Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Like Me Some

So, so, so. Big treat in store today. Big. There are some new girls on the block  and their names are Jamie and Vashti from Like Me Some. This fabulous design duo reached out to us not too long ago and we have been following them ever since. I adore finding new talented bloggers. They have a fabulously fun aesthetic that is full of pizzaz and color. They have become a new daily read for us. Today, Vashti is going to share her space with us. Don't worry, we will get to Jamie's soon. They already promised. 

We were beyond thrilled when we were asked to be guests at Sadie & Stella today!  We have to admit that we did a serious happy dance when we got their email asking us to share our favorite room on their awesome blog!  A million thanks go out to these great girls with a killer blog!

Today we are going to show you Vashti's favorite room in her house:
  If I had to pick one room in my house it would have to be my family room! I chose this room because it is where we all seem to hang out and just have fun together!  Whether we are just watching TV or playing a fun game, it is truly a family room!

I love to surround myself and my family with things that mean something to us, show a little about who we are and things that make us smile! No room ever seems to be done and when it is close, I either do some serious re-arranging or we move!  With four kids and 2 dogs, my house is never and will never be perfect and that is how I like it!  Things break, things spill and we have more dog hair than I know what to do with so my decorating style has to reflect our lifestyle- a little slice of crazy!  

Thanks for letting me share pics of my favorite room-what fun!  


  1. The green accent chair, the black/white chevron bench, the piece under the tv-- I love it all!

  2. I love these girls. What a fun and gorgeous room. Love!

  3. What a wonderful room - can see why it's a favorite. Love all of the pillows, but the one with the pug is adorable!!

  4. Wow! That that 'little slice of crazy' is crazy fabulous!! :)

  5. What an honor! I love Sadie & Stella and am so happy to see my new fave, Like Me Some, on here! The girls of Like Me Some have been brining it since day 1 and I'm so happy to see that people are taking notice! How could one not! Vashti, I still can't get enough of your house! I love it! I'm enamored by the Bulldog pillows and absolutely love that blue and white bowl on your coffee table! Can't wait to see Jamie's installment! Well done once again, Like Me Some!


  6. Beyond Fabulous, I am sure everyone is going to enjoy seeing ths wonderful, warm room. xxoo

  7. Vashti and Jamie are awesome -- I LOVE Like Me Some! Fabulous room, Vashti! I love that you have a Persian rug in your family room. And the bowl on your table is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Like me this room right here!!

  9. I can't believe my house is becoming famous!!(: I have Always loved Like Me Some! Keep the great posts coming everyone!(:

  10. The rug is very similar to the one in our family room. Great color all around!

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