Monday, March 12, 2012

monday musings: geniuses and leprechauns pick green interiors

Is anyone as crab-tastic as I am today? Why, oh why, do I not reside in a state that rejects Daylight Savings? It seems as though each year that passes, I forget how painful the first two days of adjusting really are. I feel like a vicious teenage girl that is lacking sleep. Sigh. Can we talk about pretty rooms? Maybe that will make me more joyous. Not likely, but it is worth a shot. 

So I told you. Geniuses pick green. For those of you who have seen Meet the Parents, you know what I am talking about. But also, its true. Green has always been my favorite color. And I am a genius. Hypothesis proven. Any hue of green, really. So we are in the month of March and are so quickly approaching St. Patrick's Day. This definitely puts me in the mood, and appropriately so, for all things emerald and kelly green. 

Drahhhh-maaa! Please tell me you love this as much as I do. Please. This is such a perfectly collected, eclectic space. I love how Miles Redd, yes THE Miles Redd, included pieces with such interest and allure. Who else is digging that yellow tufted chair? Hmmmm. 
Same fabulous room at a different angle. That tone on tone artwork is brilliant. I told you geniuses, and leprechauns, pick green. No brainer. That orange velvet bed is luxury. Total glamazon. 
This room and I DEFINITELY have something going on. The detailing on those windows?! Are you serious? Larve. So the green tufted sofa is definitely the most. So dreamy. So plush. So green. Somebody of significance lives here and I need to be their friend. 
So lovely. Those floor length kelly green drapes, paired with the greenish-gray walls is beyond perfect. Who would have thought? Very bold and saucy move, but with a big reward. Style. That beaded chandelier is also something to look at. Such simple elements are used here and yet there is huge impact. 
Can we say ornate? Can we say opulent? Look at that chandy girls! Totally looks 70's/futuristic. I am thinking Sputnik. Honestly, one might think this room is on green overload. That one would be incorrect. Loving all of the green velvet pieces in one room. 
An hallway with such beauty! Again, more green, tufted, velvet seating. No one can ever have too much of that. Never. Such a classically styled chair paired with funky mercury looking concave art fixtures. Totally unique.  
Told you. More green, tufted, velvet seating. Get out. Hold the phone here. Anyone spot a TV in this space? I would love to know how one watches their favorite guilty pleasures (ahem Real Housewives) with that hideous plant obscuring the view? Ladies, that is an example of non functional design. I am just keeping it real. Other than that, darling. 
I love the look of this space. It totally has the Spanish architecture vibe. Not only that, I am not sure where this house is located, but I picture it to be in Southern Cali. More tufting. More green. More velvet. I adore that sheep that resides in this room. I am not sure what he is doing there, but he is presh. 
Yowza! Green lacquered walls! Bold. Bold and the beautiful. I could live without that dog statue, but compromises, people. Compromises. .
{huffington post}
Hello classic Ralph Lauren. They really know how to style and profile. That is for certain. I find myself wanting to enter into the world of each ad they place. Equestrian? Why not? Love the green. Love the green. 
{ralph lauren home}
Lovers. Try and stay alert and awake today. That is my greatest of challenges. We will support one another. Have a fabulous day! Love, L+L


  1. Loving all the greens! You are right- so much drama!! I think I want to pin every single image. :)



  2. Love the green! Its so dramatic and very elegant!

  3. GREEN! All so great :) Hard to choose a favorite! Love these pictures, stunning! I want my hour back but I'll take green grass and sunshine instead!

  4. I'm with you...LOVE the emerald green- the velvet tufted sofa versions especially! I actually don't mind the time change on this end...hate the fall once because it makes the day feel never-ending!

  5. Good morning, ladies!
    Try mixing travel across country with daylight savings time! Total mayhem!

  6. I've been loving green lately! These are some beautiful spaces!


  7. I adore the rich emerald greens that I'm seeing lately! I am thinking of painting the nightstands in my bedroom this color, but I can't quite seem to get up the cajones. Maybe I'll do the dresser in my closet instead. Thanks for sharing these - I'm inspired!

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