Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Can I get a winner, please???

So. So. So. I am green with envy and full of jealousy (lovely imagery, I know) while announcing this winner. What I now know for certain, is that I will HAVE to buy some Lindsay Cowles pieces for myself. They have to live in our house. It is non-negotiable. So on to the fun part for you all. The winner. 

The winner is the fabulous Amanda Hill from REcycled Consign and Design. Congratulations Anna! Please e-mail me with your contact information so I can get that over to my girl, Lindsay. And just for the record, I am soooo jelly. 

Thank you to all who entered! And a huge thank you to Lindsay Cowles and her talented self!


  1. A big congrats to Amanda- she is a VERY lucky art winner!!!

  2. Holy Cow could I be more excited! Art is a favorite and Lindsay's work is stunning! Happy dance!


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