Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Moth Design

I need you all to prepare yourself for the most chic, serene, and glam monochromatic space in Favorite Room Feature history. This is neutrals done right, boys. This is Erica from Moth Design. Do you know her? She is so glam. Just you wait and see...

Hi there! It's Erica from Moth Design. I'm happy to be here today sharing a special space in my home on Sadie + Stella's Favorite Room series. 
I chose my family room because it's where I gather with my most cherished people, my 5 boys.  We spend hours here watching movies, reading, just hanging out, etc... 

The color palate is one I find so easy to live with. The art in this space is my own. It's great to be surrounded by things you love and I find the space rejuvenates my sense of inspiration. Nothing is so precious that we can't really live in the space. Leather and other natural fibres clean easily and mean we don't need to sweat spills or wear and tear. 

Images 1, 2, 3 and 4 Tracey Ayton. Image 5 Erica Cook.

The only thing that would make the space better would be a fireplace and there isn't a wall to put one on... so that idea is out the window. I'm sure my boys would argue that some sort of gaming system would improve the room. 
So there you have it. My favorite room. Thanks so very much for having me! xo


  1. Absolutely love Erica and her beautiful home!

  2. What a great space! Love how bright and comfortable it is and that driftwood lamp is fantastic!!

  3. This is such a beautiful design! Erica's blog and her house are fab!
    Suburban Faux Pas

  4. Beautiful! Such a calm room with wonderful texture!

  5. Such a gorgeous room! Erica's entire home is a show stopper!!!

  6. Beautiful finishes . . . but what make it all the better is that it's filled with love.

  7. Your home is gorgeous!!! This space is so cozy and beautiful!

  8. so homey and clean. I love neutrals too, and if I could buy new furniture, then my apt would really look like yours...except not nearly as pretty. Thanks for sharing!


  9. An absolutely gorgeous the serene palette, and the artwork...fabulous!!

  10. Dear S & S, Erica's family room is wonderful. So light and bright! I just wonder how she survived with 5 boys!

  11. Thanks again so very much for having me... and thanks all for the lovely comments. Very heart warming. xoxo

    1. Please tell us who makes your cool flush mount light....LOVE it and your room!


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