Thursday, October 27, 2011

S+S throwback

We love this time of year. The new found chill in the air makes you just want to curl up with a fabulous throw. Doesn't it? Throws obviously keep you warm on those fall and winter chilly nights, but they also serve another purpose. Accessorizing! We both have very neutral couches that are able to weather us through different style modifications, so an eye catching patterned throw is just what the doctor ordered. We always listen to the doctor. Here is Lindsay's (Sadie's mom) newest throwback purchase. It adds the perfect pop of color to the couch. 
We know you all listen to doctors orders as well, so we have compiled a roundup of eye catching, pattern popping throws that all of your couches are crying for! Why not incorporate spicy, bright colors? That will warm us up. Let's throw it back. 
1. Ikat? Pink? In a throw? Oh yes, yes. We will take this pink ikat throw prescription any day. This is a chunkier knit so it will keep you warm, but also get the style job done. 
2. We are loving the tribal theme. Always and forever. This spicy eco indian throw hits it right on the head for us. This would be the perfect addition to neutral furniture. It will give it that oomph that you are looking for. 
3. Loving plaid and anything like it. This loose plaid colorful lambswool throw is no exception. The gorgeous kaleidoscope fade from pinks to reds to blues to yellow is almost too much for us to handle. Pink is not just for girls and this proves our point. 
4. We are just in to the traditional patterns lately. What can we say? Traditional patterns with fun colors like this coral herringbone throw. This would be a great addition to patterned furniture, as well. It will add an intricacy to your space. 
5. This 5th avenue glacier park throw is so comfy looking while also keeping the total classic prep vibe in tact. We can see this is in an Americana preppy space. Love the stripes. Love the colors. It is a classic. 
6. Obsessed. Obsessed with this bold stripe throw. We cannot get enough of orange and pepto-bismol pink. We have to admit it. Grey is the perfect neutral to flank these two competing shades! 
7. Umm who else is dying over this coco cozy logo throw? Looks amazingly coco cozy. Serious. The geometric print will add interest into any space. We need this. 


  1. Love it all! Agree that throws add a lot to my neutral couch and love that I can change them out through the seasons to create new looks.

  2. Ahhh These sound so cozy right now! Love the colors too!

  3. I love this post! I've been looking for the perfect throw and having little luck. Its really cold here so I need a throw with lots of warmth but I still want it to look stylish!

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