Tuesday, May 29, 2012

home is where the art is

Art is such a special element in any home or space. It adds so much color, texture and history to any design and can make or break that collected look you are aiming to achieve. Whether you are into abstract, portraits, landscapes or sketches, your art tells a story and really reflects on you and who you are. What you are drawn to. Like this below. My new favorite print "Spring Melody" from my girl Lindsay Cowles. It appears that the boy and I are into blood and cat scratches. First of all, we aren't. Secondly, this piece is beyond amazeballs. Again, it adds so much texture and color to an otherwise sterile white space. 
"Spring Melody"
For those of you wondering what is up with the grandiose frame, it was a DIY from Courtney at A Thoughtful Place. It really was quite simple for such a glamorous result. 
This is the beginnings of a very legit gallery wall. So my new favorite source for unique and fabulous art on the cheap, would be Vintage Printables. If you are not aware, it is a site that is hosted by the New York City Library, and they provide a plethora of images for free. Count it. So. I went to town and selected many images that I adored and thought would easily find a home here and saved the images on a jump drive. Took myself to Staples to have them printed appropriately on photo paper. And bingo bango. Art I shall have. The print with the sea fans on the top right would be one of these prints. 
Up close. 
Another fabulous print from the vintage printables. This time, for the boy. He loves science and I knew it would fit perfectly up in his office space. I was not disappointed. 
Some other pieces that I printed that WILL be finding a permanent home quickly. This piece sends my heart aflutter. For serious. The cobalt is too much AND I love a good Asian flair from time to time. 
Another fabulous print. Love the native feel we have going here and an awesome color scheme to boot. I will find the perfect frame for him to call home.  
One more art solution for you dolls on the cheap. Some call it cheap, I call it economical. I know you and I both love a bargain. How about a free bargain?? My favorite kind. How about ordering wallpaper samples from Anthropologie for $0? How about framing them for little vignettes? Yeah I thought you might like that. I am not sure if they carry this wallpaper anymore, but there are many others to choose from. Genius right? 
Close up. 
So what have we learned today? We can easily get a collected and eclectic aesthetic using art in any space AND we can do it in a cost effective way. What are your other art sources? Don't be so greedy and share! Loves!


  1. LOVE it all and you're right...art adds SO much to a space. I'm obsessed with the gold cornered frame- must do that in my own house somewhere- gorge!

    1. Do it! It was so easy. And it was so easy because I made the boy do it. :) He is far better at detail oriented things than I. I plan on doing it in other spaces as well. Love it!

  2. oh yes. loving that gallery wall! and LOVE this printables inside scoop...see ya on the site later! i personally love asian flare in anything, so it was easy to claim a fave...can't wait to see the finished projects!

    1. Girl get you some free art! You need that cobalt kimono portrait. For serious. I adore it!

  3. Your new artwork rocks my face off. Your gallery wall is beyond legit. I would actually say it is 2 Legit to Quit. And might I just call you Miss Smarty Pants- so smart to order the wallpaper samples and frame them. My man is a science and history nerd too, he would be all over that poster. Except I make him hang all his manly things in the garage:)

  4. LOVES. Like all kinds of loves it. I'm really loving all that chinese inspired cobalt. Great idea on the free wallpaper samples btw. I framed my kimberly lewis sample and am now on the hunt for more.

  5. I love everything you picked....I love affordable art too....it makes the space!

  6. Fantastic resource! Thanks for sharing! Already bookmarked it! And I lurv that DIY frame btw! Mos def on my to do list!



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