Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Shannon Berrey Designs

How are we today, loves? Ready to see a vacation home that will make you green with envy? Us too! Shannon with Shannon Berrey Design is sharing a space that she designed for a client in the mountains of NC! Represent. Whoop, whoop. This house is no ordinary and modest cabin. Oh no, no. Shannon wouldn't have it that way. We adore Shannon and all of her unique and thoughtful designs. This space is no different. Take it away!

Greetings Sadie + Stella lovers! I appreciate the Lindsays opening up their home to me today. But, we  would certainly expect such lovely hospitality coming from fellow North Carolina gals, right?! {I know their roots may be elsewhere, but we claim them for now!} As an interior designer living and working in the beautiful western mountains of NC, I get the opportunity to work in some great homes. Today I am sharing one of my favorite rooms which I designed for a families vacation home. 
This family was wonderful to work with. They love color and whimsy, and the best part--they were completely trusting of my design. Vintage paint-by-numbers were the inspiration. 
Most were found on ebay and etsy. I searched for images that represented scenes of our  smoky mountains: creeks, deer, barns, and bear.
I had the beds made made by a local company and had them painted and glazed in a rich turquoise. The vintage dresser was stained, but I painted it and gave it a slight distressing and then finished it with a coat of a wax. 

I found an old shutter that was the perfect color for the room! Just to give it a little sheen, I waxed it with a little tinted Briwax. The family owns a bulldog, Bubba, so of course I was thrilled when I found a pair of bulldog paint-by- numbers!     


Thanks so much for the invite ladies!


  1. soooo goooood! thanks for sharing, ladies! happy wednesday!

  2. Ahhh go NC! So fun to see, love the green shutter :-)

  3. wow absolutely havent seen anything like it.

    Id love to take a nap in there.

    xo Patty

  4. I want that bulldog paint by numbers pic! Great design-such a warm and comfy vibe!

  5. I love the art wall, so much fun!

    Kim @

  6. Loving this room, and I love this feature! I'd love to participate one day. :)



  7. precious! great mix of elements, color and love the paintings...

  8. What a fun room, glad I found your blog !

  9. Adore the look and all of the gorgeous colors...perfect for a mountain home. I'm a North Carolina girl myself!

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