Tuesday, March 13, 2012

what we are loving: not your grandma's average floral

We are in the throws of Spring and I feel beyond inspired by bright, punchy, funky dunky florals. I know what you are thinking. "Florals?!?!? My grandma adores florals." Well yeah. So do I. So your grandma must be really cool. But I can guarantee you these florals won't emit the appearance that your grandma's quilt room threw up on them. For serious. 

1. Who would not love a spot of tea out of this blown up floral pattern teacup? I believe I do spot some emerald green in there. Add a little brass to that baby, which was done, and your tea is stylin'. 

2. You will never believe this, but this is a graphic designers creation of wallpaper. She is brilliant. I believe I need to employ her. Girl has got moves.
3. Ok, so I have to admit, turquoise paired with rich shades of pink might be one of my favorite color combinations. Applying that theory, and the fact that peonies are my favorite flowers, this peonies fabric might just be one of my favorite fabrics. Ever. Science, peeps. 
4. Who doesn't love a fretwork chippendale chair? Duh. Paired with a lovely floral print seat, we are in business here. 
5. ADORABLE! This personalized stationary is just the start of fabulous things from this company. This girl seen here on the stationary, is clad in a fabulous floral party dress. It is all about the theme. Loving this set and needing it. NOW. 
6. Love the neon lilac color contrast with the rusts in this tea towel. Funky floral patterns are a must in the kitchen. 
7. This pillow is bananas. Truly. The oversized, jewel tone pattern is unbeatable. Not to mention it is adorned with pink and white piping. Not your Grandma's average florals. Boom. 
8. Again, another funky dunky floral pillow. This peacocks and petals pillow would be perfect displayed on any sofa to add spunk and interest. 
9. The mother-load here, folks. This sofa is nutso. I need it now. Not sure how I am going to get it. But I need it. 
10. A piece from the ever talented Lulie Wallace. I could find MANY homes in my home for this unique floral art installment. Stella loves it. She said it is a must and she gives it 5 paws. She is so chic. 
11. This floral print dress was a must in my closet. Signed, sealed, delivered. This screams Spring basic to me. So I made it happen. 


  1. that couch...and that dress!! swoon. y'all's blog is a total win.

  2. Darlings!,
    This old lady saw enough of these "nutso" florals to last a lifetime, the first time around! Now, the dress will be adorable on either of you cuties, but please, walk away from the rest of it!

    Thanks for stopping by my place yesterday!,

  3. Absolutely LOVING florals right now...and they definitely aren't your grandma's!! Thanks for sharing :)

    Dominique @ http://comfycozycouture.blogspot.com


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