Friday, May 6, 2011

S+S travel: Savannah

Happy Friday!!! We could not be more relieved that it is finally Friday. The thought of sleeping in, is almost too much to handle. 

We wanted to share our adventures from Savannah with full detail. As we said before, we had never been to Savannah, and it did not disappoint. If any of you have the opportunity to go, we strongly recommend it. Lovely city. Lovely people. Lovely eating. Lovely drinking. All around merriment. 

Here is a picture of the cast of characters that attended this girls weekend. We were dining at Vic's on the River. Amazing restaurant. You would never have guessed it...its on the river. Crazy. I know. 

This is the outside of the condo we stayed in. Honestly. I cannot even tell you how amazing this place was. Right in the middle of everything going on in Savannah. Thanks to Lindsay (Sadie's mom), for arranging almost everything about our trip. She did not disappoint when it came to lodging. The decor in this condo was beyond phenomenal. You will see. 
We were all lusting after this piece. OMG. The color. The shape. The texture. It was definitely a focal point of the room. 
Awesome branding iron repurposed as a candlestick. So unique. Especially traveling with two Texas girls...they loved!
Ok. On to our absolute favorite piece in this entire condo. This chandelier. Are. You. Kidding. Me. This chandelier doesn't just make a makes a house. Something about its modern flare coupled with the regal mirror that is hung and the creamy, warm chocolate brown walls. We couldn't get enough. Although you cannot see the intricate detail on the chairs, you will have to trust. The wood detail was different on each chair. However, they were all finished off with a brass nailhead. Cannot go wrong. Cannot. While we were shopping in Savannah, we came across the store that this was purchased from. If anyone is interested, let us know. We will put you in contact. 
Gorgeous rustic ceramic bowl. In one of our fave colors, turquoise. 
Bedroom Numero Uno. How gorgeous is this room? Seriously. Lovely white linens (which are our personal fave) and the adorable mint green nightstands. The owner of this condo is an artist, which is of no surprise.
Bedroom Number 2. Again, gorgeous white linens with an amazing iron bed. I am not sure if this bed was an antique but it definitely seemed from a different time. 
On to the shopping. Here is Paris Market. Where to even start. The reclaimed table. Oh my. I have to have a reclaimed wood table at some point in my life. It is a must. And it must look just like this one. The table settings shown here were also unbelievable. China with a turquoise rim. So gorgeous. 
Close up. Yes. We will take two of everything. Please and Thank You.
The famous Lady & Sons (Paula Deen's Restaurant). This is obviously a very tourist like stop. We just wanted to walk by it. When we did, there was a line of about 16,000 people outside waiting to get a table for dinner. Ok, maybe not 16,000, but it was close enough. I am sure the food is great, but we are too lazy to wait in a line like that for anything. Oh, well maybe that chandelier shown above, but thats it.
Lovely home on the walk back to our condo. Every house has so much charm in Savannah. At some points, we didn't even feel like we were in the US. It had a bit of a South American flare to some of the architecture. Absolutely gorgeous. 
Another gorgeous home. 
Unbelievable gated garden. This place looked enchanting. I shall call it "Enchanted Gardens." Oh so original.
Amazing architecture and detail, again.
Beautiful church.
The amazing Spanish Moss dripping from all of the trees. We could not get enough of it.
 Us girls again. Walking in the park during some sort of dog festival. We were so sad we didn't have the girls with us to partake in the dog fun. There were literally 16,000 dogs at this event. That my friends, is no exaggeration. 
Drinks at the fabulous Bohemian, which we spoke about a few days ago (you know, the one with the Chicken and Waffles). Which by the way a certain recipe involving those two elements may or may not be popping up around this Summer. Also, while in Savannah, a drink concoction was born to the four of us. It has been called, the Savannah Fizz. Keep your eyes peeled for this refreshing libation.
We hope you all enjoyed our recap of Savannah. If any of you ever go and need suggestions on places to stay, go, eat, drink...just ask. Have a wonderful weekend readers!


  1. I love that chandelier! Looks like it was fun! Have a great weekend.

  2. Gorgeous! Loved the photos. Sounds like an awesome trip! Great architecture. The condo reminds me of buildings in Salt Lake City.

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