Friday, April 12, 2013

Sponsor Love: Cutting Edge Stencils

Today I am sharing my latest and greatest sponsor with you all, Cutting Edge Stencils. How many times have you all come across a pricey pattern that you would love to adorn your floor, walls or even furniture with? I feel ya on that. Enter Cutting Edge Stencils. I used to think stencils were a thing of the past until I came across this company that allows you to transfer mundane walls, fabrics, floors and furniture into works of art on a budget. Just sayin'. Gone are the days we drop $400 a roll on wallpaper, $1500 on a bone inlaid piece (I am serious, just you wait) or an intricate floor pattern for that neutral space. Check it. 

Is this kitchen floor the jam or what? I have some clients that are looking at a painted floor option and I am thinking this is the solution to all of our worries. At first glance, this looks like straight up Moroccan tile and I cannot get enough.
Here is the real kicker, folks. This may appear to be a bone inlaid table at first glance. It may seem that over a thousand dollars was dropped to bring this home. Think again. This is a stencil. I am so serious. 
This gorgeous KW trellis lookalike right here. Obsession would be an understatement here. Wowza. So in love. 
Kelle Dame
Trellis Allover
And last but certainly not least, the shipbo pattern is at it again. In a pantry. Most stylish pantry you ever did see. 
Design Build Love
Shipbo Stencil
I don't have to do much convincing. Pretty sure I am going to have to get the bone inlaid table pattern for a piece in my home. Today Cutting Edge Stencils is offering a discount to S+S readers. Use code SSB10 for 10% off from now until May 12 (special day people, my birthday). Go get you some!


  1. Love the trellis -- sign me up! Am looking for a DIY project that will leave me happy!!

  2. Can't get OVER that bone-inlay look alike. I tried making a stencil for a DIY version, um, yeah, THAT didn't quite pan out. (Think sad, folksy wanna-be)
    I just might have to make this little investment...

  3. The inlaid table!! Love it!! What a great Sponsor L!! Congrats!

  4. This is crazy. Looks so good. I'd been thinking of painting my concrete patio because it is badly stained and this just might be a great option. BTW we are birthday twins :)

  5. Omg cant believe that bone inlaid looking table is a stencil...totally fooled me! Love it.

    XO Lily
    gold & gray

  6. so cool!! those kitchen floors are gorgeous!

    Yayy May babies!

  7. Obsessed! That bone inlay table looks like the real deal! How cool is this?!

  8. I have wanted to stencil a floor for forever, but can't take the plunge. My lover would absolutely murder me if he came home and our hardwood was painted.

  9. I so want to stencil something in my mind....but then I can't talk myself into it.....maybe I should get one and then when my mind is weak.....I can jump on it!

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