Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sponsor on Spotlight: Pink Pagoda

I would venture to say that a fair amount of you know The Pink Pagoda. You might know the previous Pink Pagoda who strictly sold marvelous chinoiserie prints and pillows, but now she has moved on to something very near and dear to my heart. Something I feel should be added into almost any space. Blue and white gingers. I am not talking about your soulless redheaded gingers (yes I can say that as I am a natural ginger, gasp!). I am talking the chinoiserie blue and white ginger jars and vases. I constantly find myself searching high and low for these babies. Ones that don't match, or semi match. Ones that are tall and shapely and ones that are fat and short.  Well ladies, now they are all in one place. One wondrous Pink Pagoda place. 
Get the Look: Console
Blue and white, from left to right:
You all will thank me once some of these blue and white lovelies make it into your home. They add the perfect old world charm that you have always been searching for. If you are looking for even more chinoiserie items to complete all of your spaces, check out Jennifer's other online shop. You will NOT be sorry.  Getcha some blue and white. 


  1. Lurve. Its sad I don't have a ginger jar in my house!

  2. LOVE TPP and her shop and her blue and white! A great compilation for sure. Congrats on your new sponsor!
    xo Nancy

  3. One can never have too many ginger jars. Thank god for Jennifer!!

  4. I do have two of her trumpet vases and they are just lovely. I have a few others on my wishlist too.

  5. I have two and love them! A good local source is Nell Hills - I think they have a cute selection and the price is usually good.

    1. God do I love nell hills. Field trip someday???

  6. I love the Pink Pagoda. She has the best selection of blue and white ginger jars.

  7. I love Jennifer and her shop. She always has the best selection. Her taste is flawless.

  8. I SO need to start my ginger jar collection.... Thanks for the reminder!! Pink Pagoda has some great picks!

  9. Absolutely love their looks. So classic.

  10. You always introduce me to the best new connections! Thanks!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  11. Love the big jars under the table - so beautiful!

  12. great post, I am interesting in it!


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