Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kate Moss in the home

So, show of hands. Who used to think Kate Moss was a complete degenerate junkie? Hot. Mess.  I mean, I grew up of the same opinion. I never quite understood why anyone ever thought she was glamorous when I always thought she looked one high away from rehab. And hygiene? Forget it. I am talking hypodermic needles and baths once a month when she could fit it in between benders. Gurrrrossss. Could I be more specific? Well, I am here to tell you that I have completely changed my judgmental opinion of the once named "Tank." 

As I have gotten older I can appreciate the solemness of all of her work. She is deep, pensive and most of all, thin. I am talking rail thin. As they say, can never be too thin. She is such a unique beauty and once she started getting her shiz together, I have now decided her work is showcase worthy in my home. I am on a serious hunt for her most glamorous and somber representation. Preferably one of her smoking, because like it or not smoking is enchanting (even though I never do). Get down with your bad self, KM. Check out some of her best. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's Must Haves

My lovely ladies, happy 2015! I am only two weeks tardy on delivering that bit. I promised myself, and you all, that I am going to be more consistent in posting this year. I have a lot to say and share but I just need to be better about organizing it. Even when I am traveling. So this is my promise to you betches. Hold me to it.

Let's kick this year off on S+S with a current must have list. You know I am 'bout it 'bout it. I am talking from a rug that can be repurposed as a DIY headboard, to a peacock chair that is going to go on your sun porch for the Spring/Summer season (Yes those seasons really do exist and are not part of some fictitious fantasy. Rull dull). I am your pusher and I am pushing all of the below. Get it.