Friday, March 2, 2012

S+S chow: what's for lunch?

Happy Friday sweet things! I often grow tired of the same ol' lunches day in and day out. Do you have the same problem? How about spicing it up with one of these creations?!

This "sort of a hero sandwich" looks amazing. Filled with with portobellos, tomatoes, onions and peppers, how could you go wrong? It looks to me like the perfect sandwich for a spring picnic!

Mr. Reuben. You are calling my name with all of your deliciousness. Why do I all of a sudden feel the need for a reuben, because it is now March?

The Pioneer Woman NEVER disappoints. I mean never ever. This steak sandwich is no exception. I think this might need to happen on my lunch break today. Yes, yes it does. 
We hope you have a weekend filled with fabulous spring fun, and tasty lunches too! Love, L+L


  1. Just ate breakfast but now I am starving again. I seriously love a Reuben, so good!

  2. That first sandwich looks amazing, its not even an hour past my breakfast and I could eat that whole thing right now!

    PS- I tagged the two of you in my post today, dont feel like you have to play but I tagged 11 of my favs :)

  3. Oh my. My mouth is watering. Is it lunch time yet?! :) Happy Weekend girls!

  4. Ooh...yes please, I'll take any of those :)

  5. Probably not great that I am famished and reading this...OMG looks sooooooooo good!

  6. Holy crap. It's 3am and I'm online because I have insomnia (read: my husband woke me up with his sleeping grumblings and I can't go back to sleep) and now I'm craving a rueben! Thanks a lot! ;)

    I just started my own blog a couple of weeks ago. If you have time to take a peek I would love that!


    ps...I had asked you earlier in the week where you got your dog bowls. Ordered them and they're on the way! So excited! Thanks so much for the link!

  7. You'd be a hero, if you delivered that first man-which to my door! De-lish!


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