Tuesday, July 15, 2014

House Reveal: The Bathroom

You guys. I am going to stop being a schmuck and start sharing the details of my entire house with you. I have drug my feet for far too long and I realized since I will be out of here shortly, I better show off the work. Otherwise, did it really happen? You know what I mean? Tree falling in a forest. Just saying.

So the thing (my house) has been photographed several times already (with two major publications still on the way) but I am going to give you the real business. What the rooms looked like before, and where you can get the same items. Are you ready?  So here is my bathroom, in all of its finished glory. Let's get an oooohhhh and an ahhhhhhh. 

Because this is what it looked like when I first moved in. Can we say sterile, boring and blah? I know you all are jealous of the fixture. It is probably a relic or vintage piece from Home Depot. Good luck trying to recreate the look. 
The goal was to implement the most over the top loud wallpaper so I could keep everything else understated. Right?  The vision was that the room required antique brass fixtures, glossy white offset subway tile in the shower, tortoise shell accessories and some black to balance it all out. 
 I felt that the wallpaper did everything I could ever want for in respects of art, but I found this simple yet glitzy glam piece from Meg Biram's collection to finish it off just right. Affordable and seriously fits the space like a glove. 
 Pops of purple, fresh flowers and the bath necessities for any guest that may drop by unannounced. Bath salts (not to snort), talc powder, beautiful soaps and finished off with a sea sponge. 
Voila! It is hard to capture in the image, but the room is also sporting an oh so lovely black and white accent rug to ground all of the color. I dig it. 
Get the look: Shower curtain
Next up on me getting my shiz together and sharing my hard back breaking work, the boudoir! Stay. Tuned.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Musings: Wanting a red sofa, please

Hello lovahs! Good morning! You were missed, yada yada yada, and so forth. Was the weekend divine? I figured. I have to tell you, I got an amazing massage yesterday and am now royally paying for it. You know, when they are working every single kink of out of your back/neck, and you leave feeling stress free and limber as ever? And then reality sets in hours later and you cannot even sit back in a chair, because it feels like a baby donkey trampled your back. Then you aren't able to decipher if you should feel pleased with the results or if you will have to modify your wardrobe the entire week to hide the bruises. Yeah. That's where I am this morning. Uplifting and ready to take on the week!

So. On to the subject at hand. I feel like I have spent a solid portion of my adult life trying to convince others that they shouldn't be afraid to decorate with red. No, it's not gaudy. No, it's not morbid. For once, I feel like people are starting to get on board. Which generally promotes me to get off board (I know, it's the contrarian in me). But alas, people can change. Once I liquidate all of my belongings here in KC, I plan on incorporating a red tufted sofa into my new digs. I mean clean modern space, meets traditional, tufted and over the top red. I am thinking white walls, sleek furniture and ethnic accents. It is going to be THE juxtaposition everyone is talking about...so I hope. So if you are not yet riding the red sofa train, allow me to change your mind. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Musings: Small Space Decorating

Darlings! Are we all in extreme recovery mode? Mind, body and spirit? Yaaaaaameeeeetoooo. I hope you all had a fabulous 4th full of sun, fund and booze (naturally)! Unfortunately we all have to return to reality at some point, and mine came earlier than would have preferred. Sigh. Back to the grind.

I have to tell you, I have small space decorating on the brain like woah lately. I know that is super ironic and bizarre since I live in a house currently, but that is about to change. I have been holding out on you for awhile now, and I feel that is time to really come clean here. I am moving (AGAIN)! It has been in the works for some time now but is now official. I am moving to Dallas! This is all happening before the end of the year. So, KC you are not rid of me quite yet. Things to do until then? Sell my house and all of its contents. Get ready for it lovers, its going to be liquidation pandemonium. Don't worry, y'all will get first dibs. But this is essential in order for me to downsize from a 3 bedroom house to a one bedroom loft. Let's take a look at some imagery that is inspiring my stylish space reduction. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4th of July: What you're wearing

Happy 1st day of July! So the 4th is oh so quickly approaching and I know each and every one of you is scrambling for the perfect outfit for whatever soiree you may be attending. I mean do you go boho Americana? Do you go classic preppy chic? Backwoods Duck Dynasty style? Or just wrap yourself in the gold old American flag? I have inspiration for each and every style that your heart could desire. I don't know about you, but my boho Americana style feels like it might be merged with a side of Duck Dynasty. Flag bandana/do-rag here we come. 

Happy 4th y'all! At least one article of clothing to suit each and every one of your star spangled banner moods. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Etsy Spotlight: Cotton Patch Boutique

Good morning my dears! Did we all have a lovely weekend? As promised, I definitely gave my liver a workout and let's just say, yesterday's recovery was grim. I am talking bedridden, folks. I mean let's clean it up, shall we? Thankfully, me being incapacitated allowed me to do some major Etsy stalking to find the amazing Cotton Patch Boutique. As we all know, I am totally digging kaftans for this Summer season, and these are most definitely one of a kind. Each one is unique and adorned with pom poms, tassels, jewels and ornate trim. I am afraid I need one in each and every color to stroll down these streets of mine. Treat yourself to one. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

This week's must haves

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and gentlemen). Hopefully your week was even more amazing than your heart could have ever imagined (just call me Joel Osteen). I don't know about you, but I am so looking forward to the weekend. Going to catch some major rays, drink cocktails like Prohibition is making a comeback, shop til I drop and appear at a few soirees here and there. I mean, all in all, a very busy weekend for my liver. Good thing I will have the work week to recover before my Fourth of July vacay. Holla. Alright, to kick off the weekend festivities, here is what I am loving this week and feel we ALL must have. 

Ombre Collar - OK. Allow me to clarify. I don't think we should be wearing this collar, but our dawgs should be. I mean ombre is my color of the year. Not sure about you. For those of you who feel that ombre isn't a hue, you are dead wrong. 
Beach Art - Since I don't live on the beach, or even within a 500 mile radius of one, I have to fake myself out with a portrait of one. I mean if this doesn't bring the aroma of sand and salt into your home, I don't know what to tell you. 
Caftan - I cannot seem to get enough of caftans this season. The more native and tribalesque, the better. I am totally channeling my inner Sacajawea. 
Napkins - One cannot ever have too many adorned cocktail napkins. These will jazz up any snoozy bar in 1 second flat. That is a guarantee. 
Mexican Fabrics - On the same plane as my native and tribal obsession, I have been weaving in Mexican fabrics (serapes and the like) into my very own home. These fabrics are perfect for table runners, the backs of the chairs/couches, or to turn into pillows. You're welcome. 
Floor pillows - Still haven't gotten over that whole Palm Leaf fabric craze, have I? Every home needs some extra and informal seating like floor pillows for unexpected and causal guests. These are in the perfect punchy print to impress. Golden Girl, Blanche Devereaux style. 
Sconce - Red bamboo lighting. Need I say more?
Necklace - Statement necklaces are here and here to stay. This gaudy, over the top, multi-strand necklace is just the accessory for any black dress or laid back white tee (not to be confused with a tall tee). This muted purple shade is a new favorite of mine. 
Camo Lenses - These are definite conversation prompting specs. I mean, so disguising they basically disappear on to your face as though you are not even wearing glasses. Sneaky. 
Basket - The perfect trinket that is also utilitarian. How functional is my decorating?!?! 
Holla Doormat - Holla at your boy! Perfect doormat to wipe your feet on. 

On a side note, don't forget to enter Outdoor Trunk Hammock Giveaway. Only a couple more days to enter and win. Don't miss out on your lifestyle that awaits. Have a great weekend my dears. XOXO

Monday, June 23, 2014

Outdoor Trunk Hammock Giveaway!

So the fabulous people of Outdoor Trunk have decided to meet your Summer needs and provide you with a serious lifestyle. This Spring Green Hammock is up for grabs, my dears. (How Price is Right does that one sound?) Oooooh and aaaahhhh. I mean the reality is that a hammock is truly a lifestyle and if you don't have one, you are honestly missing out. So I am making damn sure that you don't. Outdoor Trunk is an online shop that meets all of your outdoor needs in a chic and useful fashion. I mean I don't know about you, but any and every outdoor space warrants some sort of punchy pillows, a statement rug and a showstopping piece of furniture. (Ahem, hammock). Follow the prompts and win this bad boy. 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Art on the cheap

Lovelies! Did you all have an enjoyable weekend? Mine was jam packed full of family and friends as I am certain yours was as well. Just as a warning, I am traveling for work this week, so I will be slightly sporadic with the posting (queue Bryan Adams "Please Forgive Me"). Okay, okay? Mmmmmkay. 

So today I want to talk about art on the cheap. Art is a very personal thing for any space and is often the piece I struggle the most with and takes the most time in any design. I usually have a certain formula I try to implement in most of my designs to create balance in a space. It goes a little something like this. A black and white photograph, plus a painting of some sort, plus an abstract of my choosing. It gives depth and who doesn't love a little depth? So while art is super personal and very important for any space, it doesn't have to be outrageously expensive. Solution? Art.com baby. Check it out. Oh and they will do the framing for you. You're welcome. 
From left to right: Llama/Matador/Rothko/Sketch/Horse/Bull

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sunglasses Shop: Michael Kors Giveaway

Ummmmm so since the last time we have spoken, things have gotten sunny. Lucky for you, Sunglasses Shop is the solution to all of your optical problems and worries. Sunglasses Shop has a large selection of numerous designer sunglasses, and since I am a sunglasses hoarder as of lately, this place is my jam. So when we decided to team up and give one lucky S+S reader a pair of Michael Kors frames, I was all over that like white on rice. 
Photo credit: Melanie Knopke

So what is all this for? I will tell you what for. One lucky gal will pick a Michael Kors frame of their choosing, that is $150 or less in value. To enter, follow the mandatory and optional ways to enter via the Rafflecopter. Good luck!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Design Crush: Parker Kennedy Living

I recently came across a new to me designer, Parker Kennedy and just had to share their most perfect of spaces. Generally I am not one for matchy matchy interiors, but I am willing to make an exception for this perfectly cotton candy aesthetic. I mean ladies, if you can get your husbands on board with this one, preach your gospel. This is a girls dream. 

And for the conservative in you...I die for this space. It is creamy, dreamy and serene. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Musings: Bold Floral Floors

Happy, freaking, Monday. What's up y'all? Did you have a wonderful weekend? It had to be better than mine, which I spent it's entirety bedridden with some awful virus. No joke. All of my weekend plans out the window. How awful is that? Getting sick on a weekend should be prohibited in some capacity, no? Any way, I am fully recovered and here with you!

So I want to talk about some loud, obnoxious and bold floral floor art today, folks. Gone are the days where floral patterns are for Grandma, and grandma only. I am talking large, bright, in your face, punchy floral rugs that brighten up any space. The kind that steal the show and the rest of the room no longer matters. The kind that would make your Grandma blush. Yeah, those kind. Whether it be of the Moldavian or Bessarabian blend, these Eastern European had their style down. Have to give props where props are do. Let's check it. 

Let's gather us some bold floral rugs, shall we? 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A DIY worth doing: Pom Pom throw

So I tripped across a super chic DIY that requires absolutely no artistic talent or execution.  Can you handle cutting trim and hot gluing it to a throw blanket? Yeah. That is what I thought. Totally up our alley. Thanks to Sugar & Cloth for putting a DIY in layman's terms. Your consideration is much appreciated. But in all seriousness, how cute is this?