Thursday, March 14, 2013


The winners have been selected and shall be named. I told you it was about to get generous up in here. I am talking about three winners walking away with a pair of shoes. No lie. And a drumroll is so necessary. The winners are...
I am crazy about the audrey flats in blue!! le sigh....

I love love love the candy boot! I would wear it with everything!

Thank You for the shoe give away 
Thank you to all who entered and jealousy goes out to all who won. Our feet are envious. Loves! XOXO


  1. WHAT? Ok, congratulations to those ladies.

  2. Wow, thanks! I'm super pumped!

  3. Ladies! I am going to need everyone's email address so I can contact them about their shoe preference!! Please supply! Can't find any of your emails!!


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