Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Solid Gold

Good morning and Happy Halloween! Did you all have a good weekend? We hope so. Ours was uneventful and we love that! Today, and everyday, we are obsessing over gold. That's right. Gold. Some have issues dipping their toe into the wonderful world of gold, but not us. Pops of gold can add true glam to any space. Whether you are ready to commit to an entire room full of it or just a few accessories, the feeling is not lost. We have compiled imagery on a scale ranging from the gold timid to the gold committable. 

For starters. A room with gold and blackcents and a library? Oh my. Almost too much for our hearts to handle this A.M. This room is beyond the definition of glamorous. 
An understated usage of gold in a space. We love the thoughtfully arranged gold framed artwork over the bed. It is a fun collection and definitely brings interest and, hello, glam to the space. Always glam. 
Ohhh on to the treasured spaces. A gold ceiling. One might not just dream this up, but seriously look at the end result? The eye is drawn to the ceiling and will never leave. The room is beyond gorgeous but we cannot peel our eyes away from the solid gold. Super sophisticated and an easy weekend project. 
Ohh another gold dipped ceiling. This is no ordinary gold ceiling, folks. (As if there is such a thing as an ordinary gold ceiling.) This ceiling also has beams. To die for. This ceiling is dressed to impress. 
Another ceiling of interest. A gold quatrefoil ceiling in a powder room. Adorbs. This bathroom could look like absolute crap on the bottom portion of the room and we wouldn't even care. It doesn't, but you catch our drift. 
Bling, bling. We would LOVE to know who cooks here everyday. Seriously, that gold tile is bananas. Flashy, flossy, glossy, glammy. 
Another understated love of gold. Simple accents in the kitchen such as fixtures and hardware totally zsush up this gorgeous neutral kitchen. Gold and grey. We love. 
And for the gold obsessed, we present to you gold chicken spray. Hey we love gold too. Why not eat it? Ok. Too far. Too far. 


  1. That last image is just to funny. What beautiful rooms.

  2. yup, gold ceilings are yummy. Think I need one :)

  3. Black and gold...fabulous! That first picture is heart stoppingly pretty...and that gold turkey left me speechless....Happy Halloween!

  4. i've always loved the room with the beams. it's even more impressive when you take a peek at what it looked like before!

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