y'all! It's published. More shots on this later loves. Check it out over at Ink Magazine

Monday, March 3, 2014

Shop 219 Worlds Away Barcart Giveaway

Ladies, ladies, ladies. My sincerest apologies for the radio silence but I have been globetrotting, K? Can we forgive and forget? Well if you are having trouble granting impunity, insert shop 219. So I use this shop often for my clients because they have THE most unique pieces on the worldwide interweb. AND I happen to adore the shop's owner, Christine. She is such a boss. Such a boss that she is giving one lucky S+S reader a World's Away bar cart of their choosing. I am not even kidding y'all. No it's not April Fools and no I am not playing a cruel prank (although I would like to). One lucky S+S reader can choose one of the following chic barcarts in either a gold or silver finish. Ooooh and ahhhhhh. 

I mean I know what you are thinking. Pinch you, right? Let's just call this Christmas in March, shall we? Let's enter. 

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