Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Musings: Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Tuesday Musings just doesn't have the same ring to it. Does it? How are you darlings?!?! I am so sorry I was absent yesterday. Call the truancy officer. I will never do it to you guys again. I missed you all so much. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but we have finally arrived at our final destination for good. A couple of things. 1. The boy graduated from law school this weekend with top honors. I could not be more proud. Seriously. 2. We finally packed up our last things (and were forced to leave some) last night and headed home to our new home for good. Richmond. 3. How in the hell is Blogfest going? I feel so out of the loop. I hope all of you are having a FAB time! Let's get to it. 

So remember my master bedroom debacle? I had three aesthetics that I was toying around with, but I have finally arrived on the winner. You all have already been clued in on the plan for the headboard. I have decided to go the route of understated glam in our bedroom. I want all whites, creams, golds and silvers. Anything glitz, glam and metallic. Really.  I want to keep the bedding simplistic and versatile with go to staples but also add an accessory with a twist. What might that be? The Moroccan Wedding Blanket. It is non-negotiable. It is happening. I love the pattern, texture and old world feel it brings to a space. It is so whimsical and brings such a special feel to anything it touches. For purposes of ease, I shall name it the MWB (Moroccan Wedding Blanket). But in effort to not be as annoying as Rachel Ray, I will not repeat the actual meaning of the acronym every time I mention the acronym. Promise. 

Look at this amazing boho glam space. I love the mixture of whites,creams and metal. The bedding is everything I am going for. Look how gorg that blanket is. You cannot deny. 
Another beautiful MWB at play here. It is such a subtle accessory but doesn't it add so much character here? Loving all of the animal print/fur at play here. For serious. 
Ahhhnn. None other than the fabulous JA at play here. Shocker. Another gorgeous MWB I shall steal. This one happens to bring a little more brown into the room but is nonetheless fabulous. Who is loving that leopard print bench? I could use it as a mock fainting couch. I am such an improviser. 
The Parker Palm Springs by Jonathan Adler
Lovely space. Lovely florals. Lovely Moroccan. It is the perfect compliment to this feminine space. Instead of using this as an accent at the end of the bed, they used it on the ENTIRE bed. Too much? Never. 
I have to say. This MWB seen here, may be my very favorite. If anyone has seen ANYTHING like this...I mean ANYTHING, please let me know. It would be treated as an emergency. 
Lovely MWB on a daybed. 
What a fun, bright and eclectic space. Obviously a musician resides here. A very stylish one. I am pained that a guitar and a plate of apricots are covering up that glamorous MWB. Shame on them. 
Another fabulously feminine space. Another fabulous MWB. Is anyone else loving that chinoiserie wallpaper as much as I am? The Asian details are killing it. 
Gorgeous neutral space glammed up with a MWB.
So do you see what I am talking about? I cannot resist. Cannot. I have a few that I have my eyes on. One in particular from my girl crush Amber Lewis from Amber Lewis Design. Obsessed with her. Need this piece from her collection once I have $395 bones sitting around. I might die without it. 
Some other fabulous pieces that I have my greedy eyes on are these awesome vintage MWB's by Red Thread Souk. It is an awesome store that has amazing exotic carpets, blankets and home decor. My new obsession. 
Needless to say, it is going to make our master bedroom perfect. So if I don't get one soon, I may very well tantrum. Sigh. Love you loves! I will never leave you again!


  1. i was sincerely worried yesterday. and thought "what if she's left the blogosphere?? whatever would i do?!?!" love the mwb. can't wait to see the finished project! whoop whoop

  2. oh my gosh, I was "thisclose" to texting you three times yesterday to check on your whereabouts. The first two times I held off so as not to invoke stalker status. Third time I got distracted and forgot. Glad you're okay :) I'm quite obsessed with the MWB myself. It's so freaking pretty and textural. Divine. Also, playdate this week? Involving wine or other alcoholic drinks? Daytime or happy hour. You choose. I'm too lame for nighttime.

  3. Oh the joy I feel when I am surrounded by Moroccan wedding blankets! I would put them in every room! Thank you for putting some sunshine in our rainy Montréal morning! v.

  4. young laderina - i am also obsessed. i went ahead and recovered my headboard that i just made, but, for a while, i wanted to cover the headboard in the wedding blanket. LURVE it. update us with some pics of the new place when you have a chance! congrats on the graduation of the boy!

  5. so freaking amazing. CANT WAIT TO SEE! it is going to look fabulous.

  6. Well I have never heard of a Mexican Wedding Blanket before but now I am convinced my life is not complete without one. I need one of those sparkly white beauties at the foot of my bed asap.

  7. I've never heard of them either but think they are gorgeous and definitely think that my bed would look beautiful with one!

  8. So opulent.. beautiful.. and I love abit of sparkle in them.. Great blog!


  9. West Elm had them for, like, a minute.

  10. Truly beautiful! Where have I been? That's what that beautiful fabulous bedding is called?! I can see why you are obsessed! Congrats to the boy!! Seriously impressive and welcome home:)

  11. We finally ordered one to use in our wedding and have in our room after. Not only are they glam, but I love the sentiments behind them. Can't wait to see yours in the new space!!

    Xx. Patience

  12. I LOVE these! We move to Europe in a couple of months and I'm already scheming a trip down to Morocco (you can literally see if from Spain!) to grab myself at least one of these!



  13. I didnt even know these existed!!! soooo pretty

  14. So I am obsessed w/these Moroccan wedding blankets. I emailed my Grandma telling her about them wondering if she had ever seen them when she lived in Turkey. I told her about the one I had seen at West Elm & I was hoping it might one day go on sale. Fast forward a couple of weeks to today & I get a phone call from my Mom to come to her office & sure enough my Grandma walks in w/a box from Morocco. Inside happens to be a gorgeous Moroccan wedding blanket & it is the second one down that you have pictured from Red Thread Souk!! (The one w/the crosses.) I never even told my Grandma about this blog or that blanket. Safe to say I am the luckiest girl in the world!! And sorry ladies, that blanket is now off the market! And the service from Red Thread Souk was amazing says my Grandma, they even sent me a pair of jeweled slippers as a gift w/purchase! Can't recommend them enough!

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