Monday, April 30, 2012

Where I be...

Where I be you may ask? I am hanging out over at my girl Sam at The Peak of Tres Chic today sharing what is inspiring me on this Monday morning. Head over. Now. Please and Thank You.

Monday Musings: Let's Get Down and Derby

Lovelies. Happy Monday to you! Did you all get into something good this weekend? There are major celebrations and activities this coming weekend that are on the horizon. Ok. Far, far, far away on the horizon. But we have to be prepared. Agreed? Two big events have just so happened to land on the same day. The Kentucky Derby AND Cinco De Mayo. Have no fear, both holidays WILL be addressed. Today though, we are going to get Down and Derby.

If you do not know, the Kentucky Derby is definitely a Southern holiday that includes all of the 3 B's:  Big hats, Bow ties and Bourbon. It is an event that is filled with history, charm and style. Let's talk about some serious Derby inspired fashion, spaces and places.

For the bow tie lover in you. Ladies, here is your guide to a bow tie for your men. I have selected all of the most eligible bow ties for your "Day at the Derby." Get some. 

I love the classic feel of this image. It just screams "Kentucky Derby" to me. A fabulous shift dress, coupled with a fabulous floppy hat, accessorized with an enormous bow...Hello Churchill Downs. What horse do you think these ladies bet on?
{aesthetic approach}
An equestrian inspired space equipped will all of the horse lovers needs. Trophies, rosettes, horse prints, bourbon, a reign and a King Charles Spaniel. The girls love her instantly.  
For that man in your life. Another example of Derby attire. Adore the gingham paired with the paisley pocket square. For those of you who do not live in the South, this is completely normal garb. I have grown to love it. 
A fabulous idea for a Derby inspired soiree. Mint juleps adorned with bow ties. Get out. Those cups wear them so well!
{pretty stuff}
A chic equestrian inspired blouse. Who loves the edgy spiked nailhead trim on the shoulders? So fabulous.  I am going to need this horse head blouse.  It is decided. 
{sterling style}
A lifestyle photo  of the jockeys of the Derby way back when. This would be perfect framed in any horse lovers space. 
{the standard edition}
A lovely lady donning a floppy hat at the Derby. This is what it is all about. 
{sweet southern charm}
I die over this photo each and every time I see it. Love the framed rosettes and the extreme color it brings to the classically designed space. This room must reside in Louisville. 
{country living}
More Southern mens fashion. Seersucker suits will be seen all about in the crowd. Count it. 
{style me pretty}
Another fabulously floppy hat at the races. Classic. Lifestyle. 
{note to sarah}
The rosette aftermath. 
{oh happy day}
I hope you all have a fabulous Monday. As fabulous as it can possibly be for a Monday. Loves!

Friday, April 27, 2012

For the Seafood Lover in You

No, no, no, no. This post is not sponsored by Red Lobster. I just know that we all have a little seafood lover within us just waiting to get out. Amirite? Happy Friday my darlings! What is in store for the weekend? I bet you can guess what I have planned. No. Not a trip to Red Lobster. Packing! Tres chic. Anyway, as we all gushed about garden soirees earlier in the week, I obviously have outdoor events on the brain and what better food to serve in an outdoor setting than seafood. Crab boils, hushpuppies, shrimp boil kebabs, crabcakes and coconut shrimp. Serious seafood. I have compiled the best of the best seafood recipes that will leave you with the below aftermath. Which means, great success. 

{cajun crabcakes with jalapeno remoulade}
{coconut shrimp with maui mustard}

And for all of you who are jonesing for seafood like I am, here are the tools to get you that seafood soiree that we are all desperately wishing to throw. Don't forget the butcher's paper/newspaper. You will thank me later. 
Stock Pot/Galvanized Bucket/Yellow Crate/Serving Baskets/Tablecloth/Cracker/Mallet/Gingham tear off napkins/Apron

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Reupholstered Chair Reveal and Everything Else...

So remember this old gal in her before state? Well girlfriend got a serious makeover. She is now bold and beautiful. I am beyond obsessed, thrilled, amazed, pleased with her after state. I shared the fabric combination with you loves a few weeks back and I have to tell you, the finished product turned out to be more than I could ever dream of. I need to give a shout out to my local upholsterer, Carolina Custom Upholstery, for those of you in the Winston Salem, NC area. Anyone who is looking to add jazz or pizzaz to a current piece, or even make a new one, you need to stop whatever you are doing right now, and call my guy Billy immediately (if you need his contact information, email me). Tell him  that I sent you. As soon as you say my name, he will probably repeat my name in his sweet southern voice, while his inner monologue is saying "that woman is CRAY CRAY." I have seriously put him to work lately. Love him and his crew. Love. Disclaimer: Just so you know, I am aware of the sketchiness of these pictures. My camera battery was dunzo so it was iphone all of the way. What else is new?
I must mention. These emerald green throw pillows were a recent find at World Market of all places for, wait for it, $4.99. Really and truly people. I wanted to buy the entire display out because I can. I also picked up a matching bolster. Why girls?!?! Because I can at $4.99. Amazing. They had so many different shades as well. It just so happens that these match the piping on this piece to a tee. Go and pick some up to add a $4.99 punch to any space. Duh.
Billie, and my new green jeggings, twerking our new chair in during broad daylight. She adores good lighting for picture taking. 
A close up of her left arm, your right. 
A close up of her right arm, your left. 
Before we get on to the other happenings, I must share what else I found at World Market with you besides my $4.99 pillows. That place was on fire. Look at this burlap, scalloped, nailhead trim screen for $199.99! Don't you love the $.99 added? So mental. Seems so much cheaper. But honestly, couldn't this just jazz up a little nook or any space really? Only for $199.99. But wait, there is more...
Are we loving these or what? So I found these adorbs recipe prints that would be the perfect pop of fun and color for any chef-inista's kitchen. I am not certain whether I will have space for these but I plan on making room. 

You are. 
On to the next subject. My newest art piece compiled by none other than the FABULOUS Elyse Martin. You might remember her from this remarkable piece she recently made for me. I don't have to tell you all, she is the most. Even Michael Jordan's mom thought so. She just made a piece for her home. I hope she still remembers me when she is big. Sigh. At least I will have my amazing pieces to remind me of our fabulous friendship. Love you Elyse!
So remember the major headboard debacle that we all discussed a month back? Questions were flying around. Buy? Make? Tufted? Patterned? Solid? Oh my. Well my loves, a decision has been arrived upon. I present to you...our master bedroom.
I kid. I lie. However, since my chair and a half and ottoman re-upholstery turned out so phenomenally, I decided to enlist Billy's help. AGAIN, for this project. We have decided to craft a diamond tufted headboard based off of the image above and covered in the fabric below. I searched tirelessly for the perfect piece and you know what, I just couldn't find "the one". I knew that I would never be 100% happy with something I bought in a store. So like the spoiled brat that I am, I went the custom route. You know what they say, "the one who chooses custom never goes back." Ok. They don't say that, but they should. 
Ooooohhhh, ahhhh. This is the Waverly Glitz fabric. Folks, this is a gorgeous woven fabric that appears to be neutral but really has metallic gold and silver threading strewn about the fabric. In my demented world, gold and silver metallic thread is considered a neutral. The boy might disagree, but he trusts my design decision making. It is what I do. I cannot wait for the end result. It will be nothing short of major. Major. 

And in other news, Stella is all, "Mom! Stop taking pictures of me and pack our s*#@!" She da boss. 
 Billie is all, "Stella! I am sitting in front of a box that Mom has yet to pack." They keep me straight.  They keep me young. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Like Me Some

We have a repeat visitor today from our girls at the Like Me Some Blog. Only! This time, we get to look into Jamie's favorite space. We love being snoopy, don't we girls? Personally, these girls taste is right in line with mine. Fun, bold, brave and collected. I could definitely get down in any of their spaces. I mean come on, the girls have leopard carpet. They are not playing around. I am so happy to have them here again, and you know what, they are such great hosts I would have them again and again. Love them dearly! You're on Jamie!

We love the fabulous ladies at Sadie + Stella and are thrilled we get to visit yet again!  We love their blog and this series!  It is so exciting to get a glimpse into our fellow blogger's homes!  It's my turn, Jamie from Like Me Some, to show you my favorite room.  So here goes nothin'!

I know so many of us share our family room, but it makes sense doesn't it?  The name alone says it's the place where we come together as a family and there's nothing I enjoy more!  Our favorite times in this room are movie nights with lots of popcorn and candy or in the winter snuggling by the fire.  This room also reflects us the most out of all the rooms in our home.  As many of you know from our blog, I wanted to paint our room and this motivated me to get it done!
Thank you Lindsay & Lindsay!!

There are a few things that inspired me in this room from our favorite blogs!
The always fantastic Elements of Style did a post on these butterfly prints & I swooped up a pair!
This may be way too much for some, but I love the combination of patterns and love color!
As for the chair, it's dangerous to live so close to the Restoration Hardware outlet, I tell ya'!

My most recent and favorite DIY, greek key trim! Fastest and easiest project ever with big results!
I have a thing for books, but didn't leave my hubby out and included some manly titles for his passion, cars and watches.
Do you see my next blog find? The brass sea urchin from the fabulous Jamie Meares at Furbish!
I love me some leopard & it doesn't hurt with a black and yellow lab, the hair just blends right in...
I hope you enjoyed our room, I am looking forward to sitting back with my hubby and a glass of wine!
This blog is named after Lindsay & Lindsay' s pooches so how could I leave out my own?  I mean just look at that face!!

Isn't Hemi the cutest? Stella and Billie are swooning. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A preppy eclectic guest bathroom AND a winner, winner

Lovelies! Good morning to you. I hope you are doing well on this Tuesday morning. If any of you happen to be on vacation or lounging, zip it. I mean, I am happy for you and all, but zip it. Love you! I know I have been sharing many design plans for our new house but I am just too excited not to share every last detail with you loves. Plus, I figured you would be very interested. I present to you, our "Preppy Eclectic Guest Bathroom".

So let me just say, as soon as I laid eyes on this shower curtain I knew she had to be ours. Ummm HELLO, it is Kate Spade. My girl Kate Spade. Hey, we are both from Kansas City originally and went to opposing all girls schools. We are basically friends. Duh. So once I found this perfect piece for the space, naturally I built the room around it. As you can see, mostly eclectic elements and some, yes some, prep. Don't worry, my initials have not been changed to KTS. I just couldn't change the monogram. Fail. 

And, and, and, and on to that winner, winner chicken dinner. Ok. So you are not a winner of a chicken dinner. You are a winner of a fabulous pillow from Spark Modern. The winner is Melissa from The Berrylicious Life! Melissa said:
I am a follower and I am desperatly wanting the Schumacher Chiang Mai Pillow (Aquamarine colorway)!!
Melissa, girlfriend, email me so I can get your information to the lovely ladies of Spark Modern. Looks like someone is getting a Chiang Mai. Lucky. Ducky. Thank you to all of you lovely ladies who also entered. You

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings: Gaga for the Garden

Yes. I am Lady Gaga for all things in the garden. So I have been thinking, since we will be moving into a house and will be having our very own backyard for once, that a garden soiree will definitely be in order. It will be called a "Garty." Garden + Party = Garty. Duh. First need on the list: Friends. We will have to make friends first. Have no fear, if we do not, we will sit Stella and Billie at the table. They have been trained to appreciate a well styled party. Don't you love how I have not even moved yet, and there are 34,382 things I need to be stressing over right now and I choose to stress over the garden soiree that I am going to throw in my future home with my future friends? I am a realist. That is what I am. 

I love Spring and Summer and all of the colors and patterns that it has to offer. More than any time of year, mixing and matching of punchy patterns is accepted and expected. You guys know I like to keep it funky. Who is absolutely OBSESSED with all of these punchy, mixy, matchy table settings?? Is this designer not divine? I came across her work this weekend and honestly am completely blown away. So bold and such vision. Lulaland, I am your newest stalker. I mean fan. 
How pretty is this garden soiree? Seriously. I am adoring the oversized ginger jars that are grounding the table. All of the pretty fruit and flowers and pink accouterments just do it for me. They really do. I would love to have an invitation to this little bit. 
How. Freaking. Sweet. Is. This? I love this idea for an outdoor party. Not sure how difficult it would be to execute, but hey! We have to have creativity and vision, peeps. 
A lovely french garden party right hurrrr. Adoring the conglomeration of sorbet colored pillows on that perfect settee. Wouldn't you love to have tea and crumpets in this little setting?? I need that flower orb. Immediately. 
Ahhhhhh. What better accessory to a garden party than hanging paper lanterns?!?! Hello. The simplicity of this garden soiree definitely works because it has just the right elements involved to keep things interesting. That white tablecloth looks like a nightmare for me. I eat like a toddler for those of you who are unaware. 
The ruffled, lit tablecloth heard round the world. I know you all have seen this image time and time again, but I need you to see it one more time. For me. What a perfect piece to include in a garden soiree. So serene and so beautiful. I would love to see these tables at night. BEAUTY. 
Look at this fun little par-tay. Again, we are letting the lights do the talking in most of these designs. It really does make such an impact on an outdoor space. Making mental notes here, people. 
Another set of fabulous floating umbrellas. On my need list: Lots of bulbed stringed lights. Loads of parasols. No this is not a wish list. It is a need list. Practicality. 
I seriously cannot think of a prettier display of hydrangeas than this. It literally makes me weak at the knees. Hydrangeas happen to be one of my favorite flowers in the flower kingdom and this display is probably the most grand. Can you imagine incorporating this into a garden soiree hosted by you?!?! $$$$$$
Another lovely garden party display by the newest person I stalk, Lulaland. I can't help it. She's too genius. That designer mind of hers. I am going to need this lilac buffalo checked table cloth. Please. And Thank You. 
A totally regal and sophisticated garden soiree right here. The play on pinks and greens is subtle yet so overwhelmingly pretty and chic. I have got major chair envy right now.  
Do you see what I am talking about here? Why I am so gaga?!?! I knew you would agree. Ladies, I have to tell you. Modern Spark Giveaway ends tonight. AND. I just checked it out, so many new pillows have been added to the shop. Eeeeeeekkkkk. If you see a username: GagaforGarties, you might know who has entered in the giveaway. Hello Alias. Loves!