Monday, October 24, 2011

monday musings: liker of the lacquer

Holy Monday. Seriously? Has it already arrived? Pinch me. Somebody. We shall make the best of it by talking about something ULTRA glam this morning. How about lacquered walls? Yes. Lacquered walls give off this amazingly daring and sophisticated vibe that cannot be duplicated. While this style might be on the verge of too much for some of you...we are firm believers in bigger often being better. Go big, or go home. Truly. Design is about having fun, and most of all, being fun. I cannot imagine anything more fun or exciting than glossy, flossy walls. Glam. This look used to be expensive to achieve and extremely laborious, but thanks to high gloss paint and a few good friends (free labor), this look can be achieved by all of us lovers of a look for less. Let us explore the possibilities in walls coated in lacquer. 

Love. It. All. We are totally crushing on navy lately and this room is no exception. We love the color coated library in the back and the enormous pops of yellow. Ahem. Anyone else spy the Hollywood Regency Chandy? Whether that is gold or yellow, we do not care. We adore! The lacquered shelving just puts this room right over the stop in class and style. 
As you all are aware of, we are loving blackcented rooms and this seating area is a perfect example of blackcents at work. This high gorgy space is topped off with high gloss walls. This room has too much style packed in for even us. Larve. 
On to an aqua marine lacquered wall. Almost gives you the illusion of being underwater. I feel like I may be in an aquarium, but in a good way. A highly accessorized and well decorated aquarium. The walls are such an unexpected addition in this ultra conservative space. Unmatchable style here. Unless you have that high gloss paint and free labor we were speaking of. 
Umm a library and black lacquer? We are clearly going to go into cardiac arrest this morning. Show. Stopper. We love the simplistic accessories in this highly stylized space. The geometric carpet is the perfect amount of pattern to not deter the eye from the intricate beauty of the walls and detailing. 
Ok. Confession. We have been drooling over this kitchen for sometime now. I mean have you ever seen anything like it? Blue lacquer kitchen cabinetry. This is so gorgeous we cannot even take it. This look might be a little more labor intensive and expensive, but it is well worth the resources. This space is truly magical. 
Amazingly gorg steel blue lacquer walled, walk-in closet. A girls dream seen right here. Here is another great example of a super conservative space being adorned with this highly glamorous element. And it works. Lacquered walls are not just for the super trendy and edgy. Proof is in the walls, folks. 
Heart definitely just skipped a beat here. Again with the navy lacquered walls. This sitting room has more oomph in 1/16th of a sq. ft. than we have ever seen. The extensive gallery wall of art and mirrors, strategically placed on the high gloss navy wall is to die for. This is a great example of marrying two trends and making it work. No divorce here. Lovely pendant, as well. 
Gorgeous breakfast nook. We love the look of this mid-century modern space that has also taken some industrial chic pointers. This would have been a somewhat neutral space, until those lacquer walls made an appearance. 
I am sure you all recognize this image, as we have used it several times on the blog. Ok, maybe a billion. But! It is worth the shout out if we are discussing walls of lacquer. Marine blue was the perfect shade to coat these walls in this highly styled room. They even took it to the next level and coated the ceiling beams in the same lacquer. We love the attention to detail. 
Ok. How can this image not make you truly want to dance on the ceiling? Lionel Richie over here. Another semi-conservative space graced with the high glam lacquer. Orange no less. Glossy orange ceiling, nail head walls, antlers? We are moving in. Immediately. 
Fish tank. We are seriously obsessed with blue. This post has just solidified our unhealthy addiction with blue. Officially. We love the use of neutral furniture here since there is huge impact with the walls, patterns and eye catching art. I. Die. 


  1. LOOOOOVE this post!!!! YES to lacquered walls. Love the 2nd pic and the pic of the glossy navy butlers pantry/kitchen. SO FABULOUS!! This is a keeper!

  2. Me love lacquer too! That blue kitchen is beyond words!


  3. UGHHGHG!!! I have such a weakness for lacquered walls!!! I would die for a lacquered office!!! xoxo e&a

  4. That office & closet are to die for!!!

  5. These are gorgeous. The orange lacquered ceiling is crazy!

  6. I love everything about this post! Gaahhhh... eye candy!!!

  7. Could you please post what color you used and brand if paint on that amazing blue kitchen!!!!!?????!!!! Pretty please

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