Sunday, November 15, 2015

Port 68 Lamps on that Blue Light Special

My gals. Treat in store for you today, a real treat.  My sister in law and I were lucky to come across some amazing lamps in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and you all are going to get to be the beneficiaries of our shopping addiction. All are brand new and in perfect condition. These are all for local delivery/pick up in Chicago only. Sorry other peeps!

First up, the Port 68 Cameron Lamp. Retails for $473, selling for $300. Shade included. 

Next up. Glenda the Good Witch lamp that retails for $495, and we are asking $300. No shade included but harp and finial comes with. Gorgeous black lamp with an I Dream of Genie vibe happening. 
 And last, but certainly not least, The Viceroy mint beauty. Shade included. Retails for $215 and asking $150. 

As per standard, first come first serve. Email me at to light up your life. Good luck Chicagoans. xoxo

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Framebridge. Wait, you're getting a discount!

My lovely, lovely ladies. I am on my way out of the City of Fountains this morning, just as the World Series is starting. I mean waaaah wahhhhhh. What kind of fan am I? One that has to work apparently. Before I depart, I wanted to revisit a topic that is oh so dear to me, framing yo art. That's right. So if you have not heard of Framebridge by now, I am a little speechless. But I am here to educate! Last year I took a custom painting by the oh so talented Jenny and had it framed in the lacquered tiger wood Jambi frame.  Now I am all about having a piece for a year, I am as noncommittal as they come, and then switching it out. But this piece has stuck. Hard. Take your personal art and send it in and Framebridge will make your art a custom piece. How can you say no??

So a special offer for you lovers. Just enter: 15sadiestella at checkout for your 15% discount through 12/31/15. I mean who doesn't love it? Get it. Frame it. Be custom. Be awesome. Go Royals!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kate Spade Home, Say What??

Just when you thought that we were at the conclusion of fashion designers coming out with their own home lines, we get the ultimate and oh so anticipated Kate Spade Home. Can I just say that I have died and gone to heaven? How about old school glam meets modern meets sophistication which also meets party girl chic? Bows on bows on bows.  I mean me in a nutshell. I am talking unique furnishings, loud lighting and some bold prints. This is a collection I can get down with. I for one, think this should be the finale of fashionista home collections, because really, can you get much better than this? Ahem, Jessica Simpson, not the market for you. Take note. 

And because you know I had to...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sell, Sell, Sell

My peoples. My lovely, lovely peoples. I am selling some stuff. Like everything in my living room. For the local (KC Buyers) only, I think. I will most definitely ship the drapes. But the big items, are strictly limited to my City of Fountains audience. Get it while its hot. While it is sometimes hard to say goodbye to my beloved stuff, I can't think of a better home for it than with you love muffins. 

First up. My sectional accompanied with fainting couch (my dramatic reference) from Home Decorators. Basketweave material, charcoal with natural piping. Oh so attractive. 38" D x 28" H x 102" W. Sectional portion is 64" L. $500 for sofa. I will consider selling pillows. Striped pillows are Furbish Studio. Greek key lumbars are Jonathan Adler.
 Next. This awesome campaign coffee table that I honestly love more than life itself. We have to keep changing though, people. If you aren't changing you are dying. Coffee table is 56" x 23" of black lacquer and gold adornment. $300.
And another one. This thing was meant to be styled.
Side table by Ballard Designs. 28" H. Has a nice decorated edge to top. Perfect flair to house your "A Day in the Life of a Soviet Union" reading material. Because I know exactly what that is like. Oh and "Stop Tweeting Boring Shit". I have eclectic reading habits. - SOLD
 3 panels for sale. Pole pocket. Mustard-ish color. 96" in length.
Email me at for questions and also to arrange pickup. Get it my loves! XOXO

*Update. All of this for sale as well!
From L to R: Furbish pillows. Bolsters $50, Striped pillows $25, Greek key Jonathan Adler lumbars $10 each. Z. Gallerie greek key rug $200, 5'x8'. Overdyed turquoise rug 5'x8'. Art. Chinoiserie needlepoint $60. Michelle Armas brushstroke abstract 24" x 24" $200.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Radisson Blu Giveaway!

Hey little strangers! Alright. It's that long holiday weekend and I decided we all need to start planning our next getaway. Ya feel? So first and foremost, my friends over at the Radisson Hotel brand have decided that you fine people deserve a stay in one of their amazing hotels. What is the catch? Well there isn't one. Just being an S+S reader puts you right to that top of the pile. Enter in the giveaway below, I know such a drag, for your chance to win a free night's stay. Throw that hat in the ring. In addition to free lodging you could win, Radisson Blu has a design contest that is going down that involves all of you creative people and customizing your own chair that will be potentially featured in one of their hotels! Oooh and aaaahhh.

Recognized as a leading designer hotel, Radisson Blu is launching a global design contest starting now to October 13th inviting participants to customize the iconic Egg™ chair, originally created by the legendary Danish architect and designer, Arne Jacobsen, for the SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen. Radisson Blu guests and design enthusiasts will have the opportunity to design their very own egg chair using an online configurator at Design Radisson Blu. Each week finalists will be selected to compete in a final round judged by an expert panel and the winner will receive a customized egg chair based off their design and a 3-night VIP trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Additionally, the winning design may also become part of the brand’s new interior design scheme which will launch later this year and the top 15 final designs will be displayed at select Radisson Blu hotels as part of a 2016 miniature travelling exhibition around the world.

You guys. Let us all talk about where you are going to stay. 
The amazing Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel in Philly
Stay in a sleek room in the Raddison Blu Aqua in Chicago
Grab a drink at this chic swanky bar downstairs in the Aqua

With more than 280 Radisson Blu  hotels and resorts in operation in 62 countries, the brand provides a full range of innovative design led products and services, delivering genuine and relevant guest experiences with a distinctive Yes I Can!SM philosophy. Acclaimed hotels currently in the Americas include: Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, ChicagoRadisson Blu Mall of AmericaRadisson Blu Philadelphia, Warwick and Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown. For more information and contest rules please

See what I am saying? Get involved. Create some stuff. And lay your head down at one of these swanky hotel motels. Enter below my loves. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve partnered with Radisson Blu as part of the Radisson Blu Signature EGGTMChair design contest. I’ll be receiving payment in the form of products, coupons, giveaways, promotions, and same-as-cash gift cards in exchange for my participation; however, all opinions given here are fully my own.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Crushing on Kirsten Kelli

Love muffins! How was your weekend and Monday? I am just going to throw it out there, my Monday was pretty unbearable. I pretty much threw my hands up mid-day and decided I was just going to call it a day and try again tomorrow. That being said, I feel a little crank still. What gives? I figured chilling with you all this morning and looking at some majorly attractive interiors would be just what the doctor ordered. Only time will tell...Today is a new day. It's hotter than hell. My cleaning lady is coming. It's a Tuesday (so the club is going up). It is a recipe for a perfect day. 

I always love coming across new to me design talent. Thank the lord for the worldwide web. Kirsten Kelli is errrthang your eyes could ever dream of and more. I am talking luxury. I am talking texture. I am talking color. If I am permitted to have a girl crush this fine Tuesday morning, I am picking the dream team of Kirsten Kelli. It is no mistake and of no surprise this dynamic duo is from the big D. That Dallas I tell you, they crank out some stylish people. Anyhow, enough of my verbal nonsense this morning. Lets get our Kirsten Kelli on. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Sale Shopping

Happy Memorial day love muffins! First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone who has ever served this country. Your bravery and patriotism made America what it is today. It has also parlayed into a lot of online retail sales. Obviously that is not what today is about, but it is an added benefit, no? 

Alright. Apparently we live in Seattle now here in KC, (it has been raining since the beginning of time) and there is nothing left to do but shop. Since I am not one for playing in the rain, I am going to round up errthang you need for your home right now that is on some super sale. 25% here, 40% there.  I am feeling a major boho vibe right now, just follow along and treat yoself. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My new jam: Minted

Yo, yo, yo. Happy 3 day weekend, y'all! I am coming off of a week of travel and prepping for a new week of travel. Life on the road, I tell you. My laptop crashed this morning, so I am coming at you with a new and improved computer. Nothing like starting a 3 day week with a computer prahhblem. Enough with the small talk. 

So I was doing my typical Saturday design planning and was on the hunt for some affordable and fabulous art and came across Minted. This place has every type of art you could ever imagine for bargain basement prices. I am talking abstract, photographs, paintings and graphics. You name it, Minted is on it. In addition to art and shiz, they are even featuring invitations and stationery. I mean, this place has got it all. One stop shop. Well for your walls and your prison pen pals at least. 

So I am going to put my money where my mouth is and give you an extensive list of what I found. I am a giver like that. Get it all. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

HMK for your mama and a giveaway

Show of hands. Who is scrambling on what to get their mom for Mother's Day? (Both hands in the air). I mean what to get for a woman that has everything? Sigh. I go through this routine year after year, and never does it fail that I am a week out from the big day and I am empty handed. Thankfully my peeps down at HMK asked me to come take a look at what they are working with and I obliged immediately. The quintessential shop for every woman, girlfriend and mother. They have got it going on. I am talking tassels.  

And more tassels. 

The best of fragrance, candles and decorative soap. 
Stationery so your mom can write ALL of her penpals. (Hopefully not one of those prison ones.)
Largest collection of Kate Spade errrthang. Gals. KC is the home of Kate Spade, so naturally she is going to be well represented. 
And all of the KC specific apparel your heart could ever want. 

Or a little of this and a little of that. How cute are these wine glasses and tray? I mean, she does. Hard.

See what I am saying? My mom will definitely not go empty handed this weekend. For all of you KC, Denver and Dallas folks alike, I have got something hot for you. HMK has so graciously offered to give one lucky S+S reader a $50 gift card. Spend it how your heart desires. On your mom. On yourself. But mostly, on your mom. Enter below and make sure you get it done before this Sunday, May 10th. Love you. Mean it. 
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Musings: Lilac and Green

Guess who's back? I will give you one guess...So in all seriousness, I know that I always make this huge commitment that I am going to come back in a major way and get my posts to you on the weekly. And then I fail. In an epic way. This time is different. I swear. Creative juices are flowing, I am making the time AND I sincerely missed blogging. Blogging and I were in a relationship and our status could be best described as "it's complicated." Long story short, I am back. Better than ever. Armed with projects and inspiration. Standing O? Slow clap? Ok. Golf clap? Missed you lovers. 

So while frantically rushing to put myself together this Saturday morning for my weekly visit with my Grandma, I came across a color combination that I don't think I can ever quit. You know when you pick the first shirt off of the top of the clean clothes hamper and throw a hooded rain coat on top to prevent you from looking like a total drowned rat? Well with those ideal elements and conditions, a star was born. A color combination star, that is. Lilac and green, folks. More specifically, lilac and army green, but who is counting? There is just something about the softness and femininity of the purple hue coupled with the strength and vigor of a dark army green that absolutely works. It is the yin and yang to my wardrobe and now to the home. Watch out Monday, we are coming in hot with lilac and green. Getcha some feminine meets masculine flair.