Saturday, May 14, 2011

S+S at home

If you checked out our post on Kristy's blog you might have seen some new pictures of our homes! We haven't posted too many pictures of our personal spaces but decided it's about time! Today we want to share two spaces we've been working on.
This is Stella's entryway. It is adorned with many different knick knacks that were purchased from our go to's (Home Goods, Stein Mart, local thrift stores). For such a small place, this area took some time to complete. Things would be purchased and arranged, and just wasn't cutting it. We finally are happy with the end result! 
To start, the table was purchased at a Home Goods here in Winston. I had my eye on this table for some time, and finally bit the bullet and bought it. It has the perfect shape and size for this awkward space. The yellow quatrefoil urn was a recent purchase from Nell Hills. This was somewhat the focal point for the design. If something was placed and didn't look quite right with the urn, it got the boot. Next, the deer head tray, was a purchase from Stein Mart. When we originally bought it, it was in a rust color. It was quite blah. We decided to spray paint it with some chrome paint to add some punch. The lampshade, as featured here on blah to aha, was obviously recovered with some fab fabric.
The garden stool was a purchase last year from Big Lots for $20. Unreal. It really pains us that we cant get our hands on more of these. What a steal. The yellow umbrella holder was a find at Marshalls. I had been looking for an umbrella holder for some time, and Lindsay (Sadie's Mom) scouted this adorable one for me.
On to Sadie's living room. This is one of my favorite spaces. It is so warm and inviting and has so many thoughtful elements. Many of the pieces found in this room, much like the entryway, were great finds at our favorite spots: Home Goods and local antique stores. The industrial chic tables were found at a local antique store, as well as, the gorgeous lamp placed on top of it.
This room has lots of projects on the horizon. The upholstered chair that you see is almost to completion. We cannot wait to show you the big reveal! Also, the console table is being prepped to paint. We haven't decided on an exact color but we are thinking a shade of green, distressed, OF COURSE! The gallery wall, also seen here, includes items from many different shopping excursions.
We cannot get enough of moss balls. We thing they have such a quirky, colorful way about them. We both have them in our homes. Also, a picture of Lindsay (Sadie's mom and her beautiful Grandma).
We think this is so creative. Love the addition of the frame on top of the polyresin initials. It gives the illusion of a shadowbox.
A close up picture of the upholstered chair that we have almost completed. Get ready for the reveal. You will be amazed. It has been a lot of hard work, but is so worth the pay off.

We hope you enjoyed our homes! More to come soon!


  1. adorable! Love the entry way table and styling.

  2. So pretty, you did a great job styling the entry

  3. Love it, Lindsay! Miss you :)

  4. Oh wow what a beautiful entry way! You decorated it beautifully.

  5. Found you from the Roomspiration party today! Gorgeous spaces! I can't believe the garden stools were only $20! I have to find a way to check my local big lots now -- maybe I'll get lucky? :)

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  6. Thank you so much for joining Roomspiration and linking up this beautiful Entryway. Happy to meet you! :)

  7. Love the entryway, the butterfly pics are my favorite! I was at Hobby Lobby this morning doing the what will go with what I have already thing too. Great spaces!

  8. I see where I've already told you how beautiful your entry is above, but I'll say it again, I love it!

  9. You really got a very beautiful and organized place. This entry way is amazing and your living room is so homey. I also like the lights you use because these give a very warm atmosphere to the home. Thank you for sharing this post. This really inspires me to do some home improvements of our own.


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