Friday, March 30, 2012

s+s chow: craving mexican

Maybe this post is a bit premature seeing as though Cinco de Mayo is awhile away...however, how is everyday not appropriate for Mexican cuisine? It is totally acceptable in my household. I swear, it seems as though every other meal is at least 40% Mexican inspired. Count it. Let me just get this straight. You all will be getting another set of recipes for Cinco de Mayo. Have no fear. Everyday is the 5th of May around here. 

Tell me you all have seen this picture. Tell me. Mini tacos served with mini tequila shots. Yummmmm. Bueno. Muy. This looks like a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. Small amounts of food mixed with tequila. So damn cute though, no?  
So since that recipe is no where to be found on the world wide webs, I have found a suitable substitute that looks even more scrumptious. Who wouldn't want a pulled pork taco with black bean salsa and grilled pineapple? Duh. I want like 26 of these. Now. 
Or if you are not into meat eating, these adorable mini fish tacos will definitely fit the bill. Look how cute they are in their little wonton wrappers! Loving it. Mexican cuisine with an Asian flair. Couldn't love it anymore. 
It is only appropriate that a recipe for the most amazing nachos would come from a blog that has the verbiage "dirty diapers" in the name. It's true. Love my girl Natalie over at Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers and her always fabulous recipes. 
{shrimp nachos}
And to wash it all down, a refreshing jalapeno cucumber marg. Seriously. Jalapeno is my jam so this drink might do it for me. 
Happy Weekend lovers! What are you getting into? Have an impromptu fiesta and make these fabulous dishes. You know you wanna. Love, L+L


  1. This is cruel...craving Mexican food at not even 8am is not a good idea!! Those shrimp nachos and that margarita look insane!!!! And that first cute!! Love it all!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out sweets! I have that picture pinned with the tacos and tequila. It makes me happy! I heart Mexican food and tequila in a major way, the perfect combination! We just might make the nachos again this weekend, they are good!

  3. you know i love cinco de mayo ;)


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