Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random happenings. That's what's up.

Lovelies! How art thou? Isn't it cruel that today is Thursday? Agreed. I am still recovering from the awesome room that Danika featured yesterday. Lawwwwddd. Lately I can hardly organize a thought. Let alone a sentence. Soooo today I am going to do another neurological dump. These things are happening on the regular. You know how we do. Due to life being super chaotic and extremely unglamorous lately, hopefully you will bear with me. This is me keeping it real. 

The latest e-design project. This one for a couple that lives in this awesome Craftsman style home. This particular design is for their living room. We were going for basic staples but adding in fun color and pattern. Loving the finished product.

Needing this. In a desperate way. I am thinking this will be fabulous with the new recovered chair that I am so anxiously awaiting. Using the fabric combination seen here
Also desperately needing a statement piece with painted rhinestones. Why does this have to be 500 bones? No Stella. Not your kind of bones. It is ALWAYS all about her. 
Not sure what I would do with these outdoor pillows, but I am pretty sure I need them. I am in need mode lately. How cute are they though? Honestly?! 
New favorite healthy snack are these Sunrise Whole Grain Energy Bars. They are seriously amazeballs. You can only get them at Costco. Trust me though, they are worth buying an annual membership. Swear.

I am all this lately...
And Stella is all...
I told you she keeps it in check. For reals. 

The end. Randomocity. Yes. New word. Well it couldn't have gotten less organized or less thought out than that. Don't get frazzled like me and let it lapse your mind that you need to enter the Spark Modern Giveaway. You will get to pick out the prettiest pillow in the universe to compliment your very own space. Do it! Loves!


  1. love it all. finally posted my links! ha!

  2. Love everything here especially those rugs. Yes those energy bars are amazing. It's sad but I love a shopping trip to Costco!

    1. You and me both sister. I then scour the aisles and peer in other's carts to see what things they have picked up that I potentially need along the way. That is called sickness.

  3. Love the rug! You can totally find a place for the outdoor pillows- they look comfy! Don't worry I have the same problem, I always like the most expensive thing anywhere I go, I don't know what's wrong with me! I can also relate to the hair pulling and screaming I've been feeling a lot of that these days!

  4. When I saw that statement necklace on pinterest the other day I almost keeled over and fainted -- it's SO amazebuckets.

    And i adore the dialogue between you and stella...


  5. I LOVE that rug! Can you share the source?! We need rugs in our house BADLY! All wood floors, 1 big dog and 3 children=LOUD!! Thanks!

    1. Sure! The source is actually under the rug image. But here it is again!

  6. I saw a similar rug in lots of colors on Rugs USA...they are gorg!! And those outdoor pillows are motto is that you should ALWAYS buy the things you love and find a place later haha My bank account isn't so fond of this motto though!

    Dominique @

    1. Yep! This is a Rugs USA rug. I am desperately needing it. I completely agree with your motto and cannot seem to shake it!

  7. Thanks! I actually like the board one better than the overdyed. Ill check out the same source! They have so many, I usually get overwhelmed, so it's nice when someone uses one, I can grab it from there! Happy Friday!

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