Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Design Crush: Tobi Fairley

We love our girl Tobi, yes we do. Girl uses the color wheel in her designs like there is no tomorrow. She has always been a major inspiration to us, as all of her designs seem to be completely unique in their own way. We love that her designs always include a touch of glam, no matter where or what the space may be. Let's take a look at some of our faves.

As you all know, we cannot even stand how much we love a gallery wall grouping. Especially when it includes seashells and chrome frames. Yes. Major greek trimmed black couch and an agate larger than both of our heads put together. 
We love the antique stone bust in this bathroom. So unexpected! Tobi is always surprising us. This is such a quaint little bathroom and we love the look of it because we feel it is extremely achievable. What we have also noticed is that Tobi might love red as much as we do. Her designs add a pop here and there. Love. 
What an elegant dining room. We totally see this space in a Palm Beach or a Palm Springs. Somewhere Palm-y. The mint green damask walls accompanied with the mint green ceiling to floor drapery are major winners in our book. Winning. This is a subtle S+S look including our go to color in a more muted way. The coral dining room chairs are so lovely and w would be more than willing to find a home for them in one of our abodes. That chandelier is truly one of a kind. One of a kind. 
Geniuses pick green, ya know? Well Tobi is a design genius, so it is only fitting. We love the neutral base that this room has. The walls, furniture, floor and then bam! Bam with the kelly green accents and accessories. Those kelly green geometric wingbacks are beyond amazing. 
Beautifully understated kitchen. Just they way we love it. The creamy grey/mint green cabinetry is so unique, yet so subtle. The thick crown molding and beams absolutely frame and highlight the space and bring so much dimension to a monochromatic kitchen. The light fixtures are beyond for us. Stainless steel is a major hit here. 
Holy striped ceiling. Tobi makes a huge impact in all of her designs and this room is no exception to that rule. This pendant emulates all of the beaded chandeliers we have been seeing around lately. We love the  size of this one though. One tier and also multi colored. The accent pieces in this room definitely steal the show. Is anyone seeing the stacked mineral bedside lamps? O.M.G. 
Girl can design a living/sitting room. That is for certain. We are not usually down with abstract art, but we will let this one slide. It adds so much color and oomph to this classically designed room. The plush velvet scattered throughout the design is so major. We may or may not need to steal that tufted couch. Just sayin. 
Our beloved blackcented walls. These babies are poppin up all over the place. Tobi took it to the next level here. She outlined her walls with a white trim which gives them a completely custom look. Loving the custom valances and matching ceiling to floor drapery. Drama. 
Hello light fixture. This image has been one of our favorites for a LOOONNNNGG time. We love it long time. This pagoda lantern is absolutely insane. Obviously it is flanked by matching lantern sconces. Who knew entryways could be so funky and fun? Tobi did. We are obsessed with the white and red trimmed table and the fab four patterned ottomans. Obsessed. This space is a great example of how painting a ceiling can really add dimension in a room. I know a lot of us are sometimes afraid of adding a  different color to the ceiling, but it really does draw the eye up and not in a bad way. It definitely gives the illusion of the ceilings being higher than they actually are. 
Red room. Red room. Kind of like red rum but not exactly. Tobi wins again with this semi pagoda lantern in this space. Girl knows her lighting like woah. In this design she uses luxe, thick crown molding, and again a darker shade to trim the red walls. Love. Ly. 


  1. I love that pink striped ceiling! Just found your blog and am having fun exploring! xo

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Tobi! And yes agreed, she is very talented and has an uncanny knack in working with color.....love all these rooms!

  3. I absolutely ADORE her portfolio- so so gorgeous!!!

  4. I have a design crush on her too! She pulls off color and mixing of patter so well!!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

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