Monday, April 2, 2012

monday musings: wanting hollywood regency dome lighting

Well what do you know, Monday is finally here. I know we have all wished the weekend away so we could get to this day. Right. Today, and everyday really, I am on the hunt for that special item that will absolutely complete a space. What is it today? You ask. A hollywood regency brass dome lamp. This is more like a desperate want ad than a list of musings. A desperate, desperate want ad. Obsessive 20 something seeks glamorous, brass, mushroom shaped light fixture. Musts: Must be shiny and must be dome shaped. This bad boy is going to reside in my new office. We have to make this happen. Help! Until then, here are the spaces that are adorned with this light fixture that I am currently lacking. Jelly jealous!

I am lusting after this dining room like woah. The gold accents, the glamorous light fixtures. That brass, dome lamp. Ahhhh. See I told you. Major impact that light packs. My office needs one. Immediately. 
And again. You will not believe it, but the lovely Erika from Small Shop Studio owns both the space above and the space below. Girl is fortunate enough to not have one, but two, vintage brass dome lamps. Sigh. Share the love! I am adoring the lovely glamorous touches in this space. The gilded frames, the pops of pink. It is the perfect place for a girl to get her think on. 
Now I know we have all seen this mushroom, dome lamp on this blog, however, this is what the Doctor ordered. Kelly Wearstler, doing it to me again. Need. 
Another spin on the brass dome lamp. The brass dome lamp extended off of a stone block. Loving this. Definitely loving this. A little mid century mod happening here. I could definitely live with the outcome of this piece. However, I am still avidly searching for the mushroom lamp. 
Oooohhh a floor brass mushroom lamp. Love the contrast it brings residing next to the chrome side table. This fixture is definitely the focal piece for me amongst this space. Wonder why?? 
Another brass dome lamp done right. Absolutely over the top glamorous vignette. That vignette is just so fabulous that it does not even need that dome lamp to stand its ground. The vignette needs to hand it over to poor me. This little blackcented bar area could not be anymore perfectly ornate. 
As you can tell, I love a vignette and a I love a brass dome lamp. Again we have a perfectly styled table that the focal point is definitely that damn lamp. Do you see what I am saying here? It is an obsession. 
We have another extended arm brass dome lamp here that resides on a block of stone. So elegant. I love the natural feel that the stone brings to the piece. Also, who is loving this space and the calm and serenity that it washes over you? 
{design shuffle}
A different flavor of the brass dome lamp, in a major way. Not one, but 5 brass dome lights. Wowza. That floor lamp is the talk of this space. And that is saying a lot since this space is beyond larvely. 
{Kimberly Renner}
So I hope someone answers my want ad because I am pretty sure peeps are getting tired of my desperate pleas for this fixture requirement. Did you all have a great weekend? Any good finds? I will be back tomorrow reporting what I have picked up along the way. Love, L+L


  1. Wow adore the dome lamp. Erika really has the touch! Her art wall is so coherent because of the gold matte frames throughout.

    I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  2. Now you have me coveting a dome lamp. Absolutely gorgeous images!

  3. Agreed! I have been pining for one of these for YEARS!!

  4. Loving this round-up of dome lighting! It really adds such a different, interesting element to a room.



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  6. Now I'm going to be on the serious lookout for a dome lamp!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  7. HIya ladies! New reader alert. Love the blog, you had me at 'Hunger Games' soup! Isn't Erika fab? I wish I could find a way to incorporate some fun KWID in my interiors. I may be too fraid-y cat. I love the Bengal Bazaar though :)


  8. How amazeballs are those brass shroom lamps! And that first image...
    {i am still swooning over it}

  9. Oh yes please for me too- love the brass dome light goodness!

  10. You now have me searching every room in my house for the perfect spot for a brass lamp!

  11. Such a statement maker...adore the Kelly Wearstler image!!

  12. These are all gorgeous rooms but I think I love the hanging lamps on stone the best. More elegant and glamorous! Love your blog xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  13. Wow this post does sweet justice to the dome lamp..looks fabulous in each and every setting!

  14. I'm not sure I know how to "swoon", but I can see why you love this lamp! A girl has to have a wish list! I'll let you know if I see one in my travels!

  15. I am a huge Wearstler fan and I am loving the spaces she designed. LOVE the wallpaper.

  16. Wow thank you for the LOVE! To be next to Kelly Wearstler is like a dream come true. She is my design IDOL!

  17. just saw one floor lamp like this on Craigslist in Portland OR. Search mid in furniture

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