Thursday, March 22, 2012

graffiti-ish walls

So, so, so. Cruel joke that today is Thursday and is not Friday. Conspiracy. I am not going to be the most chatty today considering I slept through my alarm. The alarm was blaring for 20 minutes and I actually was so crafty that I incorporated the sound of the alarm into my dream. No lie. In my dream, I, as well as others, were looking at each other going what is that awful sound?!? Awesome Lindsay. Awesome. Let's get down to business. Today I am talking about loud statement walls. These are not for the faint of heart. Trust. These walls are truly an art form. These walls have so much style that they could in fact, stand on their own. But they will not. Of course. Let's explore beautiful and unique wall draw-rings. 

Watercolor graffiti. Is this not the most beautiful wall you have ever laid eyes on? If this is a form of graffiti, and I am saying it is. I am all for graffiti. This is a work of art. 
Hand drawn Chiang Mai wall. Holy talent. Is this for reals? I could not love this wall anymore if I tried.  Stella said I need to get on this in our new house. She is soooo pushy and fashion forward. 
Awesome graffiti-ish walls. Such a nice touch of funk in a very sleek and modern space. I am loving the layering of art on the squiggle wall. 
The lovely Jamie Meares at Furbish, doing it again! She gets us EVERYTIME. Here is her own take on the squiggle wall. Of course with the fabulous art layering again. The black squiggle is the perfect backdrop for colorful pieces.
Another fave, Kelly. Kelly has really funked this foyer up by adding the diluted red wall squiggles. What an official term I have coined. "Wall Squiggles." Awesome. This is the perfect eclectic punch to an otherwise traditional space. Ok so maybe not traditional with that runner on the steps. 
The ultimate graffiti. Wall art drawn with a Sharpie. HELLO! For reals. Would you all mind if your kids drew on the wall and it looked like this? This is crazy talent. Cray. 
And the video that sparked this post. For those of you who do not know, I (Stella and Billie) am moving to Richmond, VA in May. My boyfriend and I both got jobs there and could not be more thrilled to start this new adventure in our lives. That being said, I realized Richmond is more strict that I could have imagined. A woman was ticketed due to her child's chalk drawings on a rock?!?! There is no justice in the world. There goes my hobby of graffiti. What will I tell Stella? Where will she be permitted to draw her drawings? Her talent must be explored and developed. 
Happy Friday eve lovers. Love, L+L


  1. Goodness y'all make me laugh. You should move to Georgia, instead. PS-My toddler would love for Stella to participate in some non-parentally-condoned graffiti in our home. Perhaps Richmond's a good idea after all.

  2. Beautiful ideas Lindsay!! So fun to read your posts!!

  3. Love that first wall and I have always been obsessed with Kelly Wearstlers pink graffiti walls.

  4. The last one is CRAZY!!! I adore the squiggles though most of all- that KW pink wall was the inspiration for my kitchen curtains- love, love!

  5. That first picture, the colors..oh, it's genius!

  6. I LOVE those watercolor walls. And Danika is too talented for one person. It's just not fair.

  7. Yay!!!! That is all I have to say about this amazing news!


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