Friday, May 27, 2011

S+S design: a coastal chic guest bedroom

A coastal chic guest bedroom. We promised it. We are delivering it. 

Nothing to top this warm weather that we have been having, like a coastal chic bedroom. This room just screams summer to us! As we said before, Lindsay (Sadie's mom) has decided to re-decorate her guest bedroom. She chose to go with a coastal chic look including pinky corals and all shades of turquoise and green. She wanted to include some beachy elements but not an overwhelming nautical/beach feel. We totally think we have achieved that look.

First on the agenda: the headboard. Lindsay (Sadie's mom) had the brilliant idea of finding a metal headboard, in any condition, and painting it a coral color. We absolutely love this! This will give the room a somewhat shabby chic aura but with a pop of color. Next, bedding has to be white. No ifs ands or buts about it. Such a crisp feeling and against that headboard? Ummmm yeah. Yeah we did. Finished off with fun turquoise coral pillows and a gorgeous chartreuse throw. 

On to the accessories. The rug. Oh the rug. That brings the chic into this room. The color is absolutely fab but the design brings in a more mature uptown feel. The coral trellis fabric will be incorporated into the room, somehow, someway. Maybe an ottoman? Maybe a pillow? Guess you will have to wait and see...The turquoise lamp also adds chic elements to the room. The elongated yet curvy shape will be so interesting placed on a bedside table. We love the simplicity of the white shade against the oh so fabulous turquoise. The vase, featured here on s+s, has the perfect color combination for the space but also brings in an earthy element with the flower (which I have no idea what kind of flower that is. I am no horticulturist, folks). This room would not be complete with a few glass floating baubles topped off with some nautical rope. Loves. Now just for an apparatus to hold these baubles...hmmmm. Lets ponder, lovelies. 

Last but not least, the walls. We thought a white intricate and dramatic mirror would be the perfect addition to this room. It has enough of a feminine touch but its size gives it an eye catching appearance. We couldn't help but add a few shell prints to the room. This coral watercolor print will be accompanied by a few others. We haven't decided on frame colors yet. Gold? Antiqued? Suggestions readers? We would love to hear them!

A three day weekend, at last! We could not be more thrilled. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. We have lots planned and cannot wait to share it with you next week!


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