Thursday, October 13, 2011

what we're loving: equestrian chic

Good morning lovelies! Today, we are sharing one of our current style lusts: Equestrian Chic. We love the elements of preppy that this style brings into a space. Now, neither of us are equestrians by any stretch of the imagination (well maybe Sadie, Stella and Billie) but we do love horses. This certain space really got our minds ticking on how we could bring some of these same principles into our own home. Here, my friends, is what we arrive upon. 

1. Well you certainly need light fixtures in an equestrian inspired abode. No? How about this amaze Antique brass pendant? It adds the perfect amount of distress and gold to the space. Not to mention we love the preppy vibe it brings because it kinda looks like a chess piece. Just sayin'. To bring a little more texture, we are DYING, yes DYING over this scalloped Antique gold leaf pendant. You should be too. Maybe not a timeless piece. But hey, you only live once.
2. Love, love, love this chrome horse head bust. Did we mention that we love it? This could be the perfect addition to a coffee table or used as a bookend on your fabulously styled bookcase. It is the perfect amount of horse for those of you who are horse-shy. 
3. Fake it til you make it. So you aren't an accomplished equestrian. So what. This equestrian ribbons print  totally says otherwise. We love the color and pattern it brings to the space. Also for those of you preppy chic lovers, this is for you. Add some rich colors, maybe a little plaid and you got yourself a den. This makes us reminisce of this office that we featured in this post.
4. We love stylish objects to hold up all of our lovely bound literature and you should too. These iron horse bookends are just the perfect little horse accessory for your space. Not to mention, again, they look like chess pieces! Adore. 
5. It is our go to driftwood horse. We love this piece! It adds the perfect amount of earthy aesthetic to a space and is also just the right size for any coffee table or mantle addition. 
6. You are going to need some textiles to emulate the equestrian theme. Although not equestrian, this origami pillow brings the right amount of neutral and finesse to any space that you are looking to weave this preppy theme in. Now on to the real horse show, this horse pillow is a gorgeous neutral with an even lovelier horse silhouette. Understated equestrian chic.
7. Amazing wild horse print. We are obsessed with the drama that is in this photo. The horse that cannot be tamed was able to be photographed at just the right moment. This would be fitting in our homes. This is definitely the print for those of you who are not horse-shy. 

For those of you who would like to achieve this look in style form, here are a few fabulous options for you. You equestrians, you. 


  1. I live in Lexington, KY, the thoroughbred capital of the world. We love our equestrian things here. I'm going to the races tomorrow, and it's always fun to dress up and people watch there. By the way, love the Tory Birch boots.

  2. A) So jealous of Janette. I assume she's going to Keeneland, perhaps my favorite race ever!!! B) This post is perfection! Loving it!

  3. Equestrian style is classic! I am thinking I need me a pair of those horse head bookends!


  4. LOOOOOOOOOOVE this post. Don't know if its because I use to ride for many years or just that the look is that elegant (which it is) but this REALLY holds a stong appeal to me, in everything from clothing to home decor! Love this post!! Its a big fat yes for me.

  5. I love your picks! The lights on that board are fabulous! Also loving the boots & bags!

  6. LOVE every single part of this post. I have been needing (aka wanting) riding boots forever. Love the affordable option from Amazon!


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