Friday, March 22, 2013

This week's best

Hallelujah. Rejoice and be glad. It is Friday, my loves. This is me celebrating in star confetti. Things get pretty vindictive and cruel around here this time of year as pertains to weather. I mean last Friday we had 80 degree temperatures and everyone had this false sense of security that winter was out the door and spring had sprung. I am talking flip flops and tank tops, people. Then bam. We are getting buried in snow again this weekend. What gives Mother Nature? Someone is quite cantankerous.
I am going to keep it semi short and sweet this morning and just share some of the highlights in blogland this week. Things I just HAD to share. One being this amazing DIY painted mirror by Mimosa Lane. Like first of all, how was she creative enough to think to do this? Secondly, the girl had the balls to execute. More than love it. 
Not sure if you all followed the progress of the One Room Challenge, but I was actually supposed to be participating this year but had to dip out due to me buying a new house and having to move within the same week of the start. Generally I make it a point to put unneeded stress on myself, but I decided to decline this go around. I have to say I am bummed because I think it was the best ORC to date. Here are some of my favorite afters. 
Ok enough about those talented ladies. Let's talk about another talented lady that wins "my favorite space of the week." None other than the beautiful and talented Jamie Meares. I will let the styling speak for itself.
So I plan on having an incredibly productive weekend due to Mother Nature being a bitch. But that means progress shots for you all! We know you love that. I also have a date with my girl Melanie Knopke for some serious antiquing. I will report back if we find hidden treasures or pieces that belonged to your aunt Mildred. Have a fabulous weekend darlings!


  1. Great favs, Lindsay. There were so many! I was so honored to be apart of such a great cast. Love Jamie's work..Have a great weekend!
    xo Nancy

  2. Lindsay ... Thank you so much for including me ... we had such fun and missed you! You had your own large challenge going on!! That Jamie Meares, she's my idol!! xo

  3. Ohhh I love what calling it home did, I need to know where the fabric of those stools is from!!!

    1. I think pink pagoda made it!!! I emailed her because I need the scoop and by that I mean I need a bolt of fabric!

  4. i thoroughly enjoyed every single room of the ORC. Little Black Door may be my favorite if i had to choose. is it bad the only time i get the urge to reproduce is when i think of decorating kids' rooms? yeah, don't tell anyone. that rug in Jamie's dining is ridic. period.
    paint a mirror?!? WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT. great round-up of some great inspiration around blogland this week.
    it snowed here yesterday in eastern NC, however brief, it was still snow. and i was wearing a tank top on the boat last weekend. wtf.

  5. Thanks for posting my mirror sweetness!! I'm so thrilled you liked it :) Yes, that pagoda fabric was done by the Pink pagoda. Loving all the ORC reveals as well! Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get to rest a bit! So well-deserved after how hard you work!

  6. Thank you for this, Lindsay. Sorry to hear that Mother Nature is not nice to you, but she is not my friend, either. Let's trash talk her, shall we? I seriously am in love with all of your picks.

  7. Ok, I must be dense...are you in KC?? I am too, I'm not sure how I never put that together...I'd love to hear about your antiquing places, other that First Fridays...Like you, I am ready to bitch slap Mother Nature!!

  8. It was sad you couldn't be part of the ORC this time, missed your witty and creative posts! But since you have bought a new place, we should expect to see you next time? I love that dining room - fabulous!

  9. Love that last room you have on here! Amazing. And the office!
    Have fun antiquing... That sounds like fun!

    House Envy

  10. So sad you didnt do the ORC this time around- but I cant wait to see what you do with a space next time!!

  11. I loved that DIY from Mimosa Lane! How cool did that turn out!?
    Have a great weekend, dear!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  12. Umm Albertina is a talent beyond words! Love her and love that you featured her work!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  13. All my favorites as well! Great round up chicka!

  14. Love all those ladies' room makeovers! That is one talented bunch!

  15. Everything looks fabulous..truly so much talent. Love the twin beds in Little black door, hadn't seen that one...very sweet!

  16. Thanks for the shout out. :) We are getting ready for 3-7 inches of snow tonight. Not cool.

  17. That painted mirror that Albertina did is amazing - I was crushing on it immediately!!

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