Thursday, October 20, 2011

S+S Design: Plum Glam

Our latest e-design client, was definitely not lacking in fun! When we first met for our consult, our lovely client had a few throw pillows that she wanted to work the room around. She requested that we use these plum throw pillows in our design, and we happily obliged. As we spoke about during our consult, our theme for her master bedroom was going to be plum with gold and grey accents. We love the feminine touch that the purple hue brings into the space, accompanied with the glamorous shades of gold. 

Our client has an entire bedroom set that is a family heirloom and she definitely wanted to keep that. Idea! Let's paint it! The pieces were solid with great shapes and we knew that painted in a greyish hue, they would be the perfect foundation to our design.  This will be a great neutral shade for her furniture, and will be able to be carried through many years, and even design alterations. For the night-stands, we chose an untraditional side table to flank the sides of the bed. The have great lines and we are definitely loving the shape. They have an interesting and eye catching shape, and they are also affordable Ikea. Gotta love it! Our client had an existing headboard, but we really wanted to go for the gold on this one. We love the upholstered plum headboard with the fabulous wood detailing. This will be the perfect backdrop for the bedroom. 

On to the bedding. We love it. She loved it. We love the simplicity of the bedding design, yet it has so many elegant curves that compliment the headboard in a fabulous way. We are thinking that her existing plum throw pillows will go with this bedding as well, not to mention, a fun plum ikat throw pillow. 

Hello accessories. For her existing furniture pieces that she is going to paint, we are loving the gold and mother of pearl knobs.  These are very unique and will definitely draw the eye into her furniture. Oh Anthropologie. You hold the keys to our heart. As far as window treatments, we had discussed getting simple white curtains from ikea and then adding a thick plum fabric banding. We are loving a gold ottoman for the space. It adds the perfect amount of glam. We included an amethyst frame and also a gold/plum lacquer bowl to hold all of your trinkets on your bedside table.  

Our client currently has a large floor mirror that we love. It is currently framed in a large silverish frame. Our suggestion? Paint that sucker. We are thinking a gold to give it the gilded gold appearance. Also not seen in the design board, we love the idea of a jute rug in this space. It is a good neutral and ties it all together. 

Lighting. Our vision was an intricate gold pendant/chandelier. We got that. We absolutely love this piece. On to the art. We found this awesome print that is super affordable and completely ties everything together and also brings in a few more shades of color to the space. 

Our goal for this master bedroom was to create a grown up and elegant room. We love that it has obvious feminine pieces but yet, is not too girly. Do you think we achieved that? What do you all think? Would you like to lay your head here at night? 


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