Tuesday, May 10, 2011

S+S E-Design: Coral + Navy

So last week we posted lots of inspiration regarding the color scheme: coral and navy. Today we are posting the actual inspiration board for this ah-mazing e-design that we are currently working on. Our thought regarding this design scheme was to give it a beachy yet glam feel. Equipped with mercury glass, gold accents and of course coral and navy accessories!
We decided to incorporate the greyish antiqued wood and neutral trimmings into the tufted ottoman. This shade of wood has been very popular as of late, and we see why. This will give the room the ultimate beachy feel but still brings glammy elements with the shape of the legs, the intricacy of the design and the sophisticated tufting. Also, to carry the neutrals in the room we are bringing a stark white settee into the mix. You cannot go wrong with a white couch, AS LONG AS you Scotchguard the heck out of it. Massively. We just love the blank canvas it brings and any navy or coral throw would be perfect the perfect addition to the settee.

An amazing navy and white tribal print rug adds just the right amount of other world charm to the room. We chose a geo-print navy and white lamp base to add a fun print to the space. Also, on the list for navy, a navy garden stool. What room is complete without a garden stool, I ask you? There is not a room. That is the answer. Whoever said navy is a masculine color, is dead wrong. Dead.

On to the coral accessories. Coral, coral? Oh yes. Definitely. I also purchased this for my Mom for Mother's Day. It is what she asked for! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As they say. Anyway, Coral, Coral pillows and coral chevron pillows will be the perfect accent to our settee. We also thought these adorable coral varied size jars would be the perfect knick knack added to a table. Love! So feminine and fab.

On to the wall art. We love the mirrored/mercury glass bird prints. They have such a luxurious touch with the trim and also a natural touch with the actual art. Beachy/glam all in one. To top it all off we finished the room off with a unique detailed framed mirror. The gold touch brings it all together!

We hope you all enjoyed! If any of you are interested in S+S E-Design, email us for details and prices.


  1. Love the color scheme! If would love to know where the wall art is from?! It is beautiful:)

  2. These colors are stunning together! Sadie & Stella have very good taste!

  3. Love the combination of coral and navy! Looks great!

  4. I've always loved this nursery! Can't wait to see what she does with her son's room in the new house!

  5. Great board! Love the colors. Great work!


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