Friday, June 14, 2013

Some DIY's for your weekend

While I used to be into the DIY's, I have been slacking majorly. Like essentially asleep at the wheel here, folks. I guess I can blame it on the lack of time that I have to spend on such projects but honestly, I really miss seeing the fruits of my labor. I have vowed to make a little more effort to fit these projects in to save money, create a unique product and most of all, show off to you all how crafty I really think I am. Try one of these amazing DIY's this weekend and report back. 

So the last one is not actually a byproduct of a DIY, but it certainly can be done and easily. How cool is that? It will definitely be occurring in my home. What are all of you fine ladies up to this weekend? Do share. XOXO


  1. Omg over that DIY acrylic curtain rod!!! I might have to try my hand at that one ASAP! Have a great weekend darling!! Xoxo

  2. these are such fun DIYs. would love to try the table cloth one. xo

  3. I know what you mean about the DIYs....I have a million I want to do and no time!! And I love a good DIY. How interesting that you mentioned this last photograph....I'm not sure if this photo is by him or not...but John Baldessari. does photos in this style. I love his work and want to eventually own one of his prints....and the first time I saw some of his dot prints first thing I thought of...DIY!! nd have attempted it on a small scale....looks fab!!

  4. such good pics, that curtain rod, oh my! i wish i had more time to do DIYs - i love them so. but alas, sleep is required for this kid. and lots of it

  5. Slacking here, too. Father's day all around the house this weekend. I need to get ready for the King & Queen (in-laws). Rain again on Monday, WTF?

  6. I've been a DIY slacker lately too, there are so many that I want to tackle but I have no time!!! My weekend will consist of removing all of our 1st floor furniture so we can have our floors sanded/stained. Sounds like fun, huh?!

  7. Sooo diggin' that pom pom pillow. I just want to buy it though. Not up for any sort of sewing. That's my downfall. Sewing!!! Ugh!

  8. I heading over to check out the Lucite rod DIY. A certain little girl needs curtains and she would definitely be the most chic 4 year-old in Fred with those.

  9. I saw the link of the acrylic rod on pinterest you posted and I'm all over that DIY too... curious to see what you will do with finials and the other accessories.

  10. that tablecloth has made my DIY list...I have the perfect plan for it :) have a fantastic weekend!

  11. pom pom pillow here i come! And that pink tablecloth is rad!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  12. All of these are pretty perfect! I'm thinking of diying some folding chairs soon, but I just may have to do that curtain rod as well!

  13. I a, slack in the DIY department seems like a good idea but then I get lazy. That acrylic curtain rod needs to happen in our nursery stat. Have a great weekend sweets!

  14. I love your style. I just made a blog about redoing furniture and decorating an apartment on a budget! You guys should check it out!

  15. I am such a horrible DIY-er. It stresses me out because I always mess them up. Just like my cake baking skills. But you are free to make any of these and gift to me!!! :)

  16. oh oh. Does it count if I already made a pom pom pillow?! I made it while pregs with P and it is still in the closet 5 yrs later b/c I can't bear the thought of her tearing apart the poms. Such a PAIN to make them without one of those thingamabobs. That acrylic rod just jumped to the top of my DIY list.

  17. Hi Lindsay, you actually posted my acrylic rod tutorial. Via the comments, I think some people think it is Kristen's. :)

    You can see the original post here:

    And an update (and how I used them outside!) here:

    Let me know if one of your readers does it! I love seeing the photos!

    xoxo, Grace

  18. Oh I just love the Pom Pom pillows and acrylic curtain rod. I have been trying to do one DIY post each week but it is not always easy and attainable! Thanks for these great ideas!!

    K.R. Dixon Designs

  19. Such an amazing round-up, love all these projects!

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