Friday, March 29, 2013

A colorful family space

Omg. We made it! The weekend is finally here. I am sure some of you (most of you) are off today and maybe even Monday, and for that I genuinely hate you. I will be slaving away, don't you fear. So I realized things have been so busy and hectic around here lately that I have failed to share any new designs. How dare I? Well today, I am sharing the design for a lovely family room deep in the heart of Texas. The room is enormous, everything really is bigger in Texas, and is ready to be filled with color and pattern. My client had one request and one request only, that the Schumacher Chiang Mai fabric make an appearance. Done and done. So I pulled a lot of colors out of that multi-color palette and voila! 
She had purchased a large entertainment center that we plan on jazzing up with some color backing. What else? You know I can't resist a cabinet with a painted interior. Duh. We also have a marvelous neutral wingback chair that will be making an appearance in the space for additional seating. 
So whatcha think? The client is already gung-ho on getting everything ordered and in place which equals happiness for me. This one is going to be a quick turnaround and I cannot wait to share the afters with you. Have a wonderful weekend my little Easter bunnies. I fully plan on being in a deviled egg coma come Sunday afternoon. If the stars are aligned and things go my way. Love you. Mean it. XOXO

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mimosa Lane is giving it are getting a pillow

That's right. You know how you should be treated; another week, means another giveaway from S+S readers. This week the lovely, talented and personal friend of mine, Albertina with Mimosa Lane has branched out into the pillow making business. Girl has got talent oozing out of her body. I swear. Next thing I know, this girl will have her own lamp line. I am waiting for it, Albertina. Her pillows have become so popular that the lovely Roxy from Society Social is selling them. Just look at how these punchy pillows jazz up any space. 

So what is in it for you? Well one lucky S+S reader will win two pillows of their choosing. See above. So, that being said, let's get to the business. 

To enter:
You MUST be a follower of S+S {if you already are, thanks! If not, just click the little follow button over near the top right column} Comment, leave your email address and let me know your favorite pillow shown above and where it would live in your home.

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 *Be sure to leave a comment each time you do one of the above!This giveaway ends Thursday April 4th, at midnight. Good luck!

Building it in

As you are all well aware, I am working furiously to get some spaces done in my own home. I am actually rounding the corner on the completion of two spaces; the living room and bedroom. Let's talk about the living room, shall we? So the space is rectangular and has a mantle/fireplace at the front of the room. You know what that means, peeps? Bare wall flanking on both sides of the mantle. I cannot deal. My first thought was to get massive furniture pieces for both sides to serve as built-ins. Then I decided that was going to be too expensive and also would not achieve the look I was going for. Scratch that. So now I am building it in. Just look at all of these amazing spaces that are the inspiration for my space. 

I mean is there anything more elegant? Truly. I adore the class and tradition it brings to the room. Cannot wait to share my afters with you all. XOXO

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Favorite Room Feature: Little Black Door

Today's special guest is not a new blog to me, actually I have known about little black door for a really long time. You know it is hard to keep up with all of the blogs that you adore. Thanks to the One Room Challenge, I was reacquainted with Elizabeth and her incredible talents. I have been back to her blog a slew of times going through each and every space she has designed. Yes. She has all of them up there. Score. She is easily my current fave in the blog world after seeing the space she designed for her daughter's. Totally amazing. Just wait and see.

Hey everybody! It's Elizabeth from little black door and I'm excited to be here and chat with y'all about my daughters' bedroom.  Sadie + Stella is part of my morning routine, usually right after breakfast but before my second glass of tea, so of course I was over the moon when Lindsay asked me to participate in such a fab series. I just may have raised the roof when I read the email. I live in a small cottage with my hubs and two little girls (5 1/2 and 2) and we like to pack a lot of fun into our little space. So when it came time to redo the bedroom my girls' share for the One Room Challenge, I knew I wanted it to be like them, bright and fun with a good dose of silly.
Pink of course was a top request, but my little clients also wanted blue and green. Swear. A yellow rug was in my head from the beginning, who knows why, and I've been thrilled to find the right one at Pottery Barn. Dhurrie rugs are an excellent choice for rooms with little ones. The dresser was an estate sale find that servered as a changing table for many years until I gave it a new coat of paint and some new hardware. The silhouettes were a really simple DIY project that I had wanted to try for years.
I mixed up the bedding using the colors in the lamp shade fabric as my inspiration. My oldest picked out the fabric, Portobello Vase (Blossom colorway) , and I think it is the perfect representation of the room - classic pattern, youthful colors. The seersucker bolsters were given some navy grosgrain to tie in the monogram and the dresser.

Most of our toys stay downstairs in the playroom so we keep the books upstairs for bedtime reading. My youngest is a huge fan of elephants (she's so on trend) and I love to find little elephant items to add to her collection. Both the blue and white elephant lamp and the elephant planter were antique store finds.

I love the pink ceiling against all the white. And of course the deer head. What little girl's room is complete without a deer head?
The mini vanity is a heavily used piece and the location of many fights. (it's hard to share a space when all you want to do is stare at yourself in the mirror) I added the navy trim and gold knobs to tie it into the navy in the dresser and drum shade. It all comes back to navy. And elephants.

So that is my little piece of little girl design. It's been finished for a whole week now and I'm already itching to get started on another room! It's a sickness people. Thanks again for having me Lindsay! xo

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holding down the fort for The Peak of Tres Chic

So my best girl Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic is sunning and funning with her Aussie in the land down unda, so I am talking some serious pattern mixing over on her blog today. Go and check it out!

Sponsor on Spotlight: Pink Pagoda

I would venture to say that a fair amount of you know The Pink Pagoda. You might know the previous Pink Pagoda who strictly sold marvelous chinoiserie prints and pillows, but now she has moved on to something very near and dear to my heart. Something I feel should be added into almost any space. Blue and white gingers. I am not talking about your soulless redheaded gingers (yes I can say that as I am a natural ginger, gasp!). I am talking the chinoiserie blue and white ginger jars and vases. I constantly find myself searching high and low for these babies. Ones that don't match, or semi match. Ones that are tall and shapely and ones that are fat and short.  Well ladies, now they are all in one place. One wondrous Pink Pagoda place. 
Get the Look: Console
Blue and white, from left to right:
You all will thank me once some of these blue and white lovelies make it into your home. They add the perfect old world charm that you have always been searching for. If you are looking for even more chinoiserie items to complete all of your spaces, check out Jennifer's other online shop. You will NOT be sorry.  Getcha some blue and white. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings: Affordable Home Decor

OMG. Who else is depressed that it is Monday? Show of hands. We will get through this together. Promise. People constantly ask me for the sources that I use when styling my own space and my client's spaces. Obviously, everything depends on budget. But no matter what budget I am working with, I always try to instill a high/low approach. I think it gives you a much more collected and eclectic feel. You know this girl doesn't do builder's show house matchy matchy aesthetics. 

Today I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorite and most affordable decorating resources. Not only am I sharing the goods, I am sharing my favorite goods from the goods. Of course I have more resources than the ones listed below, but this is a good start for us and your spaces. Just remember. Keep it fun and keep it funky. Let's shop. 

JC Penney: Couch/Gourd Lamp/Pom-Pom Pillow/Basket/Greek Key Pillow/Rug/Frame
I know. JCP. I almost had trouble writing that. Can you believe it? They are making a real comeback in my opinion. Truly you can find amazing and unique pieces any old where. Do not be concerned with name or the brand. Do you. Loves! XOXO

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Weekend Update and an ABD Winner

Just checking in from my igloo on this snowy Sunday. Don't mind me, just buried in a foot of snow. While I am in hibernation, I have to take this opportunity to brag about Mel and my antiquing finds yesterday. So maybe we didn't pick up anything for our house, but we did happen to pick up an estate sale of Vintage Gucci bags. We both ran off with 8 pieces. We had to rescue these beauties from their strange setting. Let me just say, they were among mannequins clothed in silk shorts and loose wife beaters. Need I say more? 
Don't believe me about the snow storm? See below. To get up to the minute updates on my life, follow me on Instagram. I finally caved into the peer pressure on this one. I will be sure to not disappoint you with copious amounts of spreadsheets. 
And now on to the big news. A winner for the Ashley Brooke Designs giveaway. Hannah from A Big Little Life! I am so peanut butter and jelly of your winnings. Do me proud and drink some wine out of the Everyday I'm Hustlin' Mug.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies. I shall see you tomorrow. XOXO

Friday, March 22, 2013

This week's best

Hallelujah. Rejoice and be glad. It is Friday, my loves. This is me celebrating in star confetti. Things get pretty vindictive and cruel around here this time of year as pertains to weather. I mean last Friday we had 80 degree temperatures and everyone had this false sense of security that winter was out the door and spring had sprung. I am talking flip flops and tank tops, people. Then bam. We are getting buried in snow again this weekend. What gives Mother Nature? Someone is quite cantankerous.
I am going to keep it semi short and sweet this morning and just share some of the highlights in blogland this week. Things I just HAD to share. One being this amazing DIY painted mirror by Mimosa Lane. Like first of all, how was she creative enough to think to do this? Secondly, the girl had the balls to execute. More than love it. 
Not sure if you all followed the progress of the One Room Challenge, but I was actually supposed to be participating this year but had to dip out due to me buying a new house and having to move within the same week of the start. Generally I make it a point to put unneeded stress on myself, but I decided to decline this go around. I have to say I am bummed because I think it was the best ORC to date. Here are some of my favorite afters. 
Ok enough about those talented ladies. Let's talk about another talented lady that wins "my favorite space of the week." None other than the beautiful and talented Jamie Meares. I will let the styling speak for itself.
So I plan on having an incredibly productive weekend due to Mother Nature being a bitch. But that means progress shots for you all! We know you love that. I also have a date with my girl Melanie Knopke for some serious antiquing. I will report back if we find hidden treasures or pieces that belonged to your aunt Mildred. Have a fabulous weekend darlings!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to style a table

The number one question I get from my client's is, "how in the hell do I style a table?" And yes, they say it just like that. I have rules and formulas if you will, when I style any sort of table. Number 1: The table must have levels. Some objects down low, a tall lamp up high, various sizes of like items. Make it choppy people. Make it dimensional. Number 2: Add a slew of color. Choose a focal point multicolored piece, such as art, and tie the rest of your accessories in with that item. Number 3: Always add some greenery. If you are like me and have a black thumb, stick with succulents. You will have a slightly harder time killing it. Don't kid yourself though. It can be done. Yes. I have killed a succulent. Number 4: Include books. Lots and lots of books. Number 5: Throw in one novelty item. What do I mean by novelty item? So glad you asked. Like a funky statue, an interesting trinket...something that draws the eye and interest there. Number 6: When in doubt, add a tray. It also goes along with my tip in adding levels, but I find it perfect for organizing the order of certain items. It looks clean and chic. 

Get the Look: Console Table/Lamp/Bowl/Succulent/Ginger Jar/Ginger jar/Tray/Foo Dog/Art

So what do we think? Do y'all have any special methods to your madness when you set out to get a table styled just right? Dish. Love you. Mean it. XOXO

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Favorite Room Feature: AM Dolce Vita

So I happened upon today's guest by pure chance. Thank you Pinterest. I was looking for none other than sophisticated black squiggle art and Michelle happened to have a DIY for just that. Michelle from AM Dolce Vita has an incredible aesthetic that makes me want to just snuggle up in each and every cozy room of hers. Girl is from Canada. Shocker. Ok someone tell me. What is with all of these amazing Canadian interior designers? Canada. Are you listening? Are you spiking the water with some creative influences? You can tell me. You will know what I am talking about once you see her space. 

Hello Sadie + Stella readers! I am so thrilled to be part of the Sadie + Stella's Favorite Room Feature series. My name is Michelle Shen, and I am the blogger/designer behind AM Dolce Vita. My design blog started out as a chronicle to document our house renovation projects. It has since evolved to an idea repository where I share and help friends and family as well as online reader community with their design questions and plans.
It's so hard for me to pick a favorite room in my house as I love most of them, but I should say my living room is probably my first most successful transformation project. Four years ago when we moved into our custom-built house, our living room was in serious need for character and life. The walls were white, the floor was laminate, and it also warehoused some old furniture we brought with us from our last house. I will spare you some eye sore from the "Before" pictures, but in case you are interested, you can check them out here. After a few iterations involving getting rid of pretty much everything from the room for a clean slate, I came up with this design board.

I had a vision what I wanted our living room to look like, and a design board like this helped me visualize it.

First of all, I wanted white walls. There is no other better way to add character and impact to a room than moulding, which creates an always-there type of appeal. I went with full-wall wainscoting throughout the room then painted them in antique white.

I also wanted the room to be fresh and airy, classy and elegant, classic but also timeless. An Edwardian lantern I scored from HomeSense (HomeGoods in the US) not only set the tone in the room, but also complemented the framed antique architectural prints. The wood top from Urban Barn's Lumex coffee table introduced warmth to the overall white space, and the clean-lined box legs didn't compromise the airy feel that I was trying to accomplish. 

Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I wouldn't pass on using it in a room I decorated. These blue silk drapes not only added luxe factor to the room but also a touch of fresh color. The Martha Stewart trellis wool rug added that understated and muted elegance I was so after. 

The classic tone was carried out to the other side of the room with the antique artworks on the wall. A more contemporary curved-arm couch then gave the room a more intimate and relaxing ambiance. 

Adding some pretty coffee table books is always an easy way to add colors and sophistication to your living space.

My rock collection not only added some color pops but also served as a great conversation piece.

It was a painstaking (and costly) process to take our living room to a state which I am completely happy with. I am a true believer of "cost over convenience" when it comes to designing your own house. You should take your time learning what you want from a room and envision what you want it to look like. Don't be afraid to rip out a page from a magazine and start to design a lookalike; leverage design boards like what I did or Pinterest to help you visualize what a room would end up like with all the elements you pick out. That way you are very likely going to enjoy your design longer and more.
You can read more about my living room project here.