Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Flourish Design + Style

So, you all know that I adore a good bargain. Adore. Today we have Sarah from Flourish Design + Style sharing her favorite room and saying this girl adores a good bargain is an understatement. You know that moment when you see something glamorous that someone has in their home and they are quick to tell you that they got it for 99% off? You sit there green with envy and pissed you can't find the same type of bargains? Yeah. Well that is how I feel about Sarah. She is fabulous and her bargain finds are unreal. Not to mention the girl has beyond fabulous taste and I love any and everything she puts together. Just wait for it. You will be OBSESSED! Take it away Sarah!

Hi Sadie + Stella readers, it's Sarah here from Flourish Design + Style to share with you my current fave space!

Welcome to the middle of my open plan house..
I've had some luck with a few of the pieces in this space and how it's evolved in the last almost 4 years we've lived here!

The white console is such a main feature, you see it from everywhere, so for me it really needs to set the tone of my space.
Across from it is the eating area, and let me tell you about my latest goodies!! The light below I became obsessed with in my local lighting shop. But with a $970 price tag, I knew it would never be mine.

Until I went to visit my Mom and her local lighting shop was clearing it out..for $170.00..score!!!!

I'm just loving the simplest little succulents..

an affordable way to own a Michelle Armas painting..this one is just a print..for $30 :)

Fiddle leaf fig..what a great plant!
oh, and another style for less piece.. marble table from Crate & Barrel..retails for $1500..I picked up a floor model for $499 :) I love a great bargain!
So there is my current favorite space to decorate..full of style for less!


  1. beautiful! so clean and restful. did i mention i love that sarah too? of course her home is fab : )

  2. Very well done! It's a gorgeous space. Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  3. I adore how clean and peaceful this space is. She's got such amazing style!

  4. I love Sarah's style, and that light fixture! so sleek and modern looking!
    Have a great day!

  5. Love the beautiful simplicity and contrasts of her clean, black and white color scheme!

  6. I'm going to lay down and die right on that table - so gorgeous! She has a gift.

  7. Great things are ahead for Sarah! She is on a winning streak:)))

  8. I love her style, plus the all white and blak palette leaves room for her art to pop.


  9. Oh I just love Sarah (obvs). Beautiful feature ladies!

  10. beautiful home!!! love those succulents!

  11. she is fabulous! love her style and her bargains!

  12. LOVE that C&B looks fantastic in the space! What a bargain.


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