Tuesday, May 31, 2011

S+S Giveaway - Haymarket Designs!

Well, well, well. Have we got a surprise for you all. Not only is this a four day week for everyone, it is also giveaway time. Haymarket Designs has been gracious enough to give a picture frame of your choice, color and personalization, to one lucky S+S reader. We have had our eyes on Hilary's stuff for some time now. Her store includes painted trays, wastebaskets and picture frames. All of her items are hand painted and customizable for yours truly. The combinations of colors and designs are truly divine. You will love!

Here are some picture frames that you all may choose from, should you win big!

1. You must be a follower of S+S {if you already are, fantastic!}, please comment and let us know that you would like to enter in the giveaway, and what frame, color and personalization you would choose!
2. For an additional entry, like Sadie + Stella on Facebook,  and Sadie + Stella on Twitter, come back and comment here letting us know.
3. Become a follower of Haymarket Designs blog, come back and comment here letting us know. 
4. For an additional entry, like Haymarket Designs on Facebook, and Haymarket Designs on Twitter, and come back and comment here letting us know. 
This giveaway ends Tuesday, June 7th.

Best of luck to all of you lovelies. We think we should be able to enter into this glorious contest. We are so jelly of all of our readers!

Flirty Florals

Good morning! We hope all of you had a fabulous holiday weekend. It hurts to be going back to work today, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. To cheer this morning and short week up a bit, we are thinking about flirty florals. Bright. Loud. Funky. Flowers. Yes, yes ya'll. 

Obviously this is the time of the year where flowers are in full bloom, ahem...my allergies can attest to this. Summer is full of bright punchy colors and fun and funky floral prints. Florals are typically more feminine, however, adding a one or a few floral elements to a room can give it balance and not an overwhelming "girly" feel. 

We have compiled a grouping of all things floral and hope that you all enjoy it just as much as we do. 

We would love to just chill on this floral settee. Maybe drink a spot of tea? This would be the perfect addition to a room that has a lot of solid colors. One would walk around the corner and see this and immediately think, "BAM!"
Love the enormous floral graphic on this Trina Turk pillow. The pillow has a satin finish and is completed with embroidered scalloped petals. This pillow comes in numerous colors but we are just adoring chartreuse as of late. 
A spot of tea. How appropriate! We can drink this on settee number 1. We absolutely love any tea cup and saucer and I don't know many girls that don't. This one has beautiful gold details with a gorgeous floral graphic. Gorgeous, dahling. Gorgeous. 

Ummm, so who knew that Vera Bradley got into rug making? We certainly did not. This was like striking gold. She has so many fun prints and they are all wool pile. Good quality. The brightness of this floral pattern is so striking against the black background. Va-va voom. 
This chair is positively the most comfortable chair. World Market has been carrying this style of chair in a variety of colors and patterns. And well folks, this one gets our vote. Obviously a fun shape, but finished off with a bright whimsical floral print. This chair would be perfect in an office, little girls room, living room...Possibilities are endless. 
Oh the signature Furbish Studio decoupage tray. This print is beyond for us. The girly floral is balanced off with the splashes of the cobalt blue vases. This would be perfect in any room to hold knick knacks and patty whacks. 
Lovely colors and graphics on this pillow. This could honestly fill any space. It would look lovely against a loud floral print, another graphic or even a solid. So versatile. 
Again with the fun floral against the dramatic black background! Anthropologie! You get us everytime! This is a fab lumbar pillow that would be great ANYWHERE! Yes. You heard us. Anywhere. Put it in your garden, your dog house. I don't care. Let it be seen!
Another home run Vera rug. When I saw this rug, I immediately thought sunroom. For those of you who are lucky enough to have a sunroom in your abode, this rug shall be yours. We S+S girls love us some coral, and this rug is no exception to that rule. 
Tufted floral chair? Um, yes. Please. 
Beautimous watercolor duvet cover. This seriously looks like art! On your bed! This would be perfect for any guest bedroom. 
watercolor floral duvet
We hope you enjoyed flirting with florals. More to come today, my friends. A special giveaway may be in the cards for all of you. Stay tuned... 

Friday, May 27, 2011

S+S design: a coastal chic guest bedroom

A coastal chic guest bedroom. We promised it. We are delivering it. 

Nothing to top this warm weather that we have been having, like a coastal chic bedroom. This room just screams summer to us! As we said before, Lindsay (Sadie's mom) has decided to re-decorate her guest bedroom. She chose to go with a coastal chic look including pinky corals and all shades of turquoise and green. She wanted to include some beachy elements but not an overwhelming nautical/beach feel. We totally think we have achieved that look.

First on the agenda: the headboard. Lindsay (Sadie's mom) had the brilliant idea of finding a metal headboard, in any condition, and painting it a coral color. We absolutely love this! This will give the room a somewhat shabby chic aura but with a pop of color. Next, bedding has to be white. No ifs ands or buts about it. Such a crisp feeling and against that headboard? Ummmm yeah. Yeah we did. Finished off with fun turquoise coral pillows and a gorgeous chartreuse throw. 

On to the accessories. The rug. Oh the rug. That brings the chic into this room. The color is absolutely fab but the design brings in a more mature uptown feel. The coral trellis fabric will be incorporated into the room, somehow, someway. Maybe an ottoman? Maybe a pillow? Guess you will have to wait and see...The turquoise lamp also adds chic elements to the room. The elongated yet curvy shape will be so interesting placed on a bedside table. We love the simplicity of the white shade against the oh so fabulous turquoise. The vase, featured here on s+s, has the perfect color combination for the space but also brings in an earthy element with the flower (which I have no idea what kind of flower that is. I am no horticulturist, folks). This room would not be complete with a few glass floating baubles topped off with some nautical rope. Loves. Now just for an apparatus to hold these baubles...hmmmm. Lets ponder, lovelies. 

Last but not least, the walls. We thought a white intricate and dramatic mirror would be the perfect addition to this room. It has enough of a feminine touch but its size gives it an eye catching appearance. We couldn't help but add a few shell prints to the room. This coral watercolor print will be accompanied by a few others. We haven't decided on frame colors yet. Gold? Antiqued? Suggestions readers? We would love to hear them!

A three day weekend, at last! We could not be more thrilled. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. We have lots planned and cannot wait to share it with you next week!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

S+S chow: pink flamingo cocktails

Apparently we like gin around here! Last week you learned about the Savannah Fizz and now, let us introduce you to the Pink Flamingo. Creamy and delicious, I know we say this a lot, but you will not be disappointed! 

Pink Flamingo Cocktails
2 oz. Gin
8 oz. Guava Juice
4 oz. Heavy Cream

Blend all ingredients together until frothy. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: Casa Greer

We first found Elsa a few months back from a fellow blogger. It was love at first site with her blog. She has a fun, eclectic taste and we absolutely adore everything she puts together. She is featuring the before and after of her home office. We know you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Hi everyone! I'm Elsa from Casa Greer and I'm so honored that the ladies behind Sadie & Stella asked me to share my favorite room!

Lately, my favorite room has been my office! I can sit at my desk for hours browsing through magazines and catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

Here is the before, right after we moved in and put some new paint on the walls:

And the after:
I wanted the room to be light and airy, so I went with a very light shade of gray on the walls. I brought in some color by creating some no-sew turquoise curtains.
My favorite things about this room are my Ikea Expedit bookcases! How did I ever live without those?! They help keep me organized and EVERYTHING has a home.
The printer stand is an Ikea Rast dresser that I stained and painted myself. I added new knobs from World Market.
I used the back wall to create a chalkboard gallery. The chalkboards all came from a garage sale and where ready to go for this room.
This is the spot where you can usually find me!
Again, thanks for having me ladies! I hope you enjoyed a peek at my favorite room!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

and the winner of the LilyGene Prints Giveaway is...

Meredithkaye! Congratulations to Meredithkaye! 

meredithkaye said...

So awesome!!!! I might need one of hawaii. I kinda left a piece of my heart there when I was on my honeymoon.

Thank you to all for entering!

a birthday celebration

This past weekend we celebrated Lindsay's (Stella's mom) belated birthday! It was a girls night, and so much fun. I loved creating all the decor and the menu. It's always exciting to put a soirĂ©e together, especially to celebrate someone so wonderful! 
For the cake table I used this tablecloth from World Market and a hot pink runner. The drink of the evening was a Pink Flamingo Cocktail, and it became a bit of inspiration for the decor. I had the frame and flamingo print (a piece I am wanting to include in the guest bedroom re-vamp) and of course no table scape would be complete without some flowers. I love the fluffiness of the peonies and spider mums. The theme of the night was pink, orange and turquoise...sounds just like an S+S soiree!
The menu. We had a mexican fiesta! The mini stuffed peppers were a variation of this recipe and the carne asada tacos were these. They are truly the best! The cinnamon vanilla cupcakes were a new recipe I tried, turned out amazingly with cream cheese frosting{let me know if you'd like the recipe!}. The churros were homemade and served with homemade ice cream, compliments of our near gourmet chef friend, Beth! She always brings something amazing! 
The Pink Flamingos. The recipe for this sweet treat will be posted this week for chow. Get ready, because they are divine! 

Place settings. I made the small white poms to mimic the large ones I hung above the table. 

It has been gorgeous here so I chose to put the table setting outside. 
We all left completely stuffed, and that was the goal. We hope you all enjoyed!

Monday, May 23, 2011

monday musings: coastal chic

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Ours was extremely busy. Consisting of entertaining and recipe-ing (yes, s+s just made that a word). Photos to come on the weekend events, including the amazing soiree that Lindsay (Sadie's mom) threw for my belated Birthday!

Speaking of Lindsay (Sadie's mom)...she is in the process of redoing her guest bedroom. It is already an adorable space, but she has been wanting to spruce it up with a bright and airy feel. What better way to do that than coastal chic?!? She has been thinking about corals, turquoises, teals and greens mixed with natural and organic elements. If it seems like the s+s design team cannot get enough of the coral and turquoise color families...its because we can't. They are such fun and whimsy colors, why not find a way to incorporate them into a space?

We didn't want the room to appear to be sooo beachy that you would likely find sand remnants on the floor, but we wanted to definitely give it the feel that just maybe you could walk outside and hear some sort of body of water. Here is the inspiration that we have arrived on for the room. Design board to come!

TO. DIE. FOR. Where to start? Ummmm...those pictures? Are you kidding me? The colors and pictures are so divine. And as you all know, we love the formation. The desk is absolutely gorg. That could easily be recreated, readers. Find an old desk in love of some TLC and with a little paint...BAM! The linens are so fresh and crisp along with the subdued turquoise feel in the room. 
Again, where to start? That chandelier is so unique and totally makes the space. If you all haven't noticed, this is the same room from above. It is amazing with a different angle how different the room feels. Who would have ever thought that same room would have yet another seating area, plus a china cabinet? And a mint green plate wall? And a garden stool? And a trellis ottoman? Heaven, boys and girls. Heaven. 
{Traditional Home}
This headboard is insane. Whoever had the brains behind this masterpiece, well done. Again with the gorgeous white linens. There is something so chic about white linens in any space. Keeping them white and crisp is a different story, but in theory. We love the choice of the coral fabric on the ottomans adorned with nail heads, thus adding the coastal feel. 
Again, amazing headboard. That easily becomes the focal point in a bedroom if you play your  cards right. The burlap gives the organic and natural element to the room. A little splash of coral and a few seashell prints, voile. Only thing we would add are a few pops of turquoise. 
This is not exactly the look we are attempting to achieve, nonetheless, its gorgeous. So fresh and inviting. And who cannot resist a teal patterned wall? The wall sconces add a chic and glam feel to a somewhat rustic and beachy space. Fantastic use of an old ladder for a nightstand. Creative repurposing at your service. 
{we heart it}
We absolutely love this art. So funky and achievable. Find lots of old unused frames and paint them coral. Find beach like elements, ie shells, and hang them inside the frames. Very clever art. Again with the trellis ottoman, which is gorgeous. Finished off with a large paper lantern. We love it all. 
{decor8 blog}
Last but not certainly not least, the room that could use a few pops of coral in our eyes. No. This room is coastal chic at its finest. This is such a clean and inviting space. Any guest would be thrilled to overstay their welcome in this room. We love those lampshades and they would be perfect in this guest bedroom. The x-benches are such a fantastic option for a bed without a footboard. 
{coastal living}
Lots to come this week. A winner will be crowned from the LilyGene Prints Giveaway, the amazing Elsa from Casa Greer will be guest blogging on Wednesday, a recap of an s+s soiree and much, much more. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reminder to enter the LilyGene Prints giveaway!

Do not forget to enter in the LilyGene Prints Giveaway! This giveaway ends on Tuesday...do not miss out on one of her fabulous prints!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summerish Wall Coverings

We made it! It is Friday! Don't make me sing the Rebecca Black song, Friday. I will do it! 

As summer is quickly approaching, we are really inspired by bright colors and whimsical pieces. We wanted to share an art round up for you, that screams summer to us. Enjoy!

Ok. Ikat art? Uhhhh. Yeah. We cannot seem to get enough of the ikat print in general. This is such a fun print and honestly would add depth and color to any space. 
What else says summer like the beach? This is such a fun photograph from one of our favorite spots, 20 x 200. Love all of the colors that are sporadically placed with the fun umbrellas!
Ahhh. Sea coral. So beachy. Sadie's mom is in the process of creating a design board for her guest bedroom...this picture just might have to make an appearance. 
We love any kind of sea urchin, it seems. This is such a silly, yet thoughtful print. While it is detailed, the pop of orange makes it less serious. 
If you saw our Wowie Wall Art post on Monday Musings, and were crazy about the beachy sea art, here is a fantastic alternative at a fraction of the price. Get a few of these prints and frame them, then you will be set!

What says summer like florals? This is such a fun and pretty print. We could easily see this in a little girls room or maybe in with a gallery wall. 
We can never get enough watercolor. This print is so bright and cheery. This also would be a fantastic edition to any gallery wall.