Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a birthday celebration

This past weekend we celebrated Lindsay's (Stella's mom) belated birthday! It was a girls night, and so much fun. I loved creating all the decor and the menu. It's always exciting to put a soirĂ©e together, especially to celebrate someone so wonderful! 
For the cake table I used this tablecloth from World Market and a hot pink runner. The drink of the evening was a Pink Flamingo Cocktail, and it became a bit of inspiration for the decor. I had the frame and flamingo print (a piece I am wanting to include in the guest bedroom re-vamp) and of course no table scape would be complete without some flowers. I love the fluffiness of the peonies and spider mums. The theme of the night was pink, orange and turquoise...sounds just like an S+S soiree!
The menu. We had a mexican fiesta! The mini stuffed peppers were a variation of this recipe and the carne asada tacos were these. They are truly the best! The cinnamon vanilla cupcakes were a new recipe I tried, turned out amazingly with cream cheese frosting{let me know if you'd like the recipe!}. The churros were homemade and served with homemade ice cream, compliments of our near gourmet chef friend, Beth! She always brings something amazing! 
The Pink Flamingos. The recipe for this sweet treat will be posted this week for chow. Get ready, because they are divine! 

Place settings. I made the small white poms to mimic the large ones I hung above the table. 

It has been gorgeous here so I chose to put the table setting outside. 
We all left completely stuffed, and that was the goal. We hope you all enjoyed!


  1. I love the table settings and the poms poms! They are so pretty and fabulous. Thanks for sharing!


  2. so fun! do you mind sharing where you got that lovely ornate frame with the flamingo pic? i love it!

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