Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Musings: Lilac and Green

Guess who's back? I will give you one guess...So in all seriousness, I know that I always make this huge commitment that I am going to come back in a major way and get my posts to you on the weekly. And then I fail. In an epic way. This time is different. I swear. Creative juices are flowing, I am making the time AND I sincerely missed blogging. Blogging and I were in a relationship and our status could be best described as "it's complicated." Long story short, I am back. Better than ever. Armed with projects and inspiration. Standing O? Slow clap? Ok. Golf clap? Missed you lovers. 

So while frantically rushing to put myself together this Saturday morning for my weekly visit with my Grandma, I came across a color combination that I don't think I can ever quit. You know when you pick the first shirt off of the top of the clean clothes hamper and throw a hooded rain coat on top to prevent you from looking like a total drowned rat? Well with those ideal elements and conditions, a star was born. A color combination star, that is. Lilac and green, folks. More specifically, lilac and army green, but who is counting? There is just something about the softness and femininity of the purple hue coupled with the strength and vigor of a dark army green that absolutely works. It is the yin and yang to my wardrobe and now to the home. Watch out Monday, we are coming in hot with lilac and green. Getcha some feminine meets masculine flair.