Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Musings: I Heart Geometry

There is a phrase I would never dream of saying. Let's be honest, Geometry sucks. The subject that is. Luckily I am not here to talk about perpendicular bisectors. I am here to discuss geometric patterns on places, spaces and faces. Whether it be floors, walls, accessories or fashion...I am all over it. I am talking David Hick's, Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler geometric graphics. The Kings and Queen of geometric prints.  Before we get to all of these fabulously shaped accouterments, how was your weekend? Was it delightful? Mine made me come to realize a few things. 1. I have so much ____ to do before the move. OMG. As we all know, I will wait until 24 hours before the movers come to really hit it hard. I am a procrastinator. 2. I am the worst housekeeper in the world. I would give myself a solid 2 out of a 10 scale. Let's put it this way. The vacuum is so foreign and infrequently used in this house, that when it is utilized, the dogs run for cover. I need the maid Rosie, from the Jetson's. Please Rosie. Enough of the babble, let's do some math.

Black and white hexagon stair runner. For real? For real. Obviously this is the focal point of this entryway. There are so many other fabulous elements to this space, but the eye is immediately drawn to the shapes. 
And a close up.
{Alessandra Branca}
Holy statement. I cannot deny my love for a dark space. Some might find it dreary, I find it cozy and full of character. This geometric floor brings so much pattern and design to the room. The designer stuck with solids throughout and went with a funky, mathematical rug. Win. 
{elements of style}
Another fabulous geometric floor at play here. Such a classically designed space that was begging for some modernity. Here it is. A bunch of plus signs on the floor. The black and white geometric piece was just what the doctor ordered to ground the space. 
Who has not seen this image? And who does not love it?! Oh my. That ongoing gallery wall looks like a very time consuming and laborious project. Some serious math went into play there with the hanging and adjustments. But lordy, lordy look at that hexagon runner. The neutral colors are the perfect hues to calm the piece down. If that is at all possible. Obsession. 
{eric cohler}
To the David Hicks La Fiorentina patterned fabric. I die. In an entire couch?!?! And don't forget, a lampshade. That, mixed with the striped floor is a total style slam dunk. I just want to sit on that couch and talk about how many planes are in a shape. Lies. 
Another David Hicks win and on a bar table! Cha-ching. Who doesn't love a little David Hicks mixed with your favorite cocktail? I thought so. Fabulous neutral grey that will never, ever get tired. The pattern has so much impact that the color is honestly second thought. 
{high gloss}
Fabulously neutral and classically designed bathroom and then BAM. Bam with the David Hicks Roman Shade. He is just fabulous. 
{turquoise tulips and bliss}
On to another favorite pattern of mine, the Betwixt. Ahhh the Betwixt. Those walls are all upholstered in Betwixt fabric. No lie. Hello mathematics. God. If my Geometry teacher was throwing problems like this at me, I would be all about it. How fabulous? Those red cabinets aren't so bad either. 
{celery kemble}
Hello David, so we meet again. The David Hicks hexagon pattern, on the walls. Yes. On the walls. Cray, cray. This office is seriously major. Anyone spot a Hollywood Regency Brass Dome Lamp residing on the desk? It is fabulous I tell you. And a basket on the ceiling?!?! This room is not comprehendible. I need it. 
{atlanta homes magazine}
And to the geometric patterns of fashion. Is this skirt not to die? Love the geometric star pattern with the pops of neon threading. Dear Neon, I love you. Love, Lindsay. 
{feeling a bit artsy}
Funky, futuristic, geometric fashion. Say that 5 times fast. Can't you just see Nicki Minaj sporting this baby on a Sunday drive? She is just ballsy enough to pull this off on the regular. 
And a geometric stylized  display. I cannot get enough of the countless octagons being put on blast here. And in gold?!?! My heart is skipping beats. 
{the coveteur}
I know you all are now jonesing for some major geometric prints. I am here for you. Have no fear. Let's get our Geometry on. 

1.Pillow/2.Necklace/3.Fabric/4.Door Mat/5.Gem Lamp/6.Jacket/7.Art/8.Hexagon Rug/9.Phone Cover/10.Napkins/11.Tibi Dress

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday. For reals. To make it even more fabulous, I have a major treat in store for you later on this morning. Let's just say, it's been awhile. You all deserve it. Check back!


  1. I want a black and white stair runner so freaking bad. And that David Hicks fabric. Let's just say we're having a little lovefest

    1. Don't worry, I won't tell. Secret is safe with me.

  2. Fabulous way to start my Monday off. I wish I had stairs just so I could hexagon them up. And David Hicks is my hero. For reals love this post.

  3. I am loving everything! Stairs are going to be a major priority in the next house we buy. I am dying for a runner!

  4. holy heartbeat. those first two pictures and celerie kemble make me wanna squeal!

  5. Hexagon stair runner...hello! Oh and wouldn't Rosie be grand, who didn't love the Jeston's!?!

    1. I especially like her because I am expecting her to not give me any lip like Stella does. She is SO unhelpful!

  6. omg the stair runner is insanely lovely.



  7. Love that couch covered in Hicks! Reminds me of the one that adorned the cover of Domino years ago.


  8. Love this post and the Hicks print! #obsessed
    xo Stasia

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