Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Framebridge. Wait, you're getting a discount!

My lovely, lovely ladies. I am on my way out of the City of Fountains this morning, just as the World Series is starting. I mean waaaah wahhhhhh. What kind of fan am I? One that has to work apparently. Before I depart, I wanted to revisit a topic that is oh so dear to me, framing yo art. That's right. So if you have not heard of Framebridge by now, I am a little speechless. But I am here to educate! Last year I took a custom painting by the oh so talented Jenny and had it framed in the lacquered tiger wood Jambi frame.  Now I am all about having a piece for a year, I am as noncommittal as they come, and then switching it out. But this piece has stuck. Hard. Take your personal art and send it in and Framebridge will make your art a custom piece. How can you say no??

So a special offer for you lovers. Just enter: 15sadiestella at checkout for your 15% discount through 12/31/15. I mean who doesn't love it? Get it. Frame it. Be custom. Be awesome. Go Royals!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kate Spade Home, Say What??

Just when you thought that we were at the conclusion of fashion designers coming out with their own home lines, we get the ultimate and oh so anticipated Kate Spade Home. Can I just say that I have died and gone to heaven? How about old school glam meets modern meets sophistication which also meets party girl chic? Bows on bows on bows.  I mean me in a nutshell. I am talking unique furnishings, loud lighting and some bold prints. This is a collection I can get down with. I for one, think this should be the finale of fashionista home collections, because really, can you get much better than this? Ahem, Jessica Simpson, not the market for you. Take note. 

And because you know I had to...