Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: LiveLikeYou Interiors

Ok. Brace yourselves readers. Holy. Talented. Today, we are so excited to be sharing the favorite space of Jill from LiveLikeYou Interiors. Jill is beyond words talented. We love all of her designs. Girl has her own shop as well. Sooooo, you can find a lot of what you will see here, there. You will just die. Wait and see. Take it away Jill!

Hi all Sadie + Stella readers. I'm Jill Sorensen from the blog LiveLikeYou, I'm so happy to be invited over here to share my favorite room.

The favorite room in my house is probably our master bedroom. It's on the main floor, and it's the room in the house where everyone hangs out, furry and non furry. It has French doors out to a patio and has lots of sunlight, but even with that the room before the makeover was a bit boring. I've gradually created a cheerful bedroom via a bunch of makeovers.

This is me with Lucky Charm one of our Humane Society rescue dogs. The fireplace behind me was a bit drab looked like this (sorry for blurry image)....

The room had kind of an old fashioned feel and muted colorways. A quick paint job, a new mirror and new curtains and it looked like this...

I had never painted a fire screen before, but it actually works perfectly! The mirror is from my online store and bridges the old fashioned with the modern so nicely. (Bella Mirror)

I had an old desk in the basement that I wanted to give away...

But I needed a desk in the master bedroom, so I had it painted bold orange with silver details.

Now I love it!! Above my orange desk hangs above an old Swedish portrait from the 1700's.

I needed modern bedsides and started out with these...

Some white and gold paint, now they look like this.

I changed out the old beige headboard for one of my own headboard designs. This is The Pagoda headboard in Tangerine chenille velvet. It can be ordered from my online store LiveLikeYou here

The orange just cheers up the entire room. The bedding is also my own design. What better place to try out your new designs than your own space? This bedding is called THE KEY in orange. You can find it here.

It makes for a cheerful space.

Photos by  Tanya Malott
The formerly drab space is now a happy haven for all us large and small to hang out in.

Thanks for taking a peak with me! And thank You Lindsay and Lindsay for inviting me over here!

xx Jill


  1. I love the colors! The desk looks amazing!

  2. Jill is AMAZING- ridiculous talent!!! Adore her bedroom!!

  3. Jill is amazingly talented, what vision and imagination she has!! LOVE IT ALL!

  4. LOVE....she is my favorite. Beyond talented and gorgeous too. her bedroom is so inspirational.

  5. I love love love this room!! The turquoise fire screen is my favorite!

  6. Jill is the best! She has a wonderful design eye and she is very creative. I adore her on so many levels.

    Hugs to you all!


  7. Such fun and bold design! Going to go check out Jill's blog now!!


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