Friday, June 7, 2013

Favorite Spot: Hattan Home

Are we all acquainted with Hattan Home? Please say yes. I am talking bright, colorful, bold and unique items for your home. And I am thinking yes, yes, yes and yes. Although my house is the equivalent to a house of pillows (if that should exist), I am quite taken with their pillow selection to tell you the honest to God truth. Maybe I could squeeze a few more in? Or maybe I could start a pillow rotation of some sort? Normal. Hattan Home has quickly become a new source for my clients to add serious style on a serious budget. Great prices = happy Lindsay. Oh and by the way, the owner of Hattan Home is also named Lindsay, and also Lindsay with an "A". You can imagine my instant gravitation. Check it. 

For you lovelies who want to deck their walls, couches and homes with some Hattan Home swag, use discount code "sadieandstella" for 10% off of your order from now until June 30th. Say what???? Go getcha some. 


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