Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crushing: Ken Fulk for House Beautiful

Morning, morning, morning. On today's needs list? Coffee, coffee, coffee. Oh. More coffee. Why is it that I am totally dragging lately? Must get the pep back in the step. Before that happens, let's drool over some picture perfect design. 

Why hello! Who wouldn't ADORE coming to and from this fabulous set of red doors on a day to day basis? Serious. There are times that call for a neutral color palette, and there are times that do not. This would be one of those times. Do you see the adornment? Do you see the adornment, people? Those red doors and I have a love affair. Clearly. 
I cannot seem to get a handle on this obsession with this home. I adore the architectural detail, but also love this view of the office space. It is stately and just reveals enough to get my curiosity and imagination running wild. 
I have hardly ever met a navy blue wall that I didn't find fetching. This room would also fit into that blanket statement. My heart is going into cardiac arrest over that cabinet. I cannot even handle how fabulous it is. This seating area is topped off perfectly with two stark white wingback chairs. I couldn't love this seating area anymore if I tried. 
Perfect styling here. A girl can never have too many candles. Fact. 
Oh. My. Lawwwwwd. That gallery wall full of sketches needs to be mine. Immediately. Someone please make it true. I love this as an office space/seating area. There are such distinguished and dignified pieces used in this space. This is a room that would TOTALLY be in our house. Totally. The boy would definitely provide his approval on this one. 
Another somewhat masculine space. The pinstriped accent wall is so tailored and ideal for this room that is not short of architectural detail. Luxurious fabrics and linens have been added as the perfect accessories. Ken. You're killing us here, doll. 
Ladies. Ladies, ladies, ladies. You know how we DIE over unique lighting. Die. Someone prepare to perform some CPR here. I am not sure as to what shape or formation that those crystals are in, and I am not sure that I really care. It is beautiful. Not to mention the perfect gray marble that lines the shower. This is the absolute most PERFECT monochromatic bathroom that has ever lived. If a world of non-color looked like this, I would take it. In an instant. 
Darlings. Have a fabulous day being your fabulous selves. Love, L+L


  1. That chandelier looks like a crystal sailboat/schooner to me.

  2. So much to comment on so little time! All fantastic! Love the red doors and navy:)

  3. The windows! I DIE


  4. Agreed, that's an amazing home. And those front doors are so pretty!!


  5. Oh my Laaawd! You crack me up!
    The Treasured Home

  6. I have been looking all over for a way to incorporate a "claw foot"-esque tub into a bathroom that wasn't really accomodating for the space for it. That picture is pure perfection. I absolutely love the black on white, and the high tiling of the shower stall. I definitely will be using this for inspiration for our bathroom. Thanks for posting it!

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