Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Musings: Real men let their ladies decorate in pink

Hey ladies! Vat's up? I have missed you so. Admittedly, this is the worst time of the year in my real J-O-B. I can assure you, you don't want to hear all of the gory details but let's just say 13 hour days are being had. Between my work schedule and my newest addiction of Candy Mania (I know. Embarrassing), my time is limited. Help me (insert sheepish voice). That being said, stick with me gang. I will be back in the full swing of things in no time. Until then, enjoy my sporadic and unpredictable posting. 

So in addition to my crazy work schedule, I still have about 3 design clients happening right at this moment. No fears ladies, that is actually my stress relief. What is not my stress relief are the men in the client equation. No offense. Boys. Do you really and truly hate pink? Or are you just trying to make my life difficult? Resist the resistance. I currently have a client, who is beyond fabulous, and when we met for our consult, her husband was maybe the coolest client I have encountered. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "So do you have any design boundaries?"
Him: "Whatever my wife wants." 
My inner dialogue: "Where in the hell has this design client been all of my life?"
Me: "What if your wife wants pink and we also nix the ceiling fan?" 
Him: "Pink I can live with. Lack of ceiling fan? I cannot. Don't push your luck."

We can't win them all ladies. But if I am going to win one, it is going to be that pop of pink.  As the saying goes, real men let their ladies decorate in pink. I know you thought it was "real men wear pink," but it's not. 


  1. you know i always wondered what adult men thought about all the pink than i realized... if they get a mancave.. we get pink! haha

  2. I agree I have way too much pink in our home, but my husband doesn't argue because it says it just feels homey which I love!

  3. Died over the first room. So amazing!! What perfect clients you have. I took out all the ceiling fans in my old house....and of course this one doesn't have any....yuck!

  4. That striped bathroom is one of my favorites of all time! I have to say, my husband and sons are pretty tolerant of pink...

  5. Love that pop of pink. That last image of the pink sofa always gets me!

  6. I rediscovered pink again last year! Luckily my husband is color blind, so when I suggested we do our bedroom in the most delicate shade of pink he just shrugged and said "whatever". I realized then that I was going to be a happy girl ;)

  7. I've got a few husband/thorns in my side right now as well. Uncool, dudes. Pink is the real deal.

  8. So funny... I just read an article in Traditional Home about a husband giving pink the thumbs up in exchange for unlimited golf privileges!
    Love the inspiration pics!

  9. Love this...the only pink I could sneak in our house is my office! haha

  10. I just put some hot pink pillows and my blue Chiang Mai dragon pillows on the couch on our front porch. My husband randomly said "I really like the pillows on the porch" a few days later. I'm taking that as the go ahead to incorporate more pink everywhere!

  11. My husband is great about my decorating preferences! Not sure he'd LOVE a pink wall, but pink accessories, he's all for!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

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