Friday, March 30, 2012

s+s chow: craving mexican

Maybe this post is a bit premature seeing as though Cinco de Mayo is awhile away...however, how is everyday not appropriate for Mexican cuisine? It is totally acceptable in my household. I swear, it seems as though every other meal is at least 40% Mexican inspired. Count it. Let me just get this straight. You all will be getting another set of recipes for Cinco de Mayo. Have no fear. Everyday is the 5th of May around here. 

Tell me you all have seen this picture. Tell me. Mini tacos served with mini tequila shots. Yummmmm. Bueno. Muy. This looks like a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. Small amounts of food mixed with tequila. So damn cute though, no?  
So since that recipe is no where to be found on the world wide webs, I have found a suitable substitute that looks even more scrumptious. Who wouldn't want a pulled pork taco with black bean salsa and grilled pineapple? Duh. I want like 26 of these. Now. 
Or if you are not into meat eating, these adorable mini fish tacos will definitely fit the bill. Look how cute they are in their little wonton wrappers! Loving it. Mexican cuisine with an Asian flair. Couldn't love it anymore. 
It is only appropriate that a recipe for the most amazing nachos would come from a blog that has the verbiage "dirty diapers" in the name. It's true. Love my girl Natalie over at Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers and her always fabulous recipes. 
{shrimp nachos}
And to wash it all down, a refreshing jalapeno cucumber marg. Seriously. Jalapeno is my jam so this drink might do it for me. 
Happy Weekend lovers! What are you getting into? Have an impromptu fiesta and make these fabulous dishes. You know you wanna. Love, L+L

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crushing on Pink Pagoda

Would you expect any less? I mean honestly. Go off the name alone. We love pink and we love Chinoiserie accessories. We have been following Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda for some time now and are STILL in love with her pieces. No joke. Ok, so this shop has got it all. Fabulous stationary, unique and lively prints, stamps, phone covers, placemats, pillows, name it. She's got it. Bet you didn't know all that. And just like us, Jennifer adores an elephant.  Therefore we adore her. You know the math. 

Wouldn't you die to have these little pieces of art gracing each and every piece of postage you mail? I would die! I don't know if I would be able to part with them because they are just that perfect. 

And to place this postage on, the stationary, of course. Jennifer has thought of it all. Elephants all around. 
Again, maybe to pretty to even use in my kitchen, but my go to blue ginger jar Chinoiserie print. These dish towels are amazeballs. 

Lovely throw pillows to zhush up each and every space. 

On to the prints. Loving the malachite feel this print has. Besides, who doesn't love a pop of kelly green?

But wait there is more! Not only do you get one fabulous print, you get 3! Oooohhh. Ahhhh. Gosh we love Jennifer. 

So did we tell you, or what? So to further our love for Jennifer, she is offering a discount code exclusively to Sadie + Stella readers. Yes, oh yes. Jennifer is giving S+S readers 15% off of their entire purchase by using the promotion code: SANDS15OFF. Girl is cray cray and we love her. While you are over paying her a visit, also check out her amazing blog Pink Pagoda. She has such a great eye for style and aesthetics. Constantly inspiring me. Enough of my gabbing, let's go shop our socks off!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Like Me Some

So, so, so. Big treat in store today. Big. There are some new girls on the block  and their names are Jamie and Vashti from Like Me Some. This fabulous design duo reached out to us not too long ago and we have been following them ever since. I adore finding new talented bloggers. They have a fabulously fun aesthetic that is full of pizzaz and color. They have become a new daily read for us. Today, Vashti is going to share her space with us. Don't worry, we will get to Jamie's soon. They already promised. 

We were beyond thrilled when we were asked to be guests at Sadie & Stella today!  We have to admit that we did a serious happy dance when we got their email asking us to share our favorite room on their awesome blog!  A million thanks go out to these great girls with a killer blog!

Today we are going to show you Vashti's favorite room in her house:
  If I had to pick one room in my house it would have to be my family room! I chose this room because it is where we all seem to hang out and just have fun together!  Whether we are just watching TV or playing a fun game, it is truly a family room!

I love to surround myself and my family with things that mean something to us, show a little about who we are and things that make us smile! No room ever seems to be done and when it is close, I either do some serious re-arranging or we move!  With four kids and 2 dogs, my house is never and will never be perfect and that is how I like it!  Things break, things spill and we have more dog hair than I know what to do with so my decorating style has to reflect our lifestyle- a little slice of crazy!  

Thanks for letting me share pics of my favorite room-what fun!  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Laaaaawwwwwdddd. So I totally told you people that I was going to be enlisting your help. Hello free design service! Let's face all know best, and I trust your opinions implicitly. As you all know, I am searching for THE perfect bed for our new house. I have combed through various options: Tufted, nailhead, tufted with nailhead, footboard, no footboard, neutral, patterned, buy it, make it, have it get the picture. I am usually not completely indecisive but this is a big decision. Big. Priorities, people. Ok, so before we get started, a few things to consider. 1.) Bear in mind, the room is going to be painted a slate gray color. Hence why I am leaning more towards a neutral color for the bed. This is non-negotiable. 2.) Our room is literally going to be a "bedroom." This is an older house and the rooms are definitely not the most spacious. That being said, the room will house a bed and a pair of nightstands. Only. Ok, ok. I am so ready for your opinions. Hit me with them!

Option 1. Tufted headboard and footboard in a neutral. Ok let's be honest. Solid white is what I am thinking here. Glammy touches like mirrored nightstands and a metallic cowskin rug. Thoughts? 

Option 2. Again, another neutral tufted bed. Only this time, it is a sleigh bed! Oooohhh. Ahhhh. This room will be glam but also have some masculine touches, ie the black nightstands and python upholstered X-benches. Let's not forget the metallic suede rug. I need this in my life. Now. 

Option 3. Completely different from all other options. This is us just throwing out the script, folks. A patterned nailhead headboard. Now, keep in mind, it does not have to be this pattern. I am just like the look monochromatic look. Who doesn't love a silver leaf side table? Exactly. This option will be as if we have stepped back into black and white television. Me likey. 

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Again, I am in the process of reupholstering some other pieces in my home and could just as easily throw this project at my upholsterer. Decisions, decisions. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

monday musings: very upholstered headboards

Loves! Did you all have a great weekend? Did we all see The Hunger Games? I did. Ahhh-mazing. I definitely need to go back and see it again and again. Let's get down to the biz. So, listen. Here is the sitch. As you all know, I will be moving sooner than soon. This weekend we actually found our house in Richmond! You all know what that means, place for me to get my hands on to decorate! My fave. First on the king sized bed. Luxury. That being said, I am obviously obsessing over upholstered headboards right this minute. Duh. Nailhead and tufts, oh my. Just to let you all know, I am going to enlist your help with the massively important undertaking of choosing our bed. You all know best. We will get to that later this week. For now, let's look at the pretty.

I adore this room. Too much. Obviously we will not be going with the floor to ceiling wallpaper, but we could be going for a headboard such as this. The butter-cream color adorned with the edgy nailhead trim is the perfect composed addition to the room. 
On with another fabulously dramatic nailhead headboard. Do we love? The shape is absolutely fabulous, no? I am definitely thinking a neutral for my space and this definitely fits the bill. 
Edgy, edge to the max. Nailhead patterned headboard. This looks like a serious DIY project and I am not sure if I have the energy for this at this very moment. Definitely a statement piece. 
On to the tufting. I need to just throw this out there right now. I adore this room. The pure white tufted headboard showcased on the dark wall is too much for me to handle. Also too much to handle, that bed is from Target. I know. Unbelievable. This may be a definite option for us. 
Larvely! Here is a tufted headboard with a bit of a Victorian feel. May be too girly for our space, but it is still beautiful. Hey! A girl can dream. 
Another fabulously tufted bed. Only this time, its a sleigh bed! So we have long debated whether we want any footboard at all, but this space definitely makes me question our decision. Not only is this bed wonderfully tufted, it is also trimmed in nailhead. Check the detail on the bottom. Such a classic piece. 
So a different take on the the tufted headboard, the wraparound tufted headboard. How cozy is this? Absolutely gives the regal and exaggerated feel I am searching for, but also the warmth that we need. I could see Stella curling up in that little nook. She loves to look stylish while lazing. 
Another perfectly neutral tufted piece. I am loving the drama that the height of the headboard brings to the bed. This may be a must have for us. Although this space is a bit masculine for our room, it is still a definite win. Loving the light fixtures in here. 
{high gloss magazine}
Happy Monday! Or actually sad Monday because it is no longer the weekend. On to the next one. Be ready to help me make a huge decision tomorrow on where I will lay my head at night. At least we now know it will not be in a car anymore thanks to the new house. Love, L+L

Friday, March 23, 2012

S+S Chow: A Feast Fit for The Hunger Games

So I have an obsession and it is called The Hunger Games. I have been anxiously awaiting this day for a year now. Ever since I picked up the first book, it has been over. This might surpass my embarrassing obsession with Twilight. I received several text messages late last night containing pictures of my friends at various midnight premieres. If it weren't for the fact that I am like a small child and need a solid 8 hours of sleep every night,  maybe I could have bucked up to participate. But, today it shall be. In honor of such an important and memorable day, I feel we need to celebrate in the most proper way. For all of you fans out there, you will understand. All of you others, get the books. Now. Let's continue.

Nerd Alert: I am about to nerd out on Hunger Games in a serious way. 

Perhaps we should host our own Hunger Games. Shall we? Location: Undisclosed. We cannot even know about it. Don't want to risk the capital finding out. What to bring: Weaponry of course. The following weapons are encouraged: bricks, tridents, bow and arrows, fireworks, licorice, pillows, sporks, toddlers, tiaras, toddlers and tiaras, ferry dust, spiteful looks, feathers, grenades, paintbrush, upholstery nails. Just to name a few. Ok so maybe we won't fight to the death. We are going to half ass it. What we are eating: Look below. Feast your eyes on a feast fit for The Hunger Games. All of these dishes have been concocted based on the cuisine served in Panem. Ahhh glamour. 

Told you it was going to get real nerdy up in here. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? Rotten Tomatoes gave it a solid 88%. We shall see. Can't wait. Gotta go fashion my bow and arrow for our event. Good luck! Love, L+L

Thursday, March 22, 2012

graffiti-ish walls

So, so, so. Cruel joke that today is Thursday and is not Friday. Conspiracy. I am not going to be the most chatty today considering I slept through my alarm. The alarm was blaring for 20 minutes and I actually was so crafty that I incorporated the sound of the alarm into my dream. No lie. In my dream, I, as well as others, were looking at each other going what is that awful sound?!? Awesome Lindsay. Awesome. Let's get down to business. Today I am talking about loud statement walls. These are not for the faint of heart. Trust. These walls are truly an art form. These walls have so much style that they could in fact, stand on their own. But they will not. Of course. Let's explore beautiful and unique wall draw-rings. 

Watercolor graffiti. Is this not the most beautiful wall you have ever laid eyes on? If this is a form of graffiti, and I am saying it is. I am all for graffiti. This is a work of art. 
Hand drawn Chiang Mai wall. Holy talent. Is this for reals? I could not love this wall anymore if I tried.  Stella said I need to get on this in our new house. She is soooo pushy and fashion forward. 
Awesome graffiti-ish walls. Such a nice touch of funk in a very sleek and modern space. I am loving the layering of art on the squiggle wall. 
The lovely Jamie Meares at Furbish, doing it again! She gets us EVERYTIME. Here is her own take on the squiggle wall. Of course with the fabulous art layering again. The black squiggle is the perfect backdrop for colorful pieces.
Another fave, Kelly. Kelly has really funked this foyer up by adding the diluted red wall squiggles. What an official term I have coined. "Wall Squiggles." Awesome. This is the perfect eclectic punch to an otherwise traditional space. Ok so maybe not traditional with that runner on the steps. 
The ultimate graffiti. Wall art drawn with a Sharpie. HELLO! For reals. Would you all mind if your kids drew on the wall and it looked like this? This is crazy talent. Cray. 
And the video that sparked this post. For those of you who do not know, I (Stella and Billie) am moving to Richmond, VA in May. My boyfriend and I both got jobs there and could not be more thrilled to start this new adventure in our lives. That being said, I realized Richmond is more strict that I could have imagined. A woman was ticketed due to her child's chalk drawings on a rock?!?! There is no justice in the world. There goes my hobby of graffiti. What will I tell Stella? Where will she be permitted to draw her drawings? Her talent must be explored and developed. 
Happy Friday eve lovers. Love, L+L

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Shannon Berrey Designs

How are we today, loves? Ready to see a vacation home that will make you green with envy? Us too! Shannon with Shannon Berrey Design is sharing a space that she designed for a client in the mountains of NC! Represent. Whoop, whoop. This house is no ordinary and modest cabin. Oh no, no. Shannon wouldn't have it that way. We adore Shannon and all of her unique and thoughtful designs. This space is no different. Take it away!

Greetings Sadie + Stella lovers! I appreciate the Lindsays opening up their home to me today. But, we  would certainly expect such lovely hospitality coming from fellow North Carolina gals, right?! {I know their roots may be elsewhere, but we claim them for now!} As an interior designer living and working in the beautiful western mountains of NC, I get the opportunity to work in some great homes. Today I am sharing one of my favorite rooms which I designed for a families vacation home. 
This family was wonderful to work with. They love color and whimsy, and the best part--they were completely trusting of my design. Vintage paint-by-numbers were the inspiration. 
Most were found on ebay and etsy. I searched for images that represented scenes of our  smoky mountains: creeks, deer, barns, and bear.
I had the beds made made by a local company and had them painted and glazed in a rich turquoise. The vintage dresser was stained, but I painted it and gave it a slight distressing and then finished it with a coat of a wax. 

I found an old shutter that was the perfect color for the room! Just to give it a little sheen, I waxed it with a little tinted Briwax. The family owns a bulldog, Bubba, so of course I was thrilled when I found a pair of bulldog paint-by- numbers!     


Thanks so much for the invite ladies!